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12:35 PM, Friday, September 29th, 2006:
To all those wondering for 7 years what a gigantic break would look like, turns out it's something along the lines of pants-shitting fright. Truth be told, it wasn't fright, it was confused excitement at the cryptic message I was hearing. Glad I had the wherewithall to tape this...but I'm ahead of myself. Monday actually provided a tiny foreshadowing of this moment...
I went down to CBS to pick up my BETA tape of my appearence and wanted to just confirm that my contact got the pitch I emailed. Unfortunately there seemed to be a new woman at the desk, and she couldn't find the numbers to CBS to let me up. It was a bit of a mess and then I looked up and actually saw the producer walking down the hall and I flagged her down. She laughed at the coincidence because guess what was in her hand? A printed copy of my pitch with some notes on it.
Gulp... I think this is Gulp x3.
She let me in to get the tape but not before she had to be grilled by security to let me in. These people don't fuck around man. Seriously - they have to take the picture of every single person that comes through security and print it on a badge for you. It is literally more secure than an airport...

Hey it's supposed to look like you right? Well that's been my permanent face for a week.
Wow, real secure man - they spelled my name Adadm. Never got that one before. Anyway, got the tape and left without any real info except for the fact that the "pitch us" from the week before was no line. Honestly, the woman could've just been trying to make me feel good when she said that but the fact that 5 hours after I had sent it, I randomly see her holding the pitch, printed up with notes on it... it's clear she was serious. It was now my turn to wait...
Everyone always jokes about how bad waiting has been for me, but I gotta say - not for something like this. I'm getting my chance. Before? The waits were about never, ever, ever, ever getting even the opportunity to be heard. That's just not the case here. I'm actually part of the game, and waiting is part of the game so I'm havin' no trouble floating along.
By the 2nd day however, I have to admit - I was starting to prepare for the eventuality of it not happening. Not depressed in the least (thank you Donna), but just being realistic. I always play the angles and figured if I still hadn't heard from anyone on Thursday I'd leave a message. I did, and of course missed the producer's call back. Bad for me, good for The Journey - because I could now set-up my camera as I was listening to the message and subsequently follow-up call. I knew the message was probably going to be a quick "Call me back" because good or bad there's no way she's doing it on voicemail. What I wasn't prepared for was what I got:
"Hey it's your agent, call me back - 975-****"
It's a funny moment for sure. My heart rate doubled as my head started to realize that the pitch obviously worked and that she decided to toy with me as she sees where this is going. She's called me personally and told me every piece of career-changing news, so I'm sure she feels like my agent at this point.
So I scurry to change camera angles as I was afraid the noise from outside would ruin the sound. Call back, it's busy. Call back again, she answers but can't hear me and hangs up. Call back again - VOICEMAIL. Put the phone down, try ever-so failingly to calm my nerves and proceed to call back again and she answers. She of course acts completely nonchalant saying "we have to schedule a meeting with you, me, the head of the internet (a couple other people I don't know) and I assume you're pretty flexible?" She said that last part laughing. "Yeah, I'm pretty flexible." She said it would be tough to get everyone's schedule to match up, but she assumed Wednesday morning or afternoon. I asked if I should prepare something and she said don't worry about it, she'd call back next week when there's more info.
It's fairly obvious, even playing devil's advocate, that they're not arranging a meeting around all of these people's schedules to let me know they've passed. They want to work with me in some capacity and it was literally the "career-move of the century" to stay out here 3 extra weeks knowing in my HEART I would turn it into something. Charlotte saw an opening with the idea of hosting the segment and pointed the way, I ran and got through to the other side. It's an incredible story.
I don't want to go through a list of thank you's just yet. I'm going to assume this next meeting is still part of the pitch somehow and that I don't have a damn thing. Of course we all get to wonder for the next 5 days just what that meeting will bring. And a happier 5 days I can't imagine.
Before I jump off here, I want to thank everyone who has been asking about "Smiley Girl" and how she's handling everything with Donna. She's had happier moments to say the least. However in her own right, she's already broken some "bonds" while I was gone and is actively pursuing other relationships and friends. She's gonna be OK. The quickness of everything obviously is a punch in the stomach and I agree: it's out of fucking nowhere. But I've been honest every step of the way and will continue to be. But again, you guys have really been sweet to her and I thank you for that. An unexpected surprise.
Man, unexpected suprise... motto of the week wouldn't you say?