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11:11 AM, Monday, September 25th, 2006:
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I must thank you for the generosity you've shown me; not only with selecting me as a video finalist but bringing me on the show as a sentimental favorite. It's a flattery I'll never forget. Let me also thank you for the sincerity of the entire Living Room Live segment. I was involved for several weeks (off-air) with the talent show on NBC this summer, and I can't express how heartbroken I was for the talent involved because of how demeaning, humiliating and disappointing the final product turned out. It was sold to all of us involved as a true talent search, and it ended up being nothing of the kind. I made the comment after it aired that there had to be room on television for something based on true talent and how I'd give anything to not only be on that show, but to somehow be involved in making that forum for all artists struggling to be seen and respected. With Living Room Live, I truly think I've found my calling to be part of a genuine showcase helping talent get seen; here's what I'm proposing to host the segment.


I had my own talk radio show for 5 years starting at 19 when the idea of 4tvs hit me and led me to LA. It's been a roller-coaster ever since. My background in radio however is what I believe makes for a smooth transition into hosting. It's completely second-nature to rip and read copy live with no preparation, and scripted copy in a teleprompter seems like cheating. I am extremely comfortable with the environment of live television...


...so much so, that I want to shake it up a bit. The opportunity to really wow your audience with creativity presents itself as a host, specifically of this competition. My ability to transform into the "Egos" on an immediate basis (very little make-up) coupled with the technology of 4tvs allows me to truly perform live with myself. As I hope you've seen from the DVD, it's a full length show performed live in front of an audience and by the end you truly feel you're seeing 5 people.


For Living Room Live however, I envision one of the TVs you already have on set with a "live" Adam standing next to it in sort of a dual host role introducing the segments. It would continually change with the characters jumping in and out of the TVs and interacting with Live Adam. I believe there are currently 3 weekly segments, the first introducing the finalists, the second reminding viewers to vote, and the third announcing the winner.


I'm not envisioning a constant stream of jokes or bits between the TV and Live Adam, just the naturalness of the two announcing the acts is entertaining in itself because it's the same person. I do not want to steal the spotlight from the performers, I want to make the segment feel special and exciting for the performers to be a part of. I think over time the audience will have favorite characters and look forward to how we announce the acts.


The biggest concern I can assume an outsider to 4tvs would have is the ability to pull this off on a daily basis. In the 7 years I've been performing this act, I've grown embarrasingly accustomed to acting with myself. The timing for me is completely second nature and I'm linking you to a video I made using just my first takes in roughly 10 minutes. I can easily go in the same morning and tape the TV portion and with the magic of hair and make-up be ready to host the segment live.

Hopefully you see the potential of a very entertaining and creative tie-in between the last round of Living Room Live and the one starting in November. I even believe there's a real future for this segment on CBS in a bigger spotlight as there is an incredible void in the TV landscape for showcasing true talent without resorting to trashy gimmicks. I think NBC's show proved that people wanted to see that talent with an enormous debut, only to have the audience cut in half once America realized they were watching The Gong Show. I would be honored to be a continuing part of Living Room Live.
...and now we wait.