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11:51 PM, Tuesday, September 19th, 2006:
Whew, what a day already. From the top...
Barely slept last night. As is always my ritual I wait until the last minute to pack - strangely it has less to do with procrastination and more to do with the excitement of packing hours before a flight. It's much more giddy that way. And sleep? Naaaaaahhhh... I can just sleep on the plane...
...maybe if this wasn't the coolest plane in the world. I read 36 channels of DirecTV in the itinerary, they even say it when you print your boarding pass, but the second you start flippin' channels on an airplane it's like the first time it ever occured to you. It is the craziest comfort I've ever experienced on a plane. It just feels like chillin' at home and the hours literally fly by. If you ever have a trip where you're feelin somewhat luxurious - take JetBlue. Yes their landing gear may malfunction causing sparks from hell to fly up the bottom of your plane but you'll be able to watch "Pimp My Ride" the entire time.
If I ever get famous will I not be able to make jokes like that? That would suck.
I get off the plane a bit early and expect to have to wait for the driver when all the sudden - there's a group of dudes with names on cards and a big KONTRAS right in the middle of 'em. I almost turned around and got my camera out, but the environment just didn't allow it. He tried to take my bag and stunned, I just said NO! Like I'm hiding a fuckin' kilo in there or something, but honestly it just took me off guard. It doesn't occur to me that it's his job - I'm the guy bringing all this shit, why should he carry em?
Heh - pimpin'. Nothing I love more than acting like a completely different person and watching the reactions of those around me. This is not my haircut, I don't wear suits, the leather jacket (though very nice) is not my green army jacket - and that's why I like it. Fancy plane ride and fancy hotel? Oh hells yes I'm playng along. A fuggin' driver taking me from the airport to the hotel in a leather clad towncar? Sheeeeeeit. Is suit time for Adam. LOL.
The hotel was ridiculously luxurious although suprisingly the room really wasn't. Don't get me wrong, nice room with THE most comfortable bed I have ever slept in my life... but look at these room rates:
I mean holy SHIT. And internet access is an incidental charge of $12 a night. !?!? $500 just doesn't buy what it used to. Needless to say I'll be uploading this later. Oh and no razors or hair gel or ANYTHING in the room... Considering we can't take shit on an airplane anymore, you'd think the hotels would accomadate. That's probably only available in the FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR SUITES. LOL. Crazy - the bed however... just ridiculous. I think even the FRAME was down filled. I'm rethinking my entire bedroom now.
I ended up immediately locking my keys in the room and in true Journey fashion got it on tape from INSIDE the room. Yes, not only did I forget my keys, I forgot to turn off my camera. Dazed & Confused boy...I love it.
Of course after a nap I did have to jump out into the night to pick up said razors and hair gel and also meet the most difficult woman on the planet. (sigh) Hoping I'd have someone to talk to as I didn't want to sit alone in my hotel room all night, I responded to an ad on craigslist a few days ago explaining my situation. Figured we could could just sit on a bench and talk about shit. I know, me and benches. I gave a link to my site figuring it was the easiest way to prove I'm not insane (shut up) and got zero responses. Tried again and someone finally responded I thought seemed laid back. What I got instead was someone so eager to avoid any topic that would even remotely give an insight to who she was for fear I might of someone actually knowing her - and heaven for-fucking-bid I mention it on this site. Now I understand the site thing...I'm hyper-sensitive to how my public words will effect others (hell even mentioning I SPOKE to another woman makes me feel bad for Cassi), but this woman had a wall like I'd never seen before. I kept thinking:  "Man, had you met me 10 years ago, I'd have been up for this 'palaur-like' challenge but not this time honey. Not with how happy my life is right now. You picked the wroooooong time to run into me."
I guess it wasn't that bad, I mean it couldn't have been if we ended up talking for 5 hours - but it's just exhausting. The thought of playing "superman" and expending effort trying to show this woman how incredible life is when you knock down those walls and feel... just doesn't appeal to me in the least anymore. Been there, done that, and they never get it in the end. And seriously, nothing is going to damper the wonderfulness of tomorrow.
"I find I'm so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey...whose conclusion is uncertain."
That's my new signature. I could end every friggin' entry with that quote.
PS - just watched the video again - could those lyrics be more perfect? I look at the Journey not as me going through it, but me and all those following it as you guys feel it just like I do. So "everybody had a hard year, everybody had a good time" is just dead on. It's been a difficuly, bumpy, but fucking FUN year. BTW - that song was from my Tokyo trip and I actually produced it in a hotel - seemed appropriate as it's the last time I stayed in one.