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5:01 PM, Monday, September 18th, 2006:
Yes, yes... I held back a bit this time. As you can imagine I could've done numerous entries on how I felt every HOUR but I decided it was better to just enjoy how I felt for once. I'm acting like I've grown or some shit but the truth is there was very little to tell and that's a good thing. Drama makes entries, happiness doesn't.
Although the past week has been extraordinary, I have to admit I've been wondering how the other shoe was gonna drop the whole time. Everyone says you have to think positive but I hold fast to the theory of mental preperation over brainwashing yourself. There's a reason I'm thinking about how it's all gonna fall: it's a defense mechanism. My body is used to it, so it's just putting the pads on. I love how people think they can control everything in their life by ignoring reason. Humans rule.
So last week my contact called back and worked out the travel arrangements. I was able to get them to change my return flight to the 10th which was nice as I thought I was going to have to pay $50 to change it. I'm only staying at the hotel one night and spending the rest of the time with friends and family. It'll be sort of vagabondish... As I may or may not have mentioned a couple entries back I plan to be as available as humanly possible and get as many meetings as humanly possible to exploit this. So far, this is a once in a lifetime event, and I cannot let it just be 5 seconds of saying "And now Eric Michael Hopper!" Oh and speaking of which...
Ditchwater got a little taste of the "Mypace Bitchslap" that they used on me in July. Your 18,000 friends is mighty impressive until the guy with 75,000 comes along. Good GOD. I wonder if CBS knew they were having a "let's-see-how-long-it-takes-us-to-attract-the-musical-act-with-the-most-myspace-friends" competition? Either way I was actually rooting for Ditchwater just for that uncomfortable moment where we'd meet on national television but alas it won't happen. I still can't believe I'm getting more exposure than the guys that beat me. I'm quite anxious to see how this all plays out.
So then on Wednesday I got my itinerary. I was on my laptop battery stealing wifi when I saw the email. I read Jet-Blue and the goddamn computer shut off. AHHHHHHHH. I was calling people to break into my email just to tell me where I was staying! Anyway, Jet Blue direct from Burbank to JFK. 36 channels of DirecTV for each passenger (all of which are first class - Jet Blue doesn't segregate). Being picked up by Minutemen (so I actually get to look for the mofo with my name on a sign - I'm so tapin' THAT shit) and being chaufferred to The Pierre. Rates? $430-$800 a night. The rooms look like goddamn lobbies. I was all pissed that I couldn't find any pictures of the rooms on the net until it occured to me "Oh shit...those ARE the rooms".
As far as what I'm actually doing? Nothing has changed. They are having me on to introduce the winner. I talked to a different guy today and he reiterated what my earlier contact had mentioned - that "a producer" really liked my video and wanted me on. He didn't think it was that strange, so I'm gonna follow his lead and really go into this assuming that's all there is. I've toyed with every scenario for a week now and at this point I'm just gonna push to meet as many people as I can. I have 10 demo DVDs ready to hand out like business cards (and the ability to make more with my trusty laptop) and I just have to believe in my heart I can turn this into something more. This is where attitude means something. I control this part. Which is why I worked out, tanned, used the nasty-ass white strips and got a hair cut. If it were up to me, I like my "I cut my own hair" cut, real teeth aren't "White-out" white, a good song is better than a flat stomach, and I'm greek - why the fuck should I tan?
:-) But Keith caught me being all LA this week. Yeah, laugh it up buddy.
Speaking of Keith Coast (his journey board name)... we are just instant brothers. He reminds me so much of me in 2000 it's almost unsettling. It's great to just hang out with him and feed off of the unshattered dreams of a fellow artist. We have a ton in common and I just cannot believe how much it feels like I've known him for years. Cassi feels the same way. It's been a very nice feeling knowing the house is in good hands while I'm gone. He's a dog guy just like me: happy to lay on the ground and rile up the puppies from time to time everything will be well taken care of while I'm gone...
...of course it's not lost on any of us that this could be more than a couple weeks. I'm actively scheming a way to exploit this into a bigger opportunity so in turn I'm TRYING to leave LA. Even though it's a helluva longshot right now, it's in the back of everyone's mind. No matter what we're all genuinely happy for each other and that sort of feeling transcends distance. We'll make the best of any situation.
Personally though, I'm ready for an adventure. As a lover of potential, not only in people but in situations, this is the mother of all scenarios. I know I'll make the most of it but I know the conclusion is uncertain.
And isn't that what it's all about?
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