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9:55 AM, Thursday, August 31st, 2006:
 I am a freak of nature. Case in point:
"I've finally come to the realization that it's over. The part of my life that could entertain as a novel is through. What a trip. I really never intended it to be this way. This will probably be the singlemost trying project I've ever tried to finish. With each story I'll close another chapter in my life. Chapters that resound in astonishing detail. Since I kept a audio journal during this period in my life, I can relive each experience as if it was happening at the moment. It's really unsettling, but makes for great stories."
I wrote that in the fall of 1991 at 16. Is that mind boggling? How little we change huh? I am a chronic chronicler and have been for quite some time. I've always had something in me that felt the need to capture the moment at all costs before it fades away. Everything is a story, a lesson, valuable, important...if you chronicle it. It wasn't until I went back and read this "WTVN Journey" that it really hit me. The journal I kept during that period is sooooo detailed. It's like I just knew these were special times and I wanted to be able to relive what it felt like...
...and THANK GOD because now I couldn't be happier. As I reread these accounts of the fights with Cannon, the struggle with the art of "talk radio", the overall feeling of that time - I was there. It was 1995. Of course added to all this is the fact that I have the tapes and I can hear myself, I took video, so I can see myself (did I ever fuckin' not have that hat on?) - and the entries are so personal and sincere. These were always for my own eyes and I held nothing back. It is a joy to re-live. But at a bit of a mental cost...
I've actually woken up mornings thinking I had "The Late Show" that night. In order to put this together I've literally surrounded myself with the show. While working on the site I just play the 6 hour shows back to back to back. I've had to read and edit for grammar every word of a 200 page journal - and finally had to work together mp3s and videos of literally never before heard clips. Well you may have heard them live, but I found tapes I didn't even know I had. It has been an extremely encompassing job. And about 3 people are going to give a shit. LOL.
The clips and videos will help the random stranger find some enjoyment out of this, but I'm well aware that this is almost 100% for me. Basically, all the pieces were there to completely chronicle my life from 1995-1999 exactly like the present "Journey"...and no one else is gonna do it. So there you go.
The WTVN Journey is broken up into weeks. I wrote only a small paragraph per show or meeting or event... so breaking them up individually was out. It works out quite well in a weekly format and is easily skimmed for the majority of you. ;-) The highlights:
-Obviously - go through and click all the clips of audio and video. They're pretty fun.
-Entrywise the first couple are fascinating only because I go from a job at Gatorade to a paid position at a GIGANTIC station almost too easy.
-The rest dealing with career stuff is skimmable but houses some fun little spats with Steve Cannon (who even I forgot was so crazy) that old listeners will just love. Neither of us work there now so it's all fair game I guess. The prankers that literally destroyed the show is interesting, but probably only to me. Hearing my dad talk about OJ on the phone (next year he's in studio...talk about a radio voice) is just awesome. Anyway, I look forward to your feedback on the boards as to what any of you find interesting...
Two entries off-topic to radio are pretty cool too:
And of course the piece de resistance (which is also this entry's video) is the night I videotaped a full 6 hour show at the station. It may just be me, but I can watch hours of this. Amazingly, I never did it again! In fact the only other video of me at WTVN was taken by a Mr. John Ricardi in 1996 or 1997 and I honestly don't know if he even has it anymore. I was a bit more of an audiohead back then...but honestly, that's kinda cool for this project. Hell, it's about a radio show.
So enjoy the first 30 entries that tell a story no one really knows. It was an incredible time for me and it's still an inspiration all these years later. Look for the first part of 1996 (before Darryl takes over at the end of August) in the coming weeks...