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2:06 PM, Monday, August 21st, 2006:
I don't even know where to start. This is kicking my ass to an embarrasing level. I am reacting worse to this than to losing loved ones to death, divorce... it sickens me to say that but it's the truth. Ugh. Here's the story.
With my time off I decided to finally put together the "Late Show" Journey for the site. I kept an extremely detailed journal during the WTVN years and there's some incredible little stories with Cannon and Darryl that are just crazy. That matched with all the clips from the show and even some video...I could put together an incredible section of the site in "Journey" format. Admittedly something 5 people would be interested in, but since I'm one of those people it's worth it... :-) The log however is on an extrenal harddrive that I lost the power cable to and I had to get a new casing for the drive to plug it in. Bought that, and when I took the old casing apart I realized it was just a normal harddrive and decided to put it in my current computer rather than even open the new casing so I could return it.
When I opened my computer to pop it in I ended up shocking my C Drive. My main, 250 gig harddrive that houses... everything. 250 gigs is a lot. Every journey video in 2005 and 2006, all 3 trinitrons, every song I've done since 2004, every picture I've taken... As many of you know I have about 600 gigs of stuff and no real way to back things up. From time to time I back-up on tape, randomly copy stuff (so I may have say 30 of the 150 Journey videos scattered) to other harddrives but when you work with video - you're kinda screwed. I hadn't backed up to tape in quite awhile, and goddamn - "Let's Bomb Iran", the song for the new cartoon... I can't even accept it...
...and didn't for the first 2 days. I went into shock. First of all - it's my C Drive. I can't even run my computer. Secondly, I ended up using the new casing and plugged the "WTVN log" drive into my laptop and it worked perfectly... so I really had no need to even open my computer. For you techies out there the drive doesn't even spin, so it's pretty clear I just screwed up the card controlling the drive.
I bought the identical drive and replaced the controller cards and it actually made the drive spin, but it made this wretched clinking sound and was not detected. I assume the reason was the new drive's card was made August 2006 and my hosed drive was made in October 2004...the firmware is different. But the drive DID spin. I just need to somehow find someone who has my exact drive, a Western Digital, 250 gig harddrive (WD2500JB) made in or around October 2004.
Harddrive recovery places are unfortunately, not even an option. For this much info you actually get into 5 figures. I am really hoping for a miracle as this is a loss I simply cannot accept. I actually haven't been able to even TALK about it with people. This happened almost a week ago and I can't even bring myself to explain it to people. I have to completely ignore it. Luckily, working on the WTVN logs has provided that escape but whew... this is so devastating.
The question soon becomes what's a legitimate way to back up everything? When you're working with video, it's like working with borrowed time. You can't really back up to DVD as 4.7 gigs is about 20 minutes of video. Dual harddrives are just as susceptible to being zapped as one, although less likely. Also is it realistic? When you'd need 1.2 Terrabytes of drives? Backing up to tape (which I've done for most of my videos) is the scariest of all propositions because that shit breaks down over time. Everywhere you look you seem to be at the mercy of technology. We're all really in danger of losing a generations worth of information in the next 20-30 years. No back-up is safe. That old box of physical pictures stands the test of time better than all of 'em. For a guy like me it's even worse. I'm not sure there is a man alive who is more at the mercy of his computer than me. My entire life is lierally "untouchable". It's ALLLL 1's and 0's and I chronicle every moment so detailed that losing EVEN ONE Journey video is enough to make me sick to my stomach, but hudreds? I simply cannot comprehend the notion. I honestly want to get out of this entry as fast as possible so I can jump back into 1996 with my WTVN logs and escape. I am almost on the verge of tears when I think about how precious that stuff is to me. Goddamn...let someone have that harddrive. Again, Western Digital harddrive, 250 gigs (WD2500JB) made in 2004. I don't need the whole drive, and if you happen to live in Columbus I will fucking fly to your house to set up the transfer so you're not without your drive for more than a few hours. As well I'll pay you, buy you a new 250 gig drive...whatever we work out.
OK. It's done, I can go hide now and act like this isn't really happening.