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9:39 PM, Tuesay, July 18th, 2006:
You'd think that with the way my mind works and schemes that we wouldn't be looking at three 5's in a row (entry number) trying to figure out how we're gonna make this work. But this is Adam we're talking about. Determined not to do it like anyone else ever has...therefore flirting with lifelong anonymity. ;-)
So it wasn't long after the loss to Ditchwater that my good pal Dewey just went off on me. Like I'm not already bummed out with all the shit going on in my life he his stoned ass has to lay into me about everything I did wrong? Blah blah blah we shouldn't have used that bit, we should have sung more instead of fighting, we could've used heavy metal guitars too, we could've lipsynced and sounded better - whatever. So behind my back he decides to submit his own entry to prove me wrong. So his hippy ass sent in "Saying When". Yet another girly ballad like "Sleep, Baby Sleep" from the real effeminate one: Dewey. (sigh)
The rest of the band was pretty pissed too. G's threatening to submit his own rap entry, cameron wants to make another cartoon a la "Lock the Taskbar" and I won't even repeat what Spencer just told me. (sigh) It's not that I don't want them to succeed but none of us have a record contract or 20,000 supporters so it's gonna come down to Ditchwater again eventually...ugh.
I do have to admit though, I'm proud of my band. How many bands could submit one video as a band - and then several more videos individually showing a completely different talents? Yes, The Trinitrons (or the Egos as they made us call ourselves) certainly are a talented bunch. One of us will break through.
Can you imagine how confused newcomers are to all this shit? LOL
Well, the producer got the submission and loved it. They want to give it a little time to make sure and give everyone else a chance, but there haven't been many submissions like "Saying When" and she thinks Dewey has a place in this thing. I made G, Cameron (and most certainly Spencer) hold off for a bit until we see what happens with Dewey. Hey, if he gets in and does well - hopefully he'll be cool enough to let us perform with him on CBS.
What this does however (and boy doesn't this seem eerily familiar) is make the inevitable bad news... take a month. Just like with AGT - it was GOOD, GOOD, GREAT - BAD.... lingering bad... lingering... over. Same here. What would've been over last week is now gonna just kinda tread along, dangling hope in front of our faces alllllllllllll summer long and most likely will end the same way as no one is beating a band like Ditchwater with that kind of voter reach. The Journey this year... are you kidding? Could it be more crazy? Can it be more addicting??!!?
Let me also say again, that no matter what - this producer at CBS has been incredible. Always returning calls, very down to earth and funny - and genuinely supportive of my act. They want to be as fair as possible, but you can tell they really liked the act and were hoping it would win. I believe that no matter what, when this all blows over - there's a way to get CBS to cover 4tvs and the act. As a human interest story alone it's good TV. Anything that makes someone stop FLIPPING the channels - is worth a few minutes on your program and especially when you delve into the story? And this site? Wow. It's got human interest written all over it.
So for what may be the last Living Room Live entry - I feel pretty good. We all did everything we could and the contact here at CBS and the contact at MSNBC... I'm pretty happy about things. The next cartoon will get coverage and who knows what will happen with Dewey's submission. And as I always say, if you keep waking up each morning wondering "Man! What's gonna happen next!?!?", The Journey will live another day...
What a year.
PS - everyone asked where those eggs landed. Truth be told they landed in the garden behind me and the driveway - but I did make one take where I had my brother Kenny throw them on my face. He enjoyed that.