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2:11 PM, Thursday, July 13th, 2006:
I have to be completely honest with you...The Journey (as a website) almost ended.
Any other time there would be no entries, no pictures, no videos - I would just take some time away from it all and be with my family during this incredibly difficult time. However, as I said in the last entry - everything has kind of morphed together and we're now all involved. That look of disappointment on my Uncle David's face above me is so much more than Adam losing a contest. We are all so tired, so mentally drained and the one moment we all looked forward to poured salt on the wound. I don't want to document this. I am so far behind with uploading everything that I almost threw my hands up. I have written the majority of the entries, but The Journey is so much more than a blog and when things like CBS come up, it takes an incredible amount of work to keep it going.
My grandmother is fighting so hard. We're on our 9th day at hospice and the past 2 have been "She'll pass at any moment" days. Somehow with everything pointing to her passing yesterday (extremities starting to cool, breathing fading) she is now warm again and breathing strong. We are all completely beside ourselves. I seem to do 40-hour-straight shifts and then I just have to step back and refuel for a bit. We took my grandfather to a Crew game one evening to try and help his spirits - it's just the hardest situation. Our family is so big that there's just no way everyone can stay there yet we all want to. Literally the last thing I want to do is selfishly focus on CBS right now (I have yet to upload any of the entries this month) as I said before it's now part of the entire family's consciousness. All day Monday and Tuesday: "Did you get the computers going!? We voted all night!!" Whew.
So yeah, the announcement. "How is that possible?" as I said right afterwards in the video, sums it up nicely. How did they get more than us? My estimation was close to 10 million votes and at the very least 6.5 Million. I called the producer and asked if she could tell me the total vote count and she said all she had were percentages - 49%, 34% and 16% (Trevor).
I hate to say it but... I don't think the voting was completely unlimited. I believe (like it is with Big Brother on CBS) that it's 1 per 24 hours per IP address and the producer simply doesn't know which way or another. Because there's no way that at the very least Trevor got 3 million votes. No way. My feeling now is that Ditchwater got the lionshare from their mailing list alone and I probably garnered the majority of the "generic" votes because I certainly couldn't have gotten that close to Ditchwater with my personal pull. Alas, we have no idea because I don't know the vote count.
The producer was, again, extremely cool. She said they had a meeting about me today and everyone was kinda bummed. Her boss in particular was rootin' for me. It's nice of course, but it begs the question of: "What did you guys think would happen?" If you pick acts that are truly in their living room just trying to get a break, and put them up against a band that has a record label (even a small one) and a following in the tens of thousands, of course the "living room live" acts will lose. The only way Ditchwater doesn't win it all is if they put another signed band, or maybe touring comedian up against them. Just not sure that was what they had in mind when this thing started. And hell - why would they allow the band to lip-sync to their CD?!?! "Living Room LIVE!" ???! The portrayal of the competition is now markedly different than it's original intention. Sound familiar? Heh...
The real unfortunate thing is that this just wasn't enough to build on. As I mentioned before - this was only HUGE if I was on the show. A 10 second clip on TV isn't going to take the world by storm, but with a full live peroformance and interview - the opportunities abound. As well, after 7 years you can't really look on the bright side and say:  "Hey at least you were on TV!" You don't say that when you've devoted your entire life to "making it". Seeing my cartoon on MSNBC was fun, but it was the interview that was booked the next day that was big. Had they used me in a quick promo of AGT it would've been nifty - but you can't truly be happy with it. You have to keep focusing on a real break, and put this all behind you...
...or do you? My band member, Dewey, pulled me aside this morning. He played me this song: "Saying When" - it was beautiful. I told him about this competition he should submit it to...
Journey Lesson #554 - "Never, EVER stop schemin'..."