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5:45 PM, Sunday, July 9th, 2006:
Man don't piss us off man. Don't piss off a group of people who have been following this thing for 7 years only to have some shit make it vanish again. We simply aren't prepared to lay down. And since this puppy is gonna be locked I don't have to hide what we're gonna do.
Last time I had roughly 5 or 6 people running what Amy Lou from the boards liked to call "bottle bots". I found a way to slow the refresh rate of the keyboard down and then hold something (In Amy Lou's case, a bottle) on the enter key. It would register roughly 2 votes per second under perfect conditions. Worst case scenario the 5 of us were able to pull off close to a million votes, and we won with 67%.
For the following week, once I realized they were already signed to a label, 3 of us started to vote for "3 Feet Up" using the same automated system. We figured we pulled off around 500,000 votes and Ditchwater STILL kicked our asses by 69%. Remember, that's in a 3 man race. So...whew. This is why I was so down in the last entry. It's just insurmountable...
...or is it? What if instead of 5 of us.... we had 50 of us? Well we're gonna find out - because you guys friggin' rule. The question was posed: "Do you know anyone with a computer that could help overnight?" I started asking everyone I could think of that simple question. I said I would personally go there and set it up. Little by little I started taking names, numbers and making appointments. As it stands right now I personally have 17 stops tomorrow and a total of 31 computers that I will personally be setting up. The coup de gras? The grandaddy of them all? A highschool computer lab in Johnstown Ohio that one Ben Snedeker has access to. Ho-Lee Shit. Ben was a listener of The Late Show when he was in highschool and now he's a teacher... with keys. :-) 13 computers that can run from 3 PM tomorrow until the end of voting on Wednesday. All untouched because of summer break. Oooooooo-right.
So needless to say, I'm pretty pumped. It may take 50 straight hours of computer work for me and 3 tanks of gas, but after this Journey? 7 years of these heartaches? And I know what I have to do to win? SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT. Consider it done. I will do everything in my power. Is it cheap? Yes. But I begged for them to make it more fair, and this is the system they wanted - so I will do all I can to beat the system.
And the funny thing is, you guys? Those that are promising to set up their computers the next 2 days? You're doing it out of sheeeeeeeeer exhaustion. Don't lie. LOL. All you're thinking is: "NO. NO MORE SAD SONGS ADAM." You're voting for your own reading enjoyment. LOL. I kid, I know how supportive of you guys are but as I've said before - I'm a reader too. I'm more sick of reading this bullshit than you can imagine. Hell, even Genuine "Adam has no integrity" Chris from the boards is setting up computers for this - LOL. It's just time, and even people not necessarily in my camp want to at least see me be a complete failure... at the next level. HAHAHAHA.
Well - I'm off to continue working on my spreadsheet. It takes an incredible amount of organization to keep track of the 40-50 known computers that will be running all over the country and I have the most anal spreadsheet going you've ever seen. LOL. So thank you to everyone who's gonna help. I'm throwin' up the 2 eggs now for Round 2 and your help will determine where they land...
Lord help me if I get to the final round. LOL. I still haven't figured out how I'll catch 3 eggs.