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12:20 PM, Friday, June 30th, 2006:
Not sure how it's possible but we are again at the end of a month where the mantra is inverted. "How Much More", the song that defined my absolute exasperation at what this journey could throw at me next, for one fleeting moment actually defines the excitement at the coming month. It's incredible because similarities like this usually happen YEARS apart (Aspen/AGT - Palaur/Minialaur) but this is back to back. It's another amazing month like April with the peak happening RIGHT at the end, and if history is any indication it will soon vanish...
...except this time. History is NO indicator because nothing has ever been set-up like this before. We all control this. We determine this unlike any other thing that's happened. Rush Limbaugh getting arrested won't bump me like on MSNBC. An America's Got Talent segment producer won't decide a stripper is better for their show than 4tvs after booking me 24 hours before. All I have to do to control my entire opportunity is get people to vote for me in 2 weeks. Because of my grandmother I will be going back to Columbus and will be able to use any free time to personally go to the TV and radio stations to push this. I will also personally go door-to-door in my neighborhood and hand out flyers to remind people to vote as much as possible from July 10th-12th. It is such an incredibly freeing feeling to completely understand the obstacle between me and success. I feel like the luckiest man on earth.
Although my luckiness is just a feeling, my competitiveness certainly is not. I actually shock myself at just how intensely competitive I am. This is my personal World Cup. I was knocked out of my previous 2 competitions with 4tvs (Aspen/AGT) before I ever got to play...but now? Oh shit IT IS ON. I read this on Trevor's site:
PLEASE vote on www.cbsnews.com
Mon-Tues July 10th-11th
click on early show
then click living room...live link
please vote for me as many times as
I turned into a GANGSTER. LOL. I actually started sub-consciously gritting out angry "G" phrases towards the screen under my breath. It's this overwhelming, barbaric male reaction of: I WILL FUCKING DESTROY YOU BRAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! <GODZILLA FIRE>. It's so not me. I actually think Trevor's cool, dug his song - thought his juggling rouse at the beginning was really funny. Hell, we'd probably get along - but in this scenario... I become a cowboy man. I'm Dubya and the other contestants are the rest of the world. It's a pissing contest and I'm drinking 8 gallons a day. It's that fire I talked about with AGT and I will fight with everything I have to assure victory. It's this focus that I can barely explain - and all of you reading have it too. Anyone following this, knowing that it's also in your hands? You just keep on clickin'. As a team, we're gonna make this happen. I'm so proud of that.
Even in all my chest-thumping roar a part of me jumps into the other contestant's perspective for a bit. That has to kinda suck. Although we're all on equal footing in our careers (meaning we've gone nowhere), I have an advantage of supporters as I've been publically trying to make it for over 10 years. That has to be absolutely daunting to the other competitors trying to grab some votes. So for two seconds, I feel for ya guys. That is indeed an advantage here. OK - two seconds up.
Alright, to end the month I have to show you guys this amazingly eerie "Like Father, Like Son":

"Smith 'N' Kontras" - Charlie Daniels Round-Up, 1995
(Jesus Doug, that mullet is ridiculous for the mid-90s. LOL)
My Dad was in a duo called Smith 'N' Kontras from 1991-1995 (3rd guy in the video was for harmony, ironically also had the last name of "Smith") and they performed on TNN in 1995. Unfortunately it wasn't live so I knew from a phone call the results well before it aired. It occured to me last night how similar the situations were, although Dad certainly owns an advantage thus far as he actually got to perform on the show. They won the first round but lost the second (little lesson in there for us). Just wild to me watching the second half of the video and rooting for my dad competing against two other acts and having them win. Man how time flies...
I will have a flyer in the next entry that you can either link people to, or print out if so inclined, for the voting on July 10th-12th. Holy shit - I just realized that the announcement of the winner is gonna be on my fucking death date. CHRIST. That's not good. I dreamt my death date when I was a kid:  July 13th, 2057 and actually put it in the background of my a capella version of "I Am The Walrus" on my 2nd CD. Of course that's the date of the announcement. Man that's a bad omen! LOL. Oh well, it'll just make me work harder.
July 13th. Grrrrr.  
PS - the title, "Let's Try This Again" was referring to ending a month like April saying "How Much More"...not: "Let's try as a Kontras man to be in a competition and not LOSE this time" LMFAO. That was totally unintentional and only came across that way when I added the picture to the already titled Entry Bar. HAHAHA. So didn't mean it to look like that.