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12:08 PM, Wednesday, June 28th, 2006:
That's a fun title to say.
So the clicking contest is now over and in a few short hours (20 to be exact), we'll know if it was all worth it. What a story though...
As I've said before, I hated that this was unlimited. It's not a fair way to judge talent. It feels sleazy enough to vote for yourself once - but when it's unlimited, that voting button becomes this symbol for your entire career. It is all that stands between you and finally getting a shot...and you'll be damned if you don't hit it as many times as humanly possible hoping that you have more will power than the other contestants that enjoy SLEEPING.
Truth be told, it was all of you guys that blew me away. So many of you spent the majority of your days voting and good LORD Suzannah? Had a camp of people on SHIFTS hitting that button. Her house became "Adam Kontras Central" as she got her entire family in on the act with multiple computers day and night. It got to the point however where I became a bit concerned. If you hold down the enter button (at a slow enough refresh rate) you can register like 2 votes a second. I was imagining that it'd be like 10 million to 20,000 or some shit and I didn't want to be disqualified. I finally called the producer in New York...
She was awesome. It's funny, I've been on the phone with so many different producers the past 2 months and she has been the most down to earth, approachable person ever. She giggled at my predicament and said she'd go check the votes to see if it was "ridiculous". Alas, it was not. Hmm. She said I was leading, but it wasn't by some outrageous amount. So what does that mean? Does it mean the other contestants are doing the same thing? Or that our votes weren't counting... AHH. I figured we better just keep doing what we're doing and then figure it out later. If I do win tomorrow I will ask if she can figure out what did and didn't count because there has to be some transparency on how they count votes. It may be as goofy as 1,000 per IP address or something like that. In which case many of us wasted 2 days of our lives.
I do have to say though, all of your support has been incredibly overwhelming.  I can feel the frustration in many of your emails and posts and I gotta say - I'm right there with you. As weird as it sounds, I rarely feel like the guy in these videos, or on TV... I feel like the guy reading about it and wondering why the fuck everything keeps imploding. So I really do understand where you're coming from and how you keep clicking that button because it feels like the only time you've ever had any control over it. I believe Heather from the boards (Hekele24) is speaking for all of us when she says:
"Clickity click mutha f-in click. Dude if you dont win Im gonna be freakin pissed."
Noooooooooo shit.
Media wise, they did a quick re-cap of the contestants today on the show, oh and yesterday WBNS 10TV did a little package on me in the morning during the local segment right before the Early Show!!! THANK YOU!!! Unfortunately 610 WTVN felt it wasn't newsworthy. Ironic considering they started my career. In a surreal 3 hours on Monday, Joel Riley kept teasing:  "Former WTVN employee makes a splash on a national level..." yet never announced who he was talking about or even told the story. ?!?! Ya got me. I assume it will be different if I move further along in the competition.
I still have to give my buddy Joel shit though. Little unknown fact:  He was the "other person" in the room when Darryl Parks fired me. You know, the guy who has to be a witness so you don't sue for sexual harrassment or some shit. LOL. What a memory that was. March 6th, 1998.
Anyway - not sure if CD101 covered it as it's hard to monitor everything - but I'll visit them when I'm back in town. Unfortunately my grandmother isn't feeling too well and I'm going back for a couple weeks on Tuesday. Life certainly has a way of giving us perspective and balance that keeps us well grounded. At the hospital most of my family were able to see the local broadcast that said:  "Vote for Adam Kontras" and I just hope that this development can provide a few smiles in between all the stress of everything. It was actually one of the biggest letdowns to America's Got Talent as she was in the hospital during the premiere and I wanted so badly for the family to be able to have something good to look forward in such an dreary environment. This competition on CBS is thankfully a much classier deal and I'm ever so grateful that they don't have to sit through what I still consider to be the trashiest show on TV. All apologies again to those who sat through that last week. You are true supporters. ;-)
So tune in to CBS tomorrow (looks like it'll be in the 8 o'clock hour) and keep your fingers crossed. That is if your fingers can still do that after "Click Wars 2006". Heh. I have to believe I'm gonna win given everything we all went through. I'm curious as to how I'll react to it however. The biggest thing for me...honestly? Is just being able to feel positive for 2 weeks. You know? If I win, there will be at least 2 weeks where I just get to feel good. That's been missin' even with all the highs of the past 2 months. It's been happy for literally a DAY and then WHACKADOO - smacked back down. With this, at WORST, I'll have something positive to look forward to for a couple weeks and with everything that's happening, I really need that...
...and just ONCE the egg has to land in my hand. Just once. LOL.