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9:21 AM, Monday, June 26th, 2006:
Yes, the excitement of my first national television exposure was quickly tempered when I confirmed with the producer in New York that voting is indeed unlimited. So basically the contestant with the most friends who can sit and click the submit button will most certainly win. (sigh) Luckily, I have lotsa friends who are geeky web-heads like me and will certainly vote as much as possible, but I hate that this comes down to a clicking contest as opposed to seeing what America really thinks (which the 1 per 24 hour rule would allow). Anyway, here's the 3 contestants for Week 2 of "Living Room...LIVE!"
I've actually been groovin' to Maxine's song all morning (yes, doin' the white man's overbite) and Harold is incredible on the guitar - no doubt. I am always amazed at people who can play the guitar that well because I absolutely suck at it. If I were unbiased the only thing that would keep me from voting for "The Egos" is that the sync is so off that it looks anything but "live". Luckily, that's an inherent problem with the internet and as far as internet voting goes...comedy is king. If I'm voting, I go for the more creative one (i.e. Trevor last week doing the juggling bit before his song). But as I said before you can throw all that out the window because you know damn well Maxine's whole church is voting all day today and tomorrow and Harold probably has his kids on shifts at the computer - LOL.
The press release has already paid dividends in Columbus, but probably having little to do with me. Suzannah from the boards has been on overdrive and has already personally talked with people at nearly every radio station and confirmed that 10TV (CBS affiliate) is going to do a story on me sometime tomorrow. As of right now they talked about it on 97.9 and 97.1 - hopefully 610 WTVN and CD101 will be later on - and the big one is obviously the TV piece. If I can get them behind me now, not only will it help me win this week - it'll be an on-going story for as long as this goes.
So basically, if you'd like to hear me ramble on about how depressed I am for another 7 years - by all means DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK:
And whatever you do, certainly don't vote for me on the column left hand side:
Oh and don't wait until the pop-up says "Done." then hit >SUBMIT again. If everyone reading makes sure not to do that about 100 times today and tomorrow you are almost assured entry upon entry on how I can't find myself and other tales of woe to follow...
...of course if you don't like those entries, by all means vote as much as you humanly can. ;-)
More tomorrow, I have to take a nap as I'm runnin' on fumes right now. Thanks for all you guys have done already and thanks in advance for all the time you guys will spend voting. You are singlehandedly changing the path of this Journey.