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9:00 PM, Sunday, June 25th, 2006:
Ok, I'm excited.
Yes, I could just wait until things are more concrete, hell until I know if I'm even past this first round - but then what the hell do you read this for? No, you want to know exactly what I think can happen so when it explodes in my face you can see the egg. So here goes:
Holy shit this is a big deal. This could actually be better than America's Got Talent. At first thought that seems like a no-brainer considering how embarrassing the show was but let's be honest here: 12.6 Million people watched that show. That's the biggest premiere for a summer show in television HISTORY. My act would have outshined everything else on that stage with what I'm certain will be its biggest audience: 12.6 MILLION PEOPLE. No amount of "the show sucked man!" is gonna change that. If given the choice between these two opportunities, the current 2 million viewers CBS' Early Show is pullin' in would not be the appropriate decision. However with everything I just said, this tiny competition on CBS could indeed end up BETTER than America's Got Talent. Here's how:
America's Got Talent is not looking for a star. They are not offering a contract at the end of the show, they aren't giving them their own show in Vegas or a show on NBC. They have no vested interest in whether or not a true talent wins this thing - they are using people to get ratings. Period. Nothin' wrong with that, we were most certainly using NBC for the exposure, but that difference has to be made to differentiate it from American Idol (where a contract is involved). The winner of AGT will take the check and run, and it could very well be a dog trainer. It's not about the talent, it's only about the ratings.
CBS is the opposite. They are specifically trying to help expose new talent to the world and give them a stage. Because of that, they have a vested interest in whomever wins this thing to make sure they get somewhere... because they will have discovered them. It only makes their show look better if the winner does get a contract, deal or opportunity. They will in turn use their connections to make that happen. No matter what happens to that person, their FIRST exposure will always be on CBS and depending on the potential of that person it could be a fantastic catch for their network. There will be a loyalty there that OBVIOUSLY isn't their with NBC and America's Got Talent.
Alright, so take that in...
Now let's look at this from the perspective of CBS and the viewers at home. Which act would you vote for if you knew the top vote getters would perform live in studio? Which clip piques your curiosity? Which clip makes you say... "Wait a second... is that all him? No it can't be...I can't see in this little web thingy" See the angle? I'm not saying I'm better than any other acts, I'm saying that intrinsically it begets closer inspection. Especially if you're lookin' at it in a friggin' WEB video all pixelated and blown up on your TV. By it's nature it should have an advantage over the other contestants. For once in my FUGGIN life the "un-categorical-ness" of the act is a STRENGTH. I've waited for 7 years to be able to say that.
Then of course the part that should get all of you a little excited:  If I do win? 4tvs isn't a gimmick. You take away the novelty of it and I am a singer. I am a songwriter. I am an actor. I am a writer. I am a talk show host. If for some reason a network was motivated to help me (say they discovered me on their morning show) it wouldn't be like they had to turn "Rappin' Granny" into Oprah. I'm ready to pitch to THEM already. I've been waiting for this my whole life. Yes when you put everything into perspective, it's hard not to see the unbelieveable potential of this development. That is until you take into account...
...the voting. As I mentioned before, unless CBS has a good voting system set-up for this little contest (say only 1 vote for every 24 hours per IP address) the winner could very well not be who America voted for, but who had the most friends or "bots" set-up to vote every second for 48 hours. That point sickens me. Now if it's anything like the CBS voting for Big Brother, it is indeed only 1 vote per 24 hours - but the same rules may not apply to something on a smaller scale. (sigh) I do however have one ace up my sleeve, and that's the ability to write a press release:


LOS ANGELES - June 25, 2006 - Former WTVN and CD101 talk show host, Adam Kontras, will be featured as a contestant on CBS News' The Early Show on Monday morning.
Kontras uploaded a video of his "One-Man Boyband" in which he plays all 5 members live with the use of four televisions. His bit was chosen for the 'Living Room...LIVE!' finals and his is one of three finalists to be showcased on The Early Show, Monday, June 26.
CBS News' THE EARLY SHOW is giving viewers a chance to show their special talents in the new summer series, "Living Room...LIVE!" Viewers are asked to submit videos from their own living rooms showing their unique talent -- whether it's singing, dancing, or stand-up comedy -- and America will be the judge of who are the stars in the
Each Monday excerpts from three of the best, funniest and most outrageous videos will be shown on THE EARLY SHOW and viewers can then vote online at for their favorite "couch-cam" submission. Each Thursday the video with the most votes will be revealed and then compete against three more picks the following Monday. At the end of the competition, several of the best contestants will be invited to perform live on THE EARLY SHOW.
To vote for Kontras and the other contestants visit the CBS News web site.
About Adam Kontras:
At 19, Adam was the youngest talk show host in 610 WTVN history running his late night "Late Show" for over 3 years. His production skills soon landed him the job as Production Director at CD101 where he continued the "Late Show" Tradition on the FM airwaves. It was here, Adam started building his one-man show, 4tvs, which would eventually take him to Los Angeles just 2 years later in January of 2000. He quickly made waves on the net starring in a Movie Review show (with his TVs) for Hollywood called Movie Minded. In 2001, he reworked his one-man show into a boy-band parody; The Trinitrons, that got him into venues such as The Ha-Ha Café and most notably The Comedy Store. He's recently gained infamy for his cartoon "Let's Bomb Iran" featured on MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann"
# # #
That was faxed off to WBNS 10TV (CBS Affiliate), The Dispatch, 610 WTVN and CD101 in Columbus today and a second one will go out tomorrow morning during the broadcast (written in past tense). This could be the difference in the entire competition. If I can get my hometown behind me it should lift me over the top. I'm certain the other contestant's local towns will follow suit later on in the competition, hopefully I get a leg-up.
So I think I've done about all I can do right now. I'm gonna be getting up at 4 AM to listen to the East Coast broadcast with Marty (can you imagine the cell-phone-call-entry-video when they announce the winner on Thursday? WHEW), and expect an entry mid-day tomorrow explaining all the voting fun.


Where oh where will the egg land this time...
PS ...other than on the ground in the outtake where Shizzle eats it. LOL. There is a part 2 to the video.