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8:31 PM, Friday, June 23rd, 2006:
~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~ GLEEFUL!!! ~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~
Will, The Gleeful God
The next day. The neeeeext day.
Yesterday I wrote the final part to the "America's Got Talent" series, ending nearly 3 months of the most "ass-whoopinest" story in Journey history (with a dash of MSNBC thrown in on top of it) and the very next day I get a call from a producer at CBS telling me that they're showcasing me with 2 other contestants on the Early Show Monday morning. 4tvs will finally, finally, be seen on a national level...

...if it wasn't for the fact that they will announce the cancellation of CBS as a network Sunday night. There, it's done. I figured if I put it in writing it can't come true. Uhm...
...if it wasn't for the fact that the early show will be pre-empted by a CBS News report of some huge breaking news story that will be on 24 hours. Uhm...
...if it wasn't for the fact that they really meant the next Monday, July 3rd and in that time they will realize the error of their choice and choose someone else.
I think that about covers it. Let's pretend, for just an entry, that my journey isn't destined for fantastic implosions:
FINALLY! WAHOOO!!!! Let me post the mission statement of The Journey all those years ago:
On January 1st, 2000, Adam spent new year's day saying goodbye to his family.
The following morning, Adam, his fiancee Jessica, best friend Marty, and his cat J-Dog, picked up
their lives and moved to LA to get 4TVS recognized on a national level. That's it. The rest is up in the air.
Now it certainly isn't lost on me that in order to get 4tvs recognized on a national level, I am part of a talent competition that is specifically made to prove people can "make it" by staying in bum-fuck Ohio and putting their video on the internet. That is the irony that is "The Journey". BTW - this is what the competition is all about:
Think you have what it takes to be a star? You don't even have to leave your house to find out!
All you have to do is take part in The Early Show series, "Living Room…LIVE!"
We got the idea from Sandi Thom, a British singer who used the power of the Internet to get fans to notice her and music giant Sony to offer her a contract She posted a video of her performing, and word about her spread in a hurry.
Thom chatted with co-anchor Julie Chen about her rise from obscurity to stardom. You could earn a chance to perform on The Early Show!
Whether you sing or dance, do tricks, stand-up comedy, juggle, or whatever, just share your talent with us by submitting a video of you doing "your thing."
Every Monday, we'll show you three videos we deem worthy, and viewers have from then until noon Eastern time each Wednesday to vote via for the video from that Monday that they think is best.
Winners will be announced each Thursday, and some get to appear on the show.
This is the 2nd week of the competition and Mr. Trevor Bricker, a songwriter from San Diego, won out of the first group of 3. The producer wasn't sure exactly how the rest is going to go, but she made it sound like they'd take the first 3 winners and pit them against each other - and then continue from there. I assume they'll take the overall top 3 or so and have them appear on the show - totally a guess though. All I know is that they picked my trinitron bit ERRRR "Egos" bit, and it will be showcased Monday morning. Then comes the voting...
I believe that it's "Open Voting" on from the time it airs on Monday...until FUGGIN Noon on Wednesday. That's right... WEDNESDAY. And if it's like most competitions it's unlimited votes. Basically meaning some out of work loser livin' in his mom's basement could theoretically vote a MILLION times for his buddy and I won't have a shot. If that's true...
...I will be that loser.
LOL. I cannot get this close again only to have it vanish because someone was able to get more of their friends to refresh a page more than me. No. Not happening. This is a chance at performing live on national television for millions of people, IN NEW YORK (my own personal orgasm), and on a CLASSY show. I don't have to be ashamed to be affiliated with this program. I don't have to tell my friends:  "Hey, I'm on America's Got Talent" and have them try to hide their disdain at how tasteless the show was. CBS is trying to spotlight true talent and help them make it, not insult the audience with the trash we all witnessed Wednesday. I hope some of the people who were so heartbroken about not getting selected for that show submit their act to CBS.
Can you believe this? I mean really, can you believe this? I sat there for about an hour trying to figure out what this entry's video should be. My best concept was having Live Adam running a marathon, crossing the finish line and running right to the starting gates of the next race and taking off again.
That's really what it feels like. I literally JUST finished AGT. The last 2 months were like a water hose 2 inches from your face (even the good stuff feels like that mind you) and it finally turned off. I take a few breaths, adjust my hat, almost glad it's over and then BAM - here's another opportunity that is absolutely monuMENTAL for "The Journey". Monday will be the biggest concrete thing that has ever happened to me, but it doesn't feel like it at ALL.
And that's why this is entitled "Prepare the padded ROOM". This is CRAZINESS. Your mind and body start to change. You really can't feel the same way anymore. I know I should be excited for CBS, but in all honesty? I'm not even a little. There is no elation right now. It's funny - my head is still working. It's reacting appropriately to the news, but emotionally? Completely flat. Zero heart. I'm even trying to TELL my heart that it's OK to be excited this weekend, but it has been drained. It's really interesting to experience. I have to admit, I enjoy watching how this Journey character reacts emotionally. I'm almost completely detached from this guy on the website. Man that's weird.
Anyway, that's it for now... be sure to tune in 7-9 AM THIS MONDAY - June 26th on CBS. And then of course the voting onslaught... Whew. Part of me hopes it's one vote per IP address so I don't have to kill myself for 50 hours, but I have a feeling it's gonna be a free-for-all.
PS - Be sure to congratulate "Mr. Penny" and "Suzannah" on the boards for their new status as "Journey Players of the year 2006" (new emblems coming soon) - LOL. If you remember from Entry #540, Mr. Penny emailed me last week about this after his girlfriend emailed him. So ipso-facto, 2 Journey Players of the year.