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12:15 AM, Tuesday, June 20th, 2006:
I believe Michael Corleone said it best: "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."
NBC.COM just put up a clip of this band..and guess what. THEY'RE FUCKING SINGING "AINT NO SUNSHINE" A CAPELLA. Any longtime 4tvs fans remember that?
Yup, the unplugged set from 1999 - "Ain't no Sunshine" - I'm about to lose my SHIT again. GODDDDDAMNIT.
So a boyband singing a capella is acceptable when it's 4 people onstage - but if 1 guy is doing ALL THE PARTS LIVE? No, sorry - not gonna happen on a FUCKING TALENT SHOW.
Let me twitch. <zrrrrbt... zrrrrbt> TwItCh....
You know what - they probably ruled me out because I do comedy as well. See - THAT'S what is gonna piss me off - and goddamnit Charlotte just let me vent. LMFAO. I hear her RIGHT NOW IN MY HEAD. "Adam, you have to let it go..."
I FUCKIN KNOW I DO. THIS IS PART OF THE PROCESS. Most people just hide it because it's annoying. And this project is showing what it's like...and guess what - EVERY ONE OF YOU WILL DO THIS when you see the show. I swear to you.
Ahem - as I was saying, I mentioned it before - but had I done the MUSIC bit in the audition - which is just the song and no break-down I would've been in perfect "BALANCE" and would've competed musically. However everything I gave them (the live audition AND the DVD) showed the interraction and although the TALENT TEAM understood I could do more I GUARANTEE YOU that as it got passed along, no one saw the need to express that I could DO FUCKING BOTH - or one WITHOUT the other completely, and the people that made the final decision thought that I only had comedy stuff.
This is a nightmare! Seriously! I swear to you - if some motherfucker performs with a TV on that stage I am going to have a fucking TV bonfire in my backyard. Christ - was it REALLY the Anti-American thing? I was just shootin' in the dark before but really gotta wonder. This is spectacularly unbelieveable. I feel like I'm on a different PLANET.
This is so amazingly surreal to me. It's as if I'm actually on the show - the marketing is FOR MY ACT, THE TITLE OF THE VIDEO is for my act... but they replaced the GODDAMN PICTURE with some Asian dude.... THAT IS WEARING MY LIVE ADAM HAT AND SHIRT!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
This is gonna have some lasting effects people. Hang on - let me play devil's advocate:
"Well come on Adam, it's not like you could have competed side-by-side in a "singing" category with such a distinct advantage. I mean, it isn't REALLY a fair fight."
HANG on more yelling from ADAM:  WHY THE FUCK DIDNT THEY JUST CALL ME!?!?! I mean they were obviously interested - the day I spent on the phone talking to everyone - them having to get the rights for the music, the dimensions of the set... all this stuff - they were obviously interested - why wouldn't they just CALL me up and talk about it for 30 seconds?! Like:  "Can you do more music? Because right now we need that for the balance..." or SOMETHING!??! I gotta say, I'm really starting to believe that an anti-war protester - which is what I was most known for at the time of their decision (a fact that is unbelieveable to me) just wasn't a direction they wanted to go in. Honestly... it's the only reasonable (even if it's completely UNreasonable) thing I can come up with.
Then again - looking at all those acts...there's ZERO UNIFORMITY. So maybe that's it! These guys were too much like me? Can't have 2 boy bands from LA? BUT IF THATS THE CASE - I CAN DO STRAIGHT COMEDY!!!!!
DAHHHHHHHH. Ain't NO SUNSHINE?!?!! FUCK IT I'm singing it now - lemme set this up.
8 minutes later....
Done. Man that's perfect. That's the Journey man.
That's the perfect video reaction for what I just saw on
When will this pay-off? My GOD. "How much MORE?!?!" really is a mantra!