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6:24 PM, Monday, June 19th, 2006:
A wise man once summed up his entire future in one sentence: "See the road ahead, and make it yours". I wonder what ever happened to him?
So, mannnnnn I can't wait to write this entry. I had to make this little chart to help explain everything:
That's the only way I could think of to explain "where I am" right now. That could obviously be ten times more complicated, and truth be told the line for "personal life" and "career life" and "artistic life" are completely seperate...christ - knowing me I could go crazy with that. I actually find that sort of shit fun. (I am the strangest person I've ever heard of). The point I wanted you to gather with all that is that although I took a HUUUUUUUUUUGE dive (probably bigger than even that shows), I am indeed hopeful, and nowhere near the lows I've seen before. To have the interview fall through (which would have lead to so much) as well as AGT fall through (which would have completely changed my life) back to back, so close to each other is and should be devastating. But I'm still the person I found in 2005, a person I'm immensely proud of, and that can never be taken away.
However I do have a newfound fire to be more than just "happy as an artist". I guess that's what happens when you get so close to worldwide exposure. You realize that with a little scheming, you can probably pull it off again. This road will probably eat away at my artistic side for a bit, but I know how to get it back and do see that sacrifice in the present can lead to so much more in the future. It's all a balancing act. So here we go:
1) Charlotte is talking with someone who is running a sketch comedy type festival where I may be performing "Adam & The Trinitrons" a couple of times. They may also use "Let's Bomb Iran" for the interludes between acts...or may only use that - not sure yet. Apparently lots of industry comes out to this festival that runs for a couple of weeks and it would be nice exposure for the act. The submission period is for the next couple of weeks and the festival will be in October. Something to look forward to - I'll certainly let you know.
2) "Mr. Penny" from the boards emailed me about this: The Early show on CBS is having a competition called "Living Room....LIVE!" where you submit yourself showing off your talent from your living room and they show it on the show and people vote for who's best.
]So I took the Trinitron Bit that I actually did perform in my living room and re-edited it for this. It was funny having to make the bit look worse so it came off as an amateurish static shot but it needed a much more organic feel for this competition. It may still be too produced for this competition though. Imagine that... 4tvs not fitting in. LOL. Here's hopin'.
Thanks for the EMAIL Penny Lane!
3) Pitching "Console Wars". With Charlotte back on board, this becomes a much more realized idea. The more I talk about it, the more I know that with the right direction - this is a hit. The videogaming industry needs a show that caters more to non-gamers and informs about the industry as a whole as opposed to treating viewers like this strange group of "trekkies" that live in their mom's basement. Even the nerds are sick of it and constantly blast how bad the programming currently geared towards them "misses the point". My background in talk radio, my knowledge of the industry, and the lack of anything like this idea on TV right now just SCREAMS for me to pursue this. Working on the treatment as we speak.
4) Pitching 4tvs talk show. Imagine a Live Talk Show setting with the TVs onstage interracting not only with me but with the guests as well - all choreographed to be as seamless as any live talk show, even being taped in front of a live audience. It can work - and can be incredibly funny. Can't give too much away right now, but I believe 100% that this type of show has legs and will be something no one has ever seen before.
5) "The Bible Told Me So". Yes, the new cartoon (whose song is completely finished) is high on my priority list. It is a matter of the dreaded image gathering process that I can't stand. It also has to be faster, better, and funnier than "Let's Bomb Iran" or I won't even release it. A lot to live up to - but the song and concept is dead-on. I contend that this will be bigger than "Let's Bomb Iran" by a longshot.
6) "Let's Bomb Iran" isn't done however. There is one aspect of the AGT denial that has been sticking with me for awhile. The thought that an anti-war protester is anti-american. Although they would never admit it, the show is called "AMERICA's got talent" - the statement in itself is extremely "patriotic". Even more than "American Idol" or "American Inventor" which basically says:  "These people are American" - AGT says:  "Look at us here in America! Weeeeee have talent!". It's a very red, white and blue affair. I have no problem with that, but you will be hard pressed to convince me that the timing of "Let's Bomb Iran" blowing up all over the place didn't effect the producers. I'm gonna write a quick email to the producer I know at MSNBC and put out a press release after the show premieres addressing it. More than anything I just want to address the whole issue of what "Anti-American" means. Yes, to think I lost an opportunity because of that sickens me, but more than that I just want to get the idea out there that we actually consider ourselves PROUD AMERICANS. There's a picture in this country of people who are protesting the war as being anti-American...but PROUD of that. Fuck that. This has to be addressed. And I hope I get the opportunity.
So those are the 6 projects (in absolutely no order) that are now my focus...career wise. I still need to find some way to make some cash very soon and of course, we all want to read parts 2 and 3 of the "Eggshell Diaries" don't we!!!! (sigh) With everything considered, this is still a pretty exciting time. It's funny - last night I was thinking about it from an outsider's perspective and I am still intrigued with what happens next. That's the key to all of this...that hope. That potential - that intrigue. I still have that naive little dreamer boy in me that sees everything exploding when just the right stars align and as you all experienced a couple months ago - it comes at you SOOOOOOOOOO fast you can barely take it all in.
And finally: 2 days: AGT premiere - NBC, 9 PM. Watch it. Watch it. Watch it. If you ever wanted to experience the emotion that this "journey" has tried so hard to convey for 7 years, watch the show. You'll understand everything in your GUT the second the first act gets passed on to the 2nd round. Then as you listen to the comments of the judges on what they're looking for, and they describe more and more what the show is... you will stop, think of this, and for the first time in 7 years - feel "The Journey". I guarantee it. I'm extremely curious to read what you guys are feeling throughout the show. I'll make a thread for it on the boards. I really can't wait for you all to experience it.