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7:00 PM, Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006:
I am now the official "Oh you think you have it bad..." story that Charlotte will tell her future clients. I am so proud of this. It used to be: "my client auditioned and got the role, filmed the role, then months later was told it was going to be recast... then a week later was told it was going to be reshot...with HER - then the day of the reshoot was told that they were just going to end up using her original footage." That was her "Go-To" story when preparing clients for just how roller-coaster this industry can be... longer. I am the BIG WINNER. (sigh)
From the top: Charlotte and I finally decide on this email to her contact to try and elicit some sort of explanation for what happened:
We know Adam got a pass, but at some point he was on your favorites list and was also called back, then something happened to change all that. Since then, Adam sat as an audience member at the taping on Friday hoping that seeing the show would make him see the "balance of acts" and help him to accept the pass better. Instead, he came home and imagined this and now it's all I can do to keep him from flying to Florida to continue to fight for his act. I've never had a client so determined. If there's anyway you can pass along a bit more insight into the "pass" that may keep him from flying all over the country to continue to audition, I would be so grateful. However, if it's that fighting spirit you're looking for, I think you've got it in this guy from Columbus, Ohio and his unique one man boy band, now renamed Adam and the Egos.
The thought was to elicit a response that would make the "pass" more definite. Like, it was a technical issue, so auditioning again would really do no good. Also wanted to remind them of my hometown since they had already shot the west coast people, and of course show them the video of me on their stage which I thought was rather original. Astonishingly, within 10 minutes, she got a response:

we can't stop him from trying..and I do admire that. thanks for the heads up.

LOL. This woman is a genius. Who could think of a better resopnse that not only gives nothing away... but keeps EVERY POSSIBLE OPTION open? Although funny to you reading, try shutting this web page and sitting on that for 24 hours. Yeah. Good times.
I was beside myself...again. But there was really nothing more I could do. I had one more email of a talent coordinator and I was gonna send her the video as well, but there was really no rush at this point. There wasn't even a schedule for the next taping and they're going to Miami this week for more open calls. The package with the DVD was going out on Tuesday though, no matter what.
Cut to the middle of the night and I sit-up and realize that it's ridiculous sending the same act over and over, I need that new DVD to be a totally different skit. Maybe they aren't seeing the potential. That kept me up for another 3 hours as I scanned through all the Trinitrons DVDs for ideas. The next morning I wrote this to one of the talent coordinators:
I was called back by ******* and booked for the rehearsals on the15th & 16th and the taping on the 19th & 20th, only to receive another call a day later that I was no longer needed. I assumed something with the format changed, but I actually went to the taping Friday and it was even better suited for my act than I previously thought! I
even ran home and made this little video from what I remembered from the set.
I would give anything for a chance to compete on that stage, I think the judges and the audience would just be amazed that there's 5 of the same guy interracting onstage...and I assume - at one point you thought I deserved that chance because I was booked. Was that a mistake? Did I say something that upset someone?
I just want to re-iterate that I have hundreds of little bits, but chose this because it showed a little of everything to the judges. Would it help if I made videos of all the
types of bits I was planning?
Any reply is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
Not as labored over as the other one, but up front and sincere. 3 hours passed with nothing and then my phone rings. It's my original contact who I hadn't heard from since the "scratch that" entry. You want a surreal 3 seconds? Try the formalities of the opening of a conversation when all you want to say is:
Alas I was cool and collected. She said: "Ahh, so you went to the taping?", I had mentioned it in a voicemail to her on Saturday, and I explained that I did - that I really liked it and was surprised at just how varied and and different all the acts were. She said she was calling to... la la - see that Mavs game last night? Wow. Good times. SEEEEE? Feel that? YEAH. FUN HUH? Sorry, she said she was calling to... let me know that I was still on the short list of acts and they haven't figured out what's goin on yet with the next 2 episodes. I mentioned that at the taping Regis had said it was all the west coast acts and she said that was not the case, there were several west coast acts still on hold. They had indeed turned some people down, but they are still trying to create a "balance of acts" and they just don't know which ones they'll use for the next couple of episodes. I am still being considered.
Everyone in unison: "WHAT THE FUCK?!!?". I couldn't hold back at this point, I mentioned that I had spoken with Charlotte's contact and she had said they passed on the act.
"Really? When did you talk to her?"
"Over a week ago, but she may have meant they passed on it for that taping?"
"Yeah, she must have because as far as I know nothing has changed."
Heroin is yumMmmmmMmy!@ 2@#% I am eating CRack for dInNer tonight! @#% YAY!  CRACK! *&# lalalala I like people who like SPAGheTTI...VICODIN TaSTeS LIkE chaLk, but the afTerTasTe is HApPY.
I thanked her for calling me back, verified that she had the same number and we hung up. The next challenge was selecting the appropriate emotion. Good, luck.
know Charlotte's contact is one of the producers. So, why on EARTH would she tell me it's a pass, yet over a week later - the contact person for all the acts says I'm still in the running? Could she really have meant a pass for just that show? Was I off and back on again? ?!?!?! Could this BE any more INSANE!?!? And hey look! A reply from the talent coordinator:
Dear Adam,
We are still making selections for the show. If the Producers decide to
have you on the show, you will find out within the next few weeks. We think
you have a great act. Good luck!
All the best,
At first glance, seems really positive... but the spacing (the slight indent at the beginning) implies it was copy and pasted from a form letter. It's most likely what they've sent everyone who has been trying to get information, and I can certainly understand having a standard response to what has to be hundreds if not thousands of emails. Nothing you can really take from that response. I wrote a quick thank you back to her, and will most likely not bug her anymore.
But where it leaves me? No clue. Obviously there is more hope than there was a week ago, but my gut is telling me that Charlotte's contact knows the real scoop and since things are pretty chaotic on a first show like this, the info didn't get passed down. Hopefully my point person will talk to Charlotte's contact and verify what's going on. If that's the case I suspect I'll get a call tomorrow explaining that they did indeed pass. For the life of me however, I cannot fathom why after seeing the taping.
So now... we wait some more! I'm no longer sending a DVD of the act - it's clear that they know me quite well and consider me a potential act, there's little to gain sending out the same thing. If anything I would send out a completely different bit of the show, but I would only do that if I indeed get a "pass" from my point person. No for now, I just wait and wait and wait...
...and refresh this page: about 100 times a day. That's where I got the tickets for the last 2 tapings and when they schedule more, it'll go on that page. It has to be soon. The premiere is less than a month away. The next tapings will also presumably have people from outside of the west coast and they'll certainly need some time to make those arrangements. They are in Miami this Thursday, so I don't expect to hear anything until Monday.
So to keep you entertained, I present 4/23/06 - 5/23/06, reinacted by myself, Shizzle & Roxy.