..because on June 21st when you watch this show, you will SHIT YOUR PANTS.
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4:52 PM, Friday, May 19th, 2006:
You will also rip your hair out, say "what the fuck" exactly 30 times, and finally turn off the TV and pace your house with your hands on your head because you cannot comprehend what could have possibly made the producers change their mind. If you have a plethora of balls that kids have thrown over your fence for 3 years, you too will kick them into your neighbor's yard with reckless abandon.
I was certain, absolutely certain, that I would go to the taping today and say to myself: "Ahh, I get it... too bad, 4tvs just didn't fit with this." Unfortunately it was a better fit than I could've ever imagined. The acts couldn't have possibly been more random. They allowed 5-10 minutes of set-up time before an act if they needed it. Hell, they even rolled out a GRAND PIANO for an act. There were absolutely NO acts that were "alike" in any feasible way, ruling out the "pitting people against one another" scenario I had assumed. The judges said numerous times, they're looking for the next star, the next big vegas act, the most multi-talented performer. Seriously, it was everything I could do to not SCREAM. The only reason i'm not still there is because I left during a "break" in the show and raaaaaaaaaaaan away. Calling Charlotte immediately in absolute AWE. You couldn't write a better script, you couldn't have a better show for the act, and I guarantee anyone who has seen this clip, will literally be beside themselves when they see the first couple of shows.
Charlotte and I went through everything we could think of and at this point we're clueless. Maybe they didn't understand that it was a flexible act? Maybe some of the producers only looked at the DVD that I gave them that had the 30 minute show instead of the 2 minute act I performed and didn't understand it? I hate to be arrogant here, but they called me. They straight up called me back and booked me for the rehearsal and the taping and then changed their mind with absolutely no explanation why. I was certain that it was the set-up, or that they had narrowed down the categories...but after I saw the fucking SINGING, COMEDIAN, BALLOON ARTIST it was clear that this was not the case. Let me interject here - the singing/comedian/balloon artist dude was cool as hell! I totally cheered for him. I am not at ALLLLL saying I'm better than any of the acts, I'm using him as an example of a very VARIED talent that has no EQUAL. You know? It was what I thought was a negative against my act, but in fact - ALLLLLLL THE ACTS had no categories! You couldn't for a second put them in any type of category. They were all completely, and undeniably different than the next one. Mind-blowing.
I'm so pissed because, I was already done. Already moved on. 4tvs torn down, put away - thinking about the next cartoon. Met with the dude from Atom films, they're extremely interested in the next one - and even funding my work on more stuff. I had let this go completely. I went to the taping today simply to put closure on everything and all I did was rip open the old wound and rip it open even wider than before. Believe me, you guys will SHIT YOURSELF. Either watch this show on the toilet, or invest in depends. Seriously, that's all I was thinking about sitting in that audience - what everyone who's followed this Journey will do when they see it. It's a good thing I left because they didn't need my ass ruining anymore shots in the audience. LOL. You see everyone cheering and clapping and there's this one guy... this ONE guy gritting his teeth clapping as if he's smashing a small animal in between his hands. Excruciating.
I'm just racking my brain on what to do next. This doesn't feel over. It feels like there was some sort of miscommunication here. Like something I told the technical people, ruled out their initial callback. Something completely stupid. There really is something wrong here. I wish you all could've seen what I just saw. I don't know how the hell you guys will get past the first 20 minutes. The judges, David Hasselhoff, Brandy, and Piers (token british guy) - were all impressed with the right things, they slammed the right acts, and you will not believe how much I would BLOW THEM AWAY. I want to slip THEM a DVD, or even Simon Cowell who was right there directing the judges and whatnot. They would look at it and go: "Jesus, that's incredible... why aren't you here?"
AHHHH - this sounds so much like sour grapes. I hate that. Listen, had they never called me back - I'd be alright... well not alright - but I'd let it go for sure. The fact that they called me back means they SAW the potential. Hell - that's why one producer said I was on the favorites list, it was clear I was perfect for this.
You guys simply are not prepared for what you're gonna feel when you see what I just saw. Unbelieveable.