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1:48 PM, Thursday, May 11th, 2006:
Contrary to popular belief, I don't want 20 entries a month. I like my average of 7 a month because it allows everyone to soak in those entries and videos. Hell even SEVEN a month is a lot. But the news is just coming in too fast right now. First off, let me show you something that is akin to going into your memory banks and changing your thoughts (something the Bush Administration just can't seem to figure out yet, give them time):
Eeeeek. That creeps me out. I don't like it at all. You're messin' with my baby man. Alas, I have no choice. So is that the final name for NBC's America's Got Talent? Nope. That's the final name for ABC's variety show in June that we just submitted for.
Thaaaaaaaaaaat's right folks. Although Adam has been doing this for 7 years, 2 networks have decided to put on the same show, calling for the same acts, in the SAME FUCKING MONTH. Which means contractually he can only do one. Ha! Of course!
<shaking head>
You just have to laugh. But for obvious reasons, Charlotte and I jumped on this thing in a HEARTBEAT. Cover your bases. You'd much rather be choosing between two networks than begging one. I am slightly partial to NBC just because of the Simon Cowell angle (who I actually like), but otherwise I have to choose what I think will be the best show. Hell I pray I even get the chance!
The whole NBC, ABC rivalry thing is so weird. It went a whole step futher yesterday when they announced that NBC ripped Regis Philbin from ABC to host their variety show, America's Got Talent (a big thanks to Lisa from the boards for scooping that tidbit for me yesterday!) He even talked about it today on...ABC. So how confusing is that gonna be to the ABC audience? Strange huh? I can't imagine ABC was too thrilled about that. Makes me think ABC may postpone their show or make it drastically different from NBC's show to not confuse things. It has to be so infuriating for ABC to have to allow Regis to talk about NBC's variety show when they're trying to promote their own. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Either way, Adam & The Egos is on its way to ABC. And yes, I'm still shaking my head at just how much of a whirlwind all this is. There is more going on in the months of April & May with my career than the previous 7 years combined. That isn't even close to an exagerration.
Now, the name:  Adam & The Egos. I actually don't care for it from a "meaning" standpoint. It's the opposite of what the show is - Adam is the ego, not the TVs. But the "flowability" of the name is undeniable. It just works. It sticks in your head and rolls off your tongue. It's reminiscent of Echo & The Bunnymen, and has an 80s feel to it. I had actually thought of it originally right away, but discarded it for the "meaning" reason. Then I was talkin to Marty a few days ago and he said it... and it just clicked. Hearing someone else say it really worked. I'm trying to let it grow on me because looking at the above picture still makes my skin crawl. It's like changing your baby's birth certificate. LOL.
So for now, my only job is to continue on the diet and workout routine (which I've lovingly entitled the "Oh my fuck I'm gonna be on TV" diet. It works REALLY well. I suggest you all try it), and just relax. Avoid as much stress as possible as I calmly wait for every single opportunity I have... blow up in my face as has been Journey tradition for 7 years. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
PS - You may have noticed that I've mentioned 2 people in the past couple of entries which allows them to be "Journey Players" on the boards. LOL. I'm getting a kick out of how people have been trying to bribe me for inclusion in this epic tale of woe. Kristi, my one international fan from Germany made this "blend" from my fireside pics:
Welcome to the Players Club...and you didn't even have to marry me.