blacked out until 05.08.06 - YouTube link added 02.03.09
12:45 PM, Sunday, May 7th, 2006:
Man, this whole blacked out entry thing is drivin' me crazy. Not even seeing the titles... maybe that's easier for readers? Ugh. I know it's gonna make people skip over stuff when it's unlocked because when they see 7 entries pop-up it's overwhelming. GRRRR. Hell it could be 40 entries if I really am in the blackout period.
Well the last 24 hours started out good, and then continually got worse. The set-up. The set-up is gonna kill me. After watching the promos ad nauseum I don't see one act that couldn't run on-stage and perform immediately. All of them. And when did they tape all that? I know I said before I thought it was fake, but it's pretty clear they've done something. I don't think it's part of the show as they haven't even announced the judges yet, but that is the stage, those ARE the X's behind them. Wow.
Anyway, I have this inkling that the original call on Thursday may have been for the bigger, more cumbersome acts...and they may have decided there's no longer a need for it. Because of the whole "run onstage and perfrom immediately" angle - it just seems strange for me to be the only one who has towers rolled out for him. At this point, hell I'll buy the new set-up NOW. I'll have light flat screen computer monitors and run up with them... but of course - just to "run" the system you need to line up the TVs, have wiring for sound and whatnot. I mean if tthe promos had shown any friggin' act that was already set-up on stage and the people ran up to it, OK... but nope. It really feels like my set-up is gonna kill this.
I guess I'm most bummed because I totally just pictured the "feel" of American Idol. A show like that would be able to accomidate this. You see the cool packages, telling the story of each contestant... again - how perfect. This show however seems to be harkening back to the 70s 80s, Price is Right, Let's Make a Deal, Gong Show type shows where you run up, do your shit, run down - WAHOO!! Big X's in the back - don't get the buzzer! <enter clown music> It's vastly different than what I had envisioned. And although it might not be tough for them to make an exception for my act, as it's really all on wheels, it would be completely unfair to the other acts they had to turn away because their set-up was too big. I can't be the only guy in the whole show that gets special treatment. It's a game show, it has to be an even playing field.
GRRRRR. I mean honestly, if it comes down to that. If I'm knocked out because of the set-up there's really nothing that I can do about it. Even computer monitors that I HELD would still require extensive wiring and could never be so self sufficient as to allow me to run onstage with them while they're on. No battery pack in the world would be small enough to run 4 monitors, the computer that runs them, and a tape or device to play the show. So if I get knocked out for that, I'll just have to accept the fact that this show was not a fit for my act. It sounded perfect, but in reality they went a slightly different route than I had hoped.
But goddamnit. Can they really rule out acts because they can't run onstage in 5 seconds with all their shit? That just seems ridiculous to me. All wired bands are GONE.... and well I guess that's it. Jugglers can, magicians can, 2 man comedy acts can, acrobats can, contortionists can, singers can, dancers can - fuck. It's really gonna come down to that ain't it:
The Killer Set-up.