blacked out until 05.08.06 - YouTube link added 02.03.09
11:16 AM, Saturday, May 6th, 2006:
It's starting to become difficult to figure out what goes under the "America's Got Talent" series, and what doesn't. I've decided that all things concrete: event changing calls, rehearsals and so forth - that's a part of the series... scheming and investigative reporting is just good ol' Journey fun.
So Charlotte and I had a nice long 2 hour therapy session with each other trying to figure out this mess. I was actually still somewhat comatose and she made me talk which helped. I'm pretty blown away by how I reacted. LOL. Wasn't acting on that little video, my body just went into a state of shock and my brain literally couldn't process the information. I start to process it in the entry and then as you can read, it gets less and less lucid. Needless to say I was a little stunned.
What we can all agree on is that the show is morphing daily. It's not like they know exactly what's gonna happen and they're keeping us out of the loop, it really is changing. They would never have called people, booked rehearsal time and taping dates just to fuck with us. Charlotte immediately called and left a message with her contact and then called back again and got her voicemail which said:  "We are on the road now". Enter a key piece of info.
Maybe they decided flying everyone in was too much so they're just gonna set up shoots in the cities? Maybe it's an old message from when they were on the road as late as April 22nd? Ponder that for a second...
Then, near the end of our conversation it occured to me that the lady said quite clearly she was calling a bunch of people today. That she had gotten the information and thought instead of leaving for the weekend, she'd let everyone know as soon as possible... but at 10:30 EST on the East coast? No, she only called the LA people, maybe the Vegas people as well, but obviously the LA crowd. Which makes you think that the taping on the 19th & 20th was originally a local thing. Both Charlotte and I still think the whole flying people in, yet them not all perfroming thing is ridiculous, but check NBC's website:
Simon Cowell & FremantleMedia, the producers from AMERICAN IDOL, team up with NBC in the search for the hottest variety and novelty acts from across the country! From ventriloquists to contortionists, acrobats to animal acts, magicians to mimes, Americans will prove (or not) just how talented they really are. Viewers will decide the ultimate winner, who will receive a million dollar grand prize!
In a format reminiscent of classic game show competitions, those waiting to audition will wait in the studio audience ready to go. If their name is called, they will perform in front of three judges who at any time can hit an “X” button. Once three “Xs” appear on stage behind the performer, they must stop. Judges will then determine if the act moves forward or is eliminated.
The final vote will be made by America and announced during an exciting live finale!
They're pretty dead-set on this idea. Also note that you could take from that that only the finale is live. If that's the case, it would make sense that this whole thing will be taped like a mini-series with the cast only being needed certain weeks. It also means of course that "The Journey" will be blacked out until that final night which could be in August. Whew.
Anyway, the big point that made me feel better last night was that she was calling several people. It's highly likely they were all being bumped because of a format change that would knock them out of the contest. Of course she can't say anything because as you can read not everyone will even get the chance to audition. So yes, they really pre-interviewed me, got the dimensions of my set-up, had production people ask me about audio ins and outs for their soundboards, will have people rehearse and go to the taping... and may never get on the show. Seems like a ridiculous amount of work.
Here is my one true concern: set-up. Almost every single one of these acts can easily - run up onstage and perform instantly. Although my set-up is on wheels, it takes some "pre-set up" and wires and so forth. It would require stage hands running up with me, rolling it out - and going at it. From what I've seen in the new promo, I'm the only act with anywhere near that much gear/set-up time. That could be a problem for this hap-hazzard randomness of the show. I certainly see how they could cut me out of it on those grounds.
Also, I'm not in any of the promos. Granted, there are a few people in the promos that will most likely never make it on the actual show, but it would be a bad move to show the 4tvs set-up and not address it later as it is pretty unique. So it would make sense, that if they're having those doubts - to cut it out all together from the promos for now.
Also - the promo shows audience shots and contestants actually jumping up to run down to perform as if it's already been shot. I know a lot of that can be faked just for a promo, but something tells me that there is a good deal already in the can whether or not it was done on the road or here in LA. Every piece of information answers 1 question and poses 17 more. Grrrr.
The one happy thing this promo shows is that there are legitimate comedy acts. The 2 guys and the bowling ball (that was fuckin awesome - lol) would certainly be the type of act I'd be going up against. So the worry that I amy be "formatted" out because there won't be comedy acts is officially done. Now it's onto all the other concerns...but look at the promo man. Could they describe my show aymore? Could it be more perfect? I mean, "The most unique talent search in history...any act, any age". I just can't see how I could be "formatted" out.
And that's the one true worry. That's the sleepless nights. Hey if I get on and lose out to a better act, I will shake their hand and skip away - 4tvs was dead. But the thought of not getting on is overwhelming. That's the story of 4tvs in a nutshell, simply not getting the chance to even perform for the big moments. Getting bumped like I just did yesterday with absolutely no assurance that I was bumped just for scheduling and that I'd be the week after is just gut wrenching. I never got the 30 page release, never heard from the attorneys, this could all just slip away. It's like MSNBC. You know you've got it, you know if you do get bumped it'll be early the next week...and eventually you never hear from them again and it just fades away.
Listen, I know that doesn't make sense - but the neither did the call yesterday. Oh and this morning I played Magnum P.I. and was able to screw with the directory at their offices long enough to get all 32 different extensions for a full directory. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Unfortunately I found that 3 people have the "we're on the road" messages, and the other 2 even say "Open calls" and "audition tours", so it's fairly certain now that the message Charlotte heard was an old one. They're no longer going on the road, and really - how could they just pull that out of their ass in 24 hours a week before the rehearsals and taping? It takes way too much planning to do on location stuff like that. Somehow, I'm just not involved with the first two days of taping, but aparently other people aren't either. I just can't seem to figure out why yet, especially since they're not doing a city by city thing.
So now we just get to wait.