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12:41 PM, Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006:
It occured to me that several of you may still actually think this is some ridiculous April Fools Day joke and that there never was a new Simon Cowell talent show. Now that's an idea. Have an April Fools Day joke that lasts all year, and you reveal it on April 1st...the following year! That's dedication! That's livin' buddy! WAHOO.
Unfortunately that's just not the case here. "America's Got Talent" is very real and I have the NBC promo to prove it. Giddy-up.
So now it's time to play everyone's favorite game <insert yelling game show crowd>:
"Thaaaaaaaaaaat's right kids. Let's pray Adam doesn't get too famous because his neurotic ways will force him to address every tabloid cover! Every review! Every single word EVER SPOKEN!"
Oh come on. We're all hunting for information and while Cassi was taping "Deal or no deal" we got some information boy...VISUAL INFORMATION. Like I'm not gonna study that shit.
First off - WAHOO!!!! That's pretty damn exciting. That's like seeing a teaser trailer for your first movie. You can't help but giggle a little and jump up and down. Hey, I'm enjoying this, stop laughing at me.
After the elation however you must look closer. Not sure if it's immediately noticeable to everyone but this promo has set my mind at ease on a very big point: format.
My biggest concern was the fact that after the normal casting calls, they had to put out more. They held more professional casting calls and mail-in submissions. All implying they just hadn't gotten everything they wanted/needed. When stuff like that happens, the show's format can get thrown out the window. It seemed as though they were searching for "bigger" Vegas type talent acts. Maybe veering away from the "American Idol" type format where it's anyone off the streets... but with this promo - it puts that completely to rest. In the promo we see:
A little black kid doing a back-flip.
The line of people (that's the LA line too). In that line a girl with an empty water bottle and a kid with a guitar.
A shot of a guy drumming like a madman.
A band performing on the street. 2 guitars, 1 bongo, a singer and back-up singer.
An acrobatic duo with a guy holding a girl up with his arm.
Whewwwwwwwwwww. Luckily, that's how I envisioned the show. And that is what I was so excited about. It's really just showing talent of all types. And man, in that setting, I can soar. If given the chance to make the new bits every week...oh wow. I mean, I'm excited again.
The promo of course does bring up the obvious question... how the hell do you decide who's better between an acrobat, a drummer and a comedian? Oh and because of "Last Comic Standing", I'm pretty sure there will be no comedians on this show...but shit - where does that put me? There's no way they can't have some sort of comedy angle to all of this. It would be such a crowd pleaser to have comedy acts as well as the other talents. Luckily in my bit, it does show that I can do just music, but the real charm is the interraction. So if they make cateogries ala Star Search and there's no "comedy" one...will I be forced to NOT be funny? Interesting to think about. I'm just so glad 4tvs can be just about anything they need. Goddamn I'm so excited about this.
In MSNBC news, the producer got a kick out of the fake interview. I thanked her for the inspiration. It's crazy, just making that cartoon made me completely happy about the whole situation. So I'll aplogize for cursing you in the last entry Journey Gods, you certainly are good therapy.