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10:28 PM, Monday, May 1st, 2006:
Every now and then this happens. You do what anyone would do in your situation: you take in the news, you deal with it, you accept it, you get bummed out, you work it all out in your head to be "ok" with it, and then you remember one thing... you have to do an entry and video about it.
This is why I still contend this "Journey" is the single hardest thing anyone could ever do live. 'Cause not only do I have to come to some sort of conclusion for myself, I have to explain that conclustion here when all I want to say is: "No interview, not sure why". Whereas that may have been an appropriate length of an entry in 1999, it doesn't fly in '06, and those who have followed it this long deserve more.
I had left an email Friday without a response and figured I'd just give her a call as I realized she may be in DC all week and I wasn't gonna have this looming that long. She just politely said "We'll keep in touch". She emphasized that they played it on Thursday (which I couldn't be more thrilled about) and that we'd keep in touch. She said I'm sure you're going to be doing more videos, and they want to see them. I thanked her again and said I looked forward to hearing from her. And that really was it...
Do I think something happened? I really don't think so, but you can't help but wonder. Most likely, they just have a full plate. The cartoon is most definitely fluff, and it went well with the "protest theme" of last week, now there's other stuff. There are so many things that could've happened. The "Away go the colored people" line just keeps poppin' up in my head and that someone in a high position complained. Olbermann wasn't the host that night, maybe he saw it and was taken aback. Maybe it was only newsworthy to them the following day, and by this week - it didn't fit? Wild guesses. Welcome to my "Woody Allen" brain of over-thinking everything ad nauseum. I guess you just have to wait. So what's my rationalization for all this?
"WAHOOOOO the cartoon was on national television! WAHOOOOO my name was on national television! WAHOOOOO my face singing was on national television!"
I mean that was more than I could have dreamed for the cartoon, but obviously we were all excited about the interview. That was the floodgate to all sorts of shit. And to not know why is pretty tough. This is where having a good publicist helps. They can be the assholes and figure shit out, whereas I'd come off ungrateful no matter what. But the truth is there probably is no "why" and the producer doesn't even think twice about it because it happens sooooooooooo regularly. Unknowing that there's been a 6 1/2 year build-up to this point on a blog. LOL. So to anyone from MSNBC reading:
HOLY SHIT THANK YOU. It was a huge thrill and I'm so grateful for the coverage!
I hope to do more! You'll get first crack at the next one!


In fact, I'm just gonna write to her now:
Thanks again for the coverage on Thursday...I can't believe how much you played!! I sincerely hope no one was offended by the "Away go the colored people" line, I can't help but think that ruffled some feathers and was one of the first things I wanted to clear up in the interview. It's a joke, I know Bush doesn't have a hurricane machine to take out black people (it takes out white people too) :-)
I'm working on a little cartoon bit of me being interviewed on your show to make you guys laugh, and to show you what a thrilling and wondrous interview it would be.
Again, thank a ton. You made my year.
There, that felt better. :-) And you really never know. Something may come up and they contact me again. And now I have a great contact for anything else I may do. How cool to be able to send something directly to an editorial producer? Christ I feel like I'm consoling my kids. HAHAHAHA. You guys were so excited for me and most of you missed the bit on Thursday so you were all looking forward to seeing the interview. It was like your little payoff for reading this thing for SEVENTY SIX MONTHS. You could finally turn on your TV and go - "I've followed his whollllllllllllle journey".
Don't worry guys, it's comin'. For now however: here's my big interview on Keith Olbermann.
Behind every letdown, there's a creative solution.