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5:10 PM, Thursday, April 27th, 2006:
I've been waiting for a week to let you guys in on thi...
HOLY SHIT they just played a tease of it on MSNBC right this second. "Away go the colored people... more Hallibear" !!! I can't believe they singled THAT LINE OUT!!!! 
Oh shit, I'm sorry - this is supposed to be about Atom Films. I'm ahead of myself. Try and focus Adam. Breaaaaaaaaath. Breaaaaaaaaaaaath.
Atom films bought the non-exclusive rights to "Lets Bomb Iran" giving me an advance and a 10% cut of the advertising royalties. Ho-lee shit. They are the only people to offer a non-exclusive contract and I jumped on it immediately. I actually knew about this a week or so ago, but I wanted to wait until they got it up. They rushed it up---
So yeah, Atom films rushed it up when I told them about MSNBC and it's now on their front page. Man I want to give Atom Films a proper entry but HOLY ASS MONKEYS I WAS ON TV! WAHOO! My name, my face - they were obviously making it a bit bigger than normal simply because they know they are gonna have me on tomorrow. Oh, yeah - they're gonna interview me tomorrow.. did I mention that?!?!
This is the best entry ever. HA. I meant to have all this MSNBC stuff tomorrow - but it's all happening literally as I'm typing this. So sorry Peter (guy at atom films) - Let me try this again.
So Atom films saw the piece on i-film and wasted no time offering the contract. Peter is pretty certain this has the chance to "blow up" (pun intended) on the site and be one of the top-viewed for quite some time. How awesome is that. I've known of Atom Films for quite some time as a killer site for original content. They really give a nice business model for filmakers to get their stuff seen with a big time global push and even a chance at some royalties. The advance was a nice extra for sure, as most people don't get that.
So now you know why last weekend I went online to see if I could "take" down the cartoon from the original sites I put it on to direct them to Atom Films. Of course this was an impossibility because it went around the world and back within days. However, from this point on - my site will point to atom films so I can garner more hits, and I ask any of you who may have put it on message boards and what not - can you please use this link from now on:
Know it, love it - and pass it around. Of course I have no problem with being used either because it all points to Atom Films now too...but I have a feeling I'm gonna be dealing with some bandwidth issues so always post both if you post at all.
Atom Films of course is a huge, huge company to be a part of and I couldn't be more excited about it. They're world renowned and it's just a great partnership to have. This will give the cartoon a stamp of credibility and will be a safe place to point people to that I know won't crash.
And I'm gonna be interviewed tomorrow at 8 PM on Countdown with Keith Olbermann!!~!!
Alright, well sorry for totally screwing your big debut entry Atom films but this is just the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. Everyone - check out the show tomorrow, and I'll have an entry up with all the particulars by tomorrow night.
So this is how it happened. This was the entry I wanted to read 6 years ago when I came out to LA. This is the big-ass puzzle piece answering the question:  "How will this all start?"
It started tonight with my mug on TV telling George W. Bush to bomb Iran.
It started tonight with my mug on TV telling George W. Bush to bomb Iran.
Of course. It's just how I planned it.