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11:58 PM, Monday, April 24th, 2006:
Spending hours working on a protest song and video? No problem.
Quitting my job and flying to DC on my own dime just to march against the war? In a heartbeat.
Possibly sacrifice your one big break in 30 years?
These are the moments man. It's all relative. People thought I was crazy for going to DC just to be 1 of 250,000 marching, but it made perfect sense to me. I had the means and put my money where my mouth was. Thinking I actually may have blown the biggest opportunity I've ever had because of my political views has given me pause.
So how does "Let's Bomb Iran" hurt "America's Got Talent"? At this very doesn't. If this cartoon gets much more coverage? Let's say national television with my name/face is attached to it? I've all but screwed my chance to be that "undiscoverd" talent for the show. On top of that, although I think I'm the most patriotic american on the planet, middle america may not think an anti-war protester falls into that category. 2 pretty good reasons for NBC to just edit out the little package they did on me and move on.
Now if I get on the show and am already a contestent? Then it's all fair game. I try to get that cartoon on every other TV show possible. A great angle is just me defending it as "anti-war" since so many people think it's "pro-war". Hell, anything. At that point it would be cross-promotion for NBC which I'm sure the producers will love. After talking with Charlotte, I've realized there's a way to spin anything. So I've stopped worrying so damn much and have just kept my fingers crossed that it doesn't get too out of control before I tape the next show.
Then yesterday I got a reaction from someone that just shook me. I was explaining that my song showed up on an Iranian website which prompted:
"Are you done now?"
Not because of alienating NBC...but just because they felt I had gone overboard. That thought literally never occured to me. I quickly changed the subject but couldn't stop thinking about it for the rest of the day. It was this overwhelming feeling of doing something wildly irresponsible. I had now put myself in danger for what? To stand up for what I believe in??!?!
Uhm, YES. Of course I have. Is there any other way?
You know what happens when no one stands up for what's right? THE PAST 5 YEARS HAPPEN. Everyone sat down and shut up after 9/11 and we are in a WORLD of hurt because of that. I will not sit down. Those 18 year old kids dying in Iraq deserve to have someone stand up and demand that the administration be accountable for WASTING their lives on a completely fictional war. There's no higher crime or misdemeanor a president can commit than KNOWINGLY misleading us into a war. The only thing I have to fear is what I'd think of myself if I shut up now.
Man Katrina changed me forever. I wasn't like this before that week. It really has been one thing after another for this administration. Who the FUCK are the 32% who approve of the job he's doing? WOW. Are you just not watching the news? Do you think these scandals are made up? Anyway...the song.
Poor Cassie, we're watching a movie and literally 20 minutes into it I just jump up and say "Sorry, I have an idea", and for the next 24 hours she never sees me again. I'm a difficult boyfriend. All I thought of was the "THAT WOULDN'T BE ME" melody in response to the person wanting me to stop speaking out and had no choice but to jump off the couch and run into the studio.
I ran in and started working the song out, then I got the idea for dueling pianos with Live Adam and Protest Adam (will the real slim shady please stand up?)... and there went my entire night. I set it up so friggin' fast. I can't believe how well it turned out considering I just flung the camera around and tried to match it up later in after effects. Journey songs are meant to be spur of the moment and this most certainly was.
Man it all just energizes me. THIS IS ME. I don't just say what I feel, I sing it, yell it, create it, scream it...I prove it. I stand up and I'm honestly not the least bit scared. Case in point...check out this 4tvs statistical grid for this month:
Besides the fact that I'm at nearly a 1/4 million hits this month with SEVENTY-NINE known different countries, take a gander at #11. Yup, the US Government hit the site 857 times. The US Military 275 times. Of course I paused for a second when I saw that, but no - it doesn't scare me. This is America and our freedoms need to be tested every once and awhile. I am openly daring my government to fuck with me because I disagree with their policies. Please. Give me more reason to protest. I'm clean, I pay my taxes, I have alllll the receipts for my write-offs, and as much as I bitched about my $400 "right on red" ticket - I PAID IT. So as our fearless leader says: "Bring 'em On"
And if an angry terrorist kills me because they didn't understand my cartoon, well...that's a pretty good ending to "The Journey". Seriously what can I do? Stop protesting?
That Wouldn't Be Me.
Wouldn't it be easier just to look the other way?
Where else should I look? There's a scandal every day.
We finally got a break and now you're throwing it away...
There's nothing to regret, I believe in what I say,
We're two weeks from NBC put the Sheehan shirt away,
Who cares about a talent show, kids are dying EVERY DAY.
Please, shut, up...
It might be you, it might be them,
It might be every single man, but christ you know... wouldn't be me.
We've sacrificed so much to make it, now we have the chance,
It's gonna come up anyway when we get to the big dance,
But if you become the face of protest, we may not see.
It might be you, it might be them,
It might be every single man, but christ you know... wouldn't be me.
Aren't you scared you've wasted our last shot?
It might be you, it might be them,
It might be every single man, but christ you know... wouldn't be me.