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9:09 AM, Saturday, April 22nd, 2006:

Now here's what's impressive. None of my media is on the 4tvs server. Not a video, not an mp3 - nothin'. I bought seperate server space a year ago for all the big stuff and my 4tvs host only hosts pages and pictures. So hits knocked out my server. Of course this would happen Saturday morning a full 2 days before I can talk to anyone in tech support. In case you were wondering, when you have a website you not only have a limit on space, you have a limit on data transferred. So if your limit is say 5 gigs a month, and over 5,000 people download a 1 MB video in that month - steeeeeerike three. Considering I don't host 1 video on the site, well - you do the math. Hmmm...just what could have drawn people to the site?!?!? I'll start yesterday afternoon...

There was a part in Sinbad's "Brain Damaged" where he described that at one point as a man, all that matters is 'watchin' the game'. It becomes the only thing you're looking forward to getting any joy out of and you'll do almost anything to just be able to space out and watch the game. After having an HDTV for 5 years, I finally got an HDTV cable box and this weekend there are so many high def NBA playoff games I can't even see straight. I could not wait to get home and spend the weekend eyes agape watching LeBron's first footsteps in the big dance...


...but yesterday afternoon I decided to do a search on "Let's Bomb Iran" and was completely unprepared for what I was about to find. I wanted infamy? I got it... EVERYWHERE.
Truth be told I was naively going to the original sites that I uploaded the cartoon to, to take them down as I wanted to divert traffic to a new site (more on that in Part 7). Little did I know that within a week my ten uploads that I featured in my last entry would multiply exponentially across the globe to the point where I actually got tired of finding new sites about it.
I will never forget the next 3 hours of my life as long as I live. Completely overwhelming.
I first came across more american sites that picked up on the piece. Lotsa cool comments, however several people thought it was endorsing war. Man, what can you do? It isn't. Irony seems lost on today's youth.
Although my plan of "taking down" my cartoon was impossible, I was pretty giddy with all the exposure.
This is actually a blog from the UK...
And thennnnnnnnnnnnn I stumbled onto this:
Wellllll that's not english. Babelfished it (translation site), figured out it was dutch. The comments were really cool actually. They seemed to really like the "I meant the game" ending.
"tis eigenlijk best waar als je naar die bush kijkt denkt hij volgens mij ook dat de hele wereld iets van risk is ofzo... da einde is idd wel droog "i meant the game..."
Loosely translated:
tis in fact best where if you look at to those bush he thinks according to me also that the complete world something of risk is ofzo... da end are idd, however, dry "i meant the game..."
The discussion seemed to revolve around whether or not I was pro or anti war. A theme that I'm sad to say permeated nearly every discussion. It has to be difficult to understand irony in a different language.
LOL - the tic-tac-toe picture is AWESOME.
One of the Journey Board members is from Germany and she said these were all "Dutch". I know very little about how Holland feels politically but the majority of the sites seem to be posting the cartoon as "funny" so that's good. It still made me uncomfortable that so many people misunderstood the message.
"You have perhaps still the idea in your head who you will become very old on this world, but unfortunately we must release you from that beautiful dream. You will go out by the bird flu or one Bush Yankeeland will start the third world war with Iran. The bird flu hasn't persevered really in Europe, therefore we gamble on one Bush and his army. Certainly after seeing how Bush plays Risk with its friends..."
Professional net-surfers will recognize the guy's avatar from this hilarious picture:

The internet is so twisted.
Little (well, big) Chris was probably a shy boy. His mother was so proud of him on his first day of school she took a picture of him waiting at the busstop and shared it with friends. He couldn't be more proud that he was now a "big boy", and his mom just wanted to share that moment, so she takes out the camera and he smiles the biggest smile he can muster...
...and some fucktard photoshops "I fuck on the first date" on his shirt. Heh.
Of course I secretly wish I was that fucktard because that is one funny picture man. LMAO.
Anyway - back to the story.
I could literally post hundreds of these sites. I was pretty blown away to say the least. Luckily smilies are universal and I was able to garner reaction from that. Allllllllll was going swimmingly on my adventure abroad until I saw this:
That guy in the Iranian Personals must get all the ladies.
I now understood why I was getting emails from Iranian Americans who were upset about my URL. Case in point:
What I was not prepared for however, was this:
Gulp. I know our media has painted the islamic community with such a negative brush that seeing arabic writing is actually SCARY...but seeing my lyrics posted on an islamic site - with a link to a video with ME IN THE VIDEO saying: "LETS BOMB IRAN" freaked me out. Badly. I called my daddy I was so scared. LOL. See, let's say their Iranian PCs are havin' trouble with windows media player that day, and ALL they got are those lyrics. Read 'em. They're not too funny. I'm pretty sick to my stomach to say the least.
The problem is, I can't understand anything and I have no idea if they understand it or not. I wrote to a few of them, but haven't heard back. The way the muslim community reacted to the mohammed cartoons certainly is not lost on me and the fact that there are computers in the middle east playing this video RIGHT NOW, is harrowing to say the least. Especially because there's been miscommunication even from Americans on the meaning of the song.
And no one is gonna take the time to read my journals. There's no link in the video to so I'm totally screwed as far as that's concerned. I can only hope people google my name, and then find the site (which now has a disclaimer on it). It just sucks man. I'm now literally getting attacked from BOTH sides. Slammed for being a liberal, slammed for being a war monger... for fuck's sake. Alas, there's still more:
My love affair with Japanese culture is well known, so I must admit: THIS is fuckin' cool. The hat and goatee guy has invaded Asia.
Again, I can't READ any of this. The translation sites don't help at all. You get like 4 words and as well, Japanese, Chinese, Mandarin... it's tough to figure it all out. I'm pretty sure the stuff to the right is Japanese but hell... I don't know.
And what do they think about it?
I don't believe that's Japanese, but at least they use that picture. THAT was what you were supposed to take from it. (sigh)
What the fuck, is that GREEK? They link to which is amusing. And that's where this gets so mind blowing. You now have 30-40 sites hosting the video. Then, you have THOUSANDS of sites linking to those sites, and more blogs linking to those sites... and, well now you have the internet. This is what the internet does.
And it's just like the US video sites. You have sites that act almost like robots - scouring the net for videos and then listing them numerically on their page just trying to get hits. From just the views I could count the cartoon has over 100,000 views and in reality is probably close to 1/2 million in about a week's time. Overwhelming doesn't begin to describe this.
Now look ahead a bit. I'm no doubt contacting the news next week to try and get my message across that this is not pro-war. But what if I actually do get invited onto a news show? Remember that little show:  "America's Got Talent"? Do I really want the world to know me as this radical crazy man first? I mean if people took time to understand the message, by all means - I support the troops, want them safe or fighting the appropriate war and am angry as hell at our president. He has a 33% approval rating, so it's not like I'm exactly alone here. But no one will take the time to read or understand all of that. If I'm lucky I have a handful of seconds to make the point...
...but I alienate myself completely with the NBC show. I guess if I get on and America votes me off because they think I'm un-american... well so be it. But "America" is in the TITLE, so I may have just screwed everything. And we all know the truth doesn't matter, it's only the message received that counts and when you decide to protest something - you will be labeled. There's a guy at work who completely thinks I'm unpatriotic and anti-american because I went to the march last fall. I can't change his mind. He will not listen to a word I say. I even brought up the "Cindy Sheehan" entry on his computer where I rip the whole "civil disobedience" fiasco (which he would've agreed with) and he basically skimmed it and said: "Tell your girlfriend Cindy I said Hi". Ignorance is bliss. It's too fuckin' difficult for him to even wrap his head around the idea that everything doesn't fit into the neat little categories he's made up in his mind.
Look at those 3 stories. Whew. I'm now part of the political scene.
So like it or not, I'm in this thing. I have a voice. The next thing I do will be paid attention to on an international scale and I will take that responsibilty very seriously. Now I just have to see if I fucked my chances on "America's Got Talent" because of what this could balloon into in the coming weeks.