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5:42 PM, Wednesday, April 19th, 2006:
"As we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns -- the ones we don't know we don't know."

-Sec. Donald H. Rumsfeld


So basically, this entry should clear up the "America's Got Talent" situation about as much as Rumsfeld cleared up the WMDs in Iraq in February of 2002. So here are the new "known knowns", "known unknowns" and "unknown unknowns".


Known Knowns:
The show officially airs Wednesday June 21st with a 2 hour premiere from 8-10 PM. It will then go to it's normal slot Wednesdays at 9 PM. It will follow the similar format to "Idol" where they have the results show the following day. The first live results show will be Thursday, July 13th at 8:30 PM. If it follows form, the 4 Wednesday shows leading up to the first live show will all be the auditions from all 4 cities (LA, Chicago, New York & Atlanta) and packages on the talent within. On the other hand, they could put all the auditions into that first 2 hour show, and actually personally narrow down the groups in the following 3 shows before America ever votes. The show is only slated for 9 episodes total, so the working of each episode is anyone's guess. Christ do I sound like Rummy yet?
Because of the non-disclosure agreement I signed, the Journey will go BLANK for nearly 6 weeks in mid-May. The reason? I can't tell anyone until it airs, what the outcome is...and if I'm "in" it completely changes my life. I will have to quit my job and start buiulding the new act, the sets for each TV, the wigs make-up... no way to "hide" that shit. I can't even have locked entries as the titles would give it away. I can't say a DAMN thing. I'm literally risking being kicked off the show if I post. So ideally what happens is June 21st after the show airs back east, there will be a HUGE 6 week upload for everyone to get to look through and celebrate. Here's where the kicker is: if I don't get in, it's the same thing. I still can't say anything. My one source of true therapy erases for 6 weeks in what may be the most depressing 6 weeks EVER. All culminating with the big show...that I'm NOT on. LMAO. Listen, if I make it? I'll be so busy with everything, it won't really bother me that no one can read what's happening (I mean thank GOD the real competition is live), but if I don't... what a horrible scenario to have to go through. As "known knowns" go, that ones daunting to say the least.
However, the biggest "known known" to come out is that they're now having "pro auditions" on top of the open casting call auditions, currently scheduled for the end of this month in LA and Vegas. Apparently after the first 2 cities they realized they weren't getting the types of talent they needed, and since "America's Got No Talent" would make for a boring show, they hit the agent/manager breakdowns with a call for professional talent. This can really be good or bad. The good is...they liked me. They singled me out with the interview as well as setting up the extra package shot of me pushing my TVs to the registration desk, so I have nothing but extreme positives to take from that. The bad of course is they could be changing the direction of the show. That takes us to our first of many...
Known Unknowns:
The format. It's pretty clear, that even the producers themselves may be second-guessing what they thought they'd garner from the open calls. The talent shapes the show, no doubt. As we guessed before, they may be trying to come up with "categories" a la Star Search as opposed to one big smorgasboard of acts competing...but it all depends on the talent they receive. They could also be so underwhelmed they've decided to go with bigger more established acts, but that's doubtful considering that half the fun of these shows is the "undiscovered" factor. If they want to keep that feel it would behoove them to have smaller, more relatable acts...even if the final outcome is the next big Vegas Act.
The other big known unkown is the judges. Man, this is the key. The judges will go a loooooong way in telling you the type of show it's gonna be. They have yet to be announced, and although Charlotte and I have a few guesses - we really don't know. And since we know we don't know's a known unknown. LOL - the man's entire legacy is gonna be spinning bullshit isn't it. HA.
I must admit, that all of this new information certainly prepares you for the worst. The parallels to the "Free speech" change in the Aspen mentality from 2001 is first and foremost in my mind. The only difference that I can lay my hat on, is that I did perform for them, they did single me out, and that my act SCREAAAAAMS potential as well as being entertaining. It's about as perfect an act as you can possibly have on a talent show. It almost rules out the "subjective" parts of most scenarios. You may not like the act, but you can't deny that it shows several talents, and shows them well. And by it's very "oddity" should make it on TV at least for one night...
...the kicker of course is - if the format falls a certain way, this could BLOW up. Imagine a show where they challenge and stretch the contestants to change their acts, or include more than their comfort zone? Imagine how well I could do with 5 of me onstage doing magic, or juggling, or singing, or acting... I mean - shit if this show is set up the right way, I could have the ability to showcase EVERY TALENT I'VE EVER HAD, week after week after week. It's the one uniquity I've always thought I had over everyone else: Jack of all trades. And in a competitive setting? Oh dear LORD. The thought boggles my mind.
As you may have guessed, I am nonexistent at work. I could do everything I do at work from home, and literally go there just to keep up appearences and get my loans through that are currently in the pipeline. My head is on constant "scheme-mode" with no trace of slowing down. On my free time I find myself being drawn to the journey, studying what happened in 2001, and finding the parallels. I wish I knew of a good way to get through this. Basically, information is the drug at this point. Every tiny scrap of information, good or bad, gets me through it. It's all those "known unknowns" that reduce me to a blob. The "unknown unkowns" however are usually what pull the carpet out from under you, but luckily you don't have to worry about those... you never see 'em coming.
My best guess now, is that I'll hit you with one more entry to end the month before what could easily be the biggest month the journey has ever seen. Wow it just occured to me that right now, April '06 is the biggest ever. It should be eclipsed by May, and if it's even more eclipsed by June. Every month could beat out the month before for a long time to come.
Great, I'll just ponder that for the next 57 hours.