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11:44 AM, Sunday, April 16th, 2006:
So it shall be. A video for the people. A piece of pop culture that no longer belongs to me. Last weekend I let my baby go to the masses and it got copied and sent around so many times that it is no longer my art, it's everyone's.
There's something to be said for that honestly. Something "freeing" about it all. It's what makes the internet so perfect for artists. We get worldwide distribution at the click of a button. We don't get rich, it was never about that, but we get seen. To know that people are emailing this to friends, posting it on their blogs, commenting about it all over the world... that's what I want. There's debate. There's emotion. There's a real connection. I didn't have to sign a contract with a distributor (I was actually offered $500 by - but I couldn't have it on any other site including my own), I was able to just drop it off the ledge of creativity into this dark abyss... Great feeling.
However it certainly wasn't that easy. It took a good day's worth of uploading, registering, emailing. There was a moment I was certain it was gonna be played on CNN or MSNBC (could still be actually), but I think I need more internet buzz before that happens. Basically, people other than myself have to email it to them. I also think that the "away go the colored people" line will make any mainstream press turn off before we ever get to the song. C'est La Vie. I ain't changin' it - it's fuckin' funny...and obviously a joke...
...I mean we all know Bush made white people go away too with his "Hurricane 2000" machine he keeps in the white house. Duh.
What I did not expect, was once I uploaded it to a few sites, that people would just take it - and put it on their pages. It was really cool actually.
Within 24 hours, I counted close to 15 sites and nearly 10,000 views. 24 hours folks. That is wondrous. That's the power of the people. The internet is so revolutionary it's unimaginable. It's destroying all the old context of artist/distributor.
The merit of your art now gets judged, globally, by thousands if not millions of people... for free. I paid no one to distribute it. I had to sign no contracts. If I really, really wanted to make money I could've shared "clips" and made the full video 99 cents or something. It's just so liberating as an artist to have that power BACK.
And the only people wanting more control?  More money? The same friggin' people already making money off of it!! Jesus. Saturday Night Live making You Tube take down their skits because they want to sell them on their own site is so moronic. They already made their money off of the airing of that show. They got their advertising revenue, and they got a lot of it. They repackage it and sell it on DVDs. Yet, some kid thinks something is funny and wants to share it with other people on the web! COPYRIGHT! Damn you!!! Copyright infringement! (sigh). No, UNDERGROUND CREDIBILITY you dumbasses. But no they now want to sell those clips online TOO. As well as DVD and live TV. $$$$$$$$$
This is actually a pretty tough argument to debate because everyone really is right. The problem is the foundation is crumbling. And people like me aren't helping.
I worked for over a month on this 3 minute piece of entertainment. Slaving over it...easily 100 hours of work - and I gave it away for free. To the television industry, that's paramount to a suicide bombing. It makes no sense to them... but they want to cash in on it.
But it sucks, for people like me? I'm not gonna pay $2 for a skit I can watch on TV for free. You know? If it's all packaged in a DVD - maybe.
But for big business to come in and try and charge for little web videos...grrr. Man I battle with myself a lot don't I? I mean, I don't hate big business. I believe 100% in supply and demand, and if you've got something someone wants, you can barter with them for something YOU want. Welcome to America. It just so happens that I wanted "Internet Infamy" more than I wanted money. Doesn't make me noble or's just where I'm at right now.
By the way, every picture is a link to the site. It's fun to check 'em out. And here's all the places I currently know of that it's playing, or being talked about:
Now I know there's a few more political blogs that link to, but it's very difficult to track. Obviously if any of you see anything contact me. Always fun to find new places.
And finally a big thank you to Lynn Samuels. She's a longtime NYC talk show host now on Sirius Satellite. I emailed her about the cartoon and she played the song the FOLLOWING MORNING. Sang along with it, called it brilliant... it was awesome. I actually got to work and Greg IM'd me:
Greg: DUDE!
adam4tvs: get the fuck out
adam4tvs: !!!
Greg: I'm listening right now!!!
adam4tvs: holy ass dude

I love how grown men talk in the 21st Century. It's completely normal to say things like "get the fuck out" and "holy ass". Imagine your dad talking like that 20 years ago. LOL. But, I mean, holy ASS she opened her show with it the next morning. How cool is that? Greg recorded it on his cell phone and we used the speakerphone feature to record it. Old school baby, but it gets the point across.

So I repeat, it belongs to the world. I will have a really nice high resolution version at out some point, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it as good as the divx compressions that I see 'round the net. Gotta keep looking. For now, please pass it on. And if you ever come across it on the net - vote for it with a whopping 10 if possible. I swear half the people on Spiked Humor gave it a "1" because they thought I was telling Bush to bomb Iran. Irony is lost on today's youth.
Oh and PLEASE drop your 2 cents worth in the feedback section for the actual video. Amazingly, several strangers have chimed in including an Iranian American and a 17 year old who is looking forward to joining the marines soon. It's quite a thread to take part in. Of course if you want to add anything to this entry, the feedback section at the bottom is ready to go for ya.
Alright, I'm gonna go enjoy this beautiful easter day with...some cleaning.