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7:32 PM, Sunday, April 2nd, 2006:
I'm not sure I've ever smiled more in one weekend. "Getting" people on April Fools has been a tradition for 7 years, and to be able to get all of you - with news THAT good? Shit, it's been the best weekend ever.
Believe it or not, yesterday's entry was 100% true. Every word, every instant message, every email, every moment in that entry was exactly what happened. It was so outrageous, so unbelieveable, so monumental that it couldn't be typed without sounding made-up. And as I sat down to write it on Friday it occured to me...holy shit - April Fools tomorrow... I'm gonna get EVERYONE. And boy did I. I want to respond to each person from the boards. God love 'em:
I had it the second you said Jessica. Entertaining though. ;-) -Bloodworth


? Jess and I always talk...wonder why that stood out?
...I knew it was April 1st when I read your entry, and was expecting to be fooled. So, ha, you didn't get me. That makes, what, one year out of seven? -Mickey
No, I'm afraid that makes 7 for 7. LOL. Better luck next year.
I was ready again this year. At the same time, I kept thinking, "What if he's serious?" I'd heard something about a Simon Cowell show featuring variety acts, so that was possible. I could see Michael Moore putting out a Katrina movie this year. I could see you obsessing over rebuilding the towers. I could even see Jess calling you about something she found.
But, you talking to Charlotte again? Never happen. :)
Superfan Ron
I actually called Ron after this. LMAO. I was pretty surprised that you guys thought I made up an IM, made up the emails...jesus that would take forever. How funny...
Been waiting since March 20 for your annual April's Fools joke. Funny though, but not your best work. -ranger
Bwahahha - "Not your best work". Fuckin' classic. I must disagree - It was by all means my best work. :-)
I KNEW it! Hahahaha - I may be a sometime skimmer, but not this time! -Lisa G
The funny thing is, when I wrote "You've been HAD" at the bottom of the entry, I knew everyone thought I was full of shit... so in a strange reverse-sort of way - YOU ALL WERE. LOL.
I just saw the "So Sue Me" update, I think Adam fooled everyone...this was just a diversion, and the real prank is the suit!
Looks like the whole series of "letters" was faked?!?!! -WerDan
Now impressively (as it always is with Nadrew), Nadrew wrote his own April Fools joke in another thread implying the whole Amazon lawsuit was a build-up to the prank and all of this was just a diversion. Brilliant. Then he reversed his name and posted here just to further screw with everyone's mind. God love him.
Bullshitmobile just did a driveby! -Stanton
Noooooooooo it didn't! LOL.
Then we have Remo. Poor Remo gets it twice. First, he buys it:
It is called being in the right place at the right time, for a change, dog. -remop
Then, he realizes what day it was and tries to cover his butt:
and then it occured to me...That I am playing this game a day behind. So, in effect, you didn't actually get me this year ****head!
Then of course it's TRUE so he's screwed again. LOL. Finally we have Paddy (i.e. Waffle Lord):
whatever, dude - too easy this year. had it figured out from line 1 - and so would ANYBODY who knows you well enough to know that you're not that stupid. come on - after 4 years, you get back in touch with her, and she just drops this opportunity thing in your lap? and you buy into it? even a little bit?
we know you better than that -Waffle Lord
What makes this so funny, is that - I had to call Paddy to ask for help to set up the audition next Saturday...and he wouldn't believe a WORD I was saying. LOL. I finally had to call him TODAY and he still thought it was some extensive prank I was pulling simply to screw with him. "Paddy, seriously - can you leave a few hours in the morning to help me set-up for this" ... "Whatever asshole, you're completely full of shit."
To this day I don't think he believes me, but at least he's gonna play along. He even saw me setting up the 4tvs again, but didn't buy it one bit. ;-)
Jess, Marty and Cassie all replied in the thread too - but just to spur more comments from everyone. They all knew. And when you take a second, and re-skim that entry... you realize... HO-LEE shit. This is a big deal.
Take a breath, wipe your eyes, get comfortable...things are gonna get crazy.
In 2001, when all the Trinitron build-up was happening - there was always a missing piece. I could never fully connect the dots. I knew playing the Comedy Store was good, I knew NBC execs being there was good, I was finally convinced the sit-com was a good idea...but there was always this underlying HOLE for me: Why me? Why the fuck would anyone put me in my own sitcom when I'm absolutely nobody and this sitcom would involve FIVE OF ME. ?!?! It never made any sense. Now, with Aspen it somewhat made sense, if I made a splash would lend itself to more. Of course Aspen never happened, and everything eventually fell through...
...but now? Now, it all connects. It connects so unbelieveably, all of you thought I was lying. It's too perfect. An American Idol for Variety Acts? WTF?!?! The more I've thought about it, the more amazing it is. In fact, as the hours and days build, I find myself more excited and more confident about the outcome than I ever was in 2001. Now I'm not there yet, but get a few drinks in me (as Marty found out last night) - my HEART is there. My heart is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO there. I know it, I believe it, and I'm gonna kick ASS. There is no doubt. This show is judged on TALENT in a VARIETY ACT. Whew. It's my moment. It took a little longer than I thought, but it's my moment.
The crazy thing is...when you look ahead? All that stuff that seemed impossible - make sense. If I get deep into this show? If America likes Spencer and G? The Trinitrons as a sit-com becomes ten times more feasible. This show will basically be the pilot for everything. It's mind-boggling what The Trinitrons in an American Idol setting could mean.
Now I'll stop rambling, and allow you all to let this sink in. It took 500 entries, but we finally, FINALLY, have a legitimate break. And only The Journey Gods would make that break happen on April Fools Day.
PS - Next entry I'll post the email confirmation with all the ins and outs of the audition next Saturday as well as my plans on how to attack the show with the best possibility of winning. For now, just let it siiiiiiiiiink in.