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7:05 PM, Wednesday, March 29th, 2006:
What a month. I just can't believe how entrenched in this cartoon I've been the last two weeks. Believe it or not, this extra minute…literally took two weeks. And in fact, I think it's less impressive than the rest of it, but the timing and layout just took that long. And of course I'm still not happy. I never will be, I've given up on that. LOL. Here, watch it… then I'll get into it.
Got it? Good.
The "Away go the colored people" literally saves the whole bit. That keeps it from dragging in my mind. I still laugh every time I see it. Heh.
The thing that makes this whole project so daunting is that every element has to pretty much be "found". I need a high resolution picture of Risk. Well I guess I could go buy it, but it's 1 of 100 things I need, and you just knooooooooooow it has to be on the net somewhere. Alas, it kinda was. Stretched and contorted a few pictures and cleaned it up… voila.
But then there are the arms, and the faces, and the hands and the pieces and hell what would a "Halliburton" piece look like? It's constant creation. Every step of the way to piece by piece find everything, lay it all out…and then try and figure out where it all goes. The constraint of the internet is daunting though. There's more than enough to pick from, but resolutions are really really small. Luckily - George Bush and stupid fces go hand in hand. :-)
The other killer in all this is the second you think you've got it all perfect… then you put on the music, and away goes the perfectness. Hogan's Heroes luckily fit perfectly and I just started slashing away at what I had to make it fit to that song. And just when that gets done, you have to do the voices which changes the cut even more. Grrrr…
And man, I can't do Bush at all. I mean, I do what most people do which is imitate the imitators to such an extent that I start to sound like Beavis. LOL. I must have practiced the voice for 3 days. Over and over and over, listened to tons of speeches - I got slightly better, but thankfully it's only a few lines. Dick Cheney on the other hand…shiiiiiiiit. Whatever. His voice is only caricaturish when taken in long samples. Meaning - if he were to say 3 words, you'd never know. After a couple sentences though, he has some unique cadences that you can jump on, but in short spurts…not a chance. Dubya ono the other hand is better in short spurts. Immediately recognizeable in a couple words…so he's easier to imitate. Blah blah blah Adam - there's nothing to talk about here. Move on. LOL.
The end result is cute. Really quick little introduction, and it sets up the very end of the cartoon in a nice succinct little button. Along the lines of the fact that I jump in talking about bombing Iran in THE GAME, and they take it a bit too far. Heh. With a shot of me back at the white house pointing to the game board with a puzzled look on my face… should be cute.
And also, I'm in it. Big decision. I know no one will believe this, but it's not for the EGO reasons you may expect. It's the only thing I think helps make this "not a jib-jab ripoff". This is the 4th political song I've done, and I was in 2 of the previous ones as an artist. So I'm kind of already set-up as a "character", even if it's only in my own mind. Heh. I think it will lend itself to a different type of interest in the finished product. That's the rationale I came up with for one big reason: I can't sing like George Bush. LOL. I mean, christ I guess I COULD…but I'm not ruinin' that song. The song is perfect the way it is. And it's very obviously not George starting it…I had to jump in there…
…you all still think I'm an arrogant boob don't you. :-)
So now I just connect the two pieces and finish the end and I'm finally finished. That "should" happen in a weekend, but I've actually had the majority of this done a week ago and can't seem to "see" the ending in my head enough to actually work on it. Starting to stress me out too… and now all the foreign ministers are meeting on how to deal with Iran. GRRRR. I really, really need some arguing here. I need all the countries to think we should go with Plan A, and the US to say - NO PLAN B!!! WAR!!! Without that, this little cartoon is gonna be quite fucked. It's crazy, all I have to think about in my WORLD right now, is some loans at work, and this cartoon. You'd think I'd be able to finish this already.
Here's hopin' I can pull the rest off this weekend.