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9:11 AM, Sunday, March 12th, 2006:
Dear Iran,
Will you please, please, shut the FUCK up already? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! Taunting Bush? GODDAMNIT. They were comin' ANYWAY assholes. They've been setting this up for YEARS. You were ALWAYS Part 3 of this equation, but now even I think you need to be taken out. You're making this cartoon COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. Because no one is gonna disagree with us now. You can't have a cartoon about how the Bush Administration is pullin' the wool over everyone's eyes when everyone's says "GO AHEAD! We'll HELP!"
So please, please, please just shut up. I'm working so goddamn hard on this. I'm already under enough pressure thinking they're gonna bomb you before I finish this, and the last thing I need is the world to BACK us. Christ.
Sincerely yours,
I mean really. Goddamnit. I read that "Harm and pain" article last week and nearly shit myself. I honestly said to myself as I read the first paragraph:  "Oh please, please just shut up already". I was already borderline with this cartoon 'cause just as I started workin' on it Iran came into the news. It should've been out in December... but then this. Fuck.
The timing of this is really everything. If it hits the email of say, "The Late Show with David Letterman" on the right day... it's the counter to Leno premiering Jib-Jab's stuff. If the nutjobs in Iran don't shut the hell's completely worthless and irrelevant. It's the flip of a coin, and it's stressful as hell.
Now in reality, we're still a long ways away from bombing them. The problem is, the process has started. The diplomatic stuff (that Bush just haaaaaaaaaates) is under way, as it should be, but we're making the descent up the roller coaster (hmmm, can you make a descent UP?). There's no way this ends peacefully...although wouldn't that be ironic. A situation that actually IS serious enough to warrant something pre-emptive and we DON'T do it. LOL. Riiiiiiiiight. Who am I kidding.
The only angle I can really think of here is...why isn't Iran allowed to pursue alternative fuels? Because we think they maaaaaaaay be up to no good? Then again, if the entire United Nations is saying:  "WHOOOOOA" there's good reason for that. It's hard to ignore the UN as a concept. I know they've been involved in scandals in the past, but on certain issues - it makes sense to have a consensus of the GLOBE before taking action. Which makes what we did with Iraq even more heinous. I swear to you the Democrats are the biggest pussies on the planet if they can't get an impeachment based on what that man did to get us there. It's mind blowing. We're approaching 2500 US dead for what again? The day we surpass the 9/11 death totals will be a big moment man. I don't see how his approval ratings won't rival Nixon's high 20s...
Anyway, the video. Whew, the video. It's hard guys. It's really, really hard. I have google searched more images in the past week than in my entire life. I have easily put 40-50 hours into this already and so much of that is just finding pictures and photoshopping them. Oddly enough, finding the "hypnotist watch" produced some interesting results. By the way, most of you will see nothing when you click that unless you have "search safe" off. Then again, what self-respecting American wants to censor their searches? ;-) But really, you can't imagine how much inadvertent porn I've came across. It's such a weird phenomenon when you're not in "porn mode". It's like flippin through a Sears Catalog and all the sudden seeing some guy's dick. Google Search is juuuuuuust like that. LOL.
Anyway, things are definitely comin' along and I have about double what I had last time. I also changed a lot of what I showed you before, so that video is like an "outtake". Heh. I've also got the opening skit worked out, but not animated. It's gonna be Bush playing a game of "Risk". I'm sure you all can imagine. :-)... But it just takes...HOURS. And I'm just not "playing with a full deck" as it were.
I'm totally at the mercy of what's available from internet search engines. While that is a lot, and this would never be possible without 'em, it's like finding a needle in a hay stack. For example, go find a soldier hugging his family, without showing their faces. Or, how 'bout a guy in a grey suit with either hand being raised, but with a resolution above 800x1000. Good times. Heh.
I've also officially given up on changing the song to make it easier to understand. I've re-mixed it so many times...and the bottom line is - it sounds like the beach boys right now. It's perfect. The second I take voices away or change how it's mixed it sounds like bad karaoke. So the video is gonna have to provide the lyrics for people. I mean, when I say "They've got the nukes you know it's true" - you see this:
I mean, shit. What more can I do. I TRIIIIIED putting the text on the screen during the verses but it's just too goddamn busy. And also, I love the fact that no one can catch all the little shit on first viewing. You really gotta watch it multiple times. ALso please be aware, that the final cartoon will be full screen resolution, and the same audio quality as this mp3 - I have to assume that with those two upgrades in quality - people will be able to understand it all better.
As well, this isn't Jib-Jab. This isn't mainstream. It isn't bi-partisan, and will never have the type of "life" that Jib-Jab's first cartoon did...which is fine by me. You really can't have a bi-partisan song about bombing Iran. The only comedic angle you can take, is the one I'm taking. If it were an election cartoon, of course - you can go right down the middle. But here, you've just gotta jump. I mean as seemingly "obvious" as it is for us to deal with Iran...the nation HAS to be thinking:  "When the fuck does this stop? What are we doing?" And if we elect another Republican in '08, will this whole neo-con bullshit just keep going? You could "make a case" for unending world war for the rest of our lives. You really could. At what point do you...I dunno, feed the hungry? LOL. Fix up some houses, build some more schools, give more money to teachers, provide PRE-EMPTIVE health care instead of PRE-EMPTIVE war? Man I sound like a bleeding heart sometimes (I'll dis-prove that in the next entry), but if you support this president at SOME point you'll ask yourself:  "When are we done?"
There's just no good answer. And I really don't know how we get OUT of this spiral. Every politician is watching his own back. They just want to get to a place of power, so no one stands up for what's right. If the Democrats or Republicans stand-up against the war now, it's only because the polls tell 'em to. So how does this all really end?
Eh, who cares. Lets Bomb Iran.