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Someone took all of my images, words, mp3s and videos, put a bunch of google ads up,
and is making a killing. The American Way. ;-)
11:04 AM, Tuesday March 7th, 2006:
Well I was gonna wait to even make this public until the cartoon was finished, but Pat just let me know it would be close to 3 months before he could even start. So… I started the prep to do it all by myself. Then of course the prep turned into "trying something" and before I knew it the weekend was over. Whew. I could half-ass it really easy, but I believe the standard needs to be so much higher for me to get any exposure out of it. So I'm gonna labor over this puppy like it were a Trinitrons Show and do everything in my ability to make it look every bit as good as Jib-Jab's political cartoons.
With that being said, I'm gonna make this a two to three parter as I piece together the video over the next several months. This will take a looooooooong time. First off I actually got the domain name Hells yes. When you go there, you see the following:
Ed. 12/27/07 - I unfortunately later lost 'cause I was never sent an email telling me it expired. Someone took all of my images, words, mp3s and videos, put a bunch of google ads up, and is making a killing. The American Way. So don't go there damnit. Bastard. :-)
(click the title for the mp3 - cartoon coming soon, sneak peek here)
Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran,
Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb... Let's Bomb Iran!
Let's take a stand and Bomb Iran!
They're Evil-doers yes it's true, there's nothin' left to do,
But Bomb Iran, Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran!
Went to Iraq, caught lotsa flack,
No turnin' back so while we're there let's just attack,
And Bomb Iran! Bomb Bomb, Bomb... Let's Bomb Iran!
They're a threat to me and you, there's nothin' left to do,
But Bomb Iran, Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran!
Troops will have to see, a tour of duty 3,
They may get the shaft and you know we'll have to draft,
To Bomb Iran! Bomb Bomb, Bomb... Let's Bomb Iran!
They got the nukes you know it's true, there's nothin' left to do,
But Bomb Iran, Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran!
Bombed Afghanistan, but gave up the Taliban,
Hey at least this rhymes with "stan" and that's enough to make a plan
To Bomb Iran! Bomb Bomb, Bomb... Let's Bomb Iran!
You're a commie if you doubt and my time is running out,
To Bomb Iran, Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran!
(click for video)
(click for video)
(click for video) would've been better, but alas that was taken. Either way, it's so important to have a name that you can say out loud to someone, and they have no questions on how to type it. Like "It's the number four, T, V, S dot com". That sucks. So I was lucky to grab that name for sure.
The story behind the song is really funny. I touched on it in the entry about going back to Columbus. I was getting a cold and was feeling "drunk" because my body was going through the ensuing war inside my body. It lead to me dreaming up the "NEIN" bit, and as well - this song. The song however happened on the plane, and wouldn't you know all I had to write on was the barf bag. God that rules. I took a picture of it on the plane (much to the chagrin of the flight attendant who informed me I would not being doing that again - LOL).
What was funny, was it occurred to me while I was writing the lyrics: "BOMB BOMB BOMB, BOMB BOMB IRAN" - that I was probably risking a serious in-flight situation had anyone seen what I was writing. LOL. And of course, you kind of have to sing what you're writing while you're writing it… so here I am sitting on a plane writing and singing BOMB over and over. Brilliant Adam. You're way too tan to be pullin' that shit. LOL.
I had the idea of the cartoon right away but was very leery. Jib-Jab wins the political cartoon game. Winnnnnnnnnnner. I have to find a way to be different…then again THAT is the type of animation I want for it. I find it extremely funny (South Park originated it) to see cut outs with the open-mouth puppet speak… it just makes the most powerful people in the world…look goofy and you can't help but giggle. But first, the song…
Now the original "Barbara Ann" was recorded live. I could find no karaoke versions, but luckily during the song the band does an instrumental. Unfortunately it's an instrumental with a dozen people yelling and clapping off-beat over it. (sigh) But being it was all I had to work with, I looped it and made it work as well as I could. Still some slightly annoying parts that make it difficult to understand my lyrics, but it's workable.
Next up of course was singing it. It lead to a pretty harrowing realization: "Holy Shit, the Beach Boys could sing". I mean REALLLY sing. I guess it was my arrogance with my singing ability - but I really thought it would be a breeze. I'm lucky to have a pretty large range and can hit nearly 4 octaves…unfortunately, hitting them well enough that people will enjoy listening to them is a different story. It took several, several hours to warm my voice up, drink some tea, and really practice to nail some of those harmonies and high parts. The Beach Boys still sound better, lol…but then again none of them ever tried to do every member's part so I guess I should be proud of that.
The end result is actually surprisingly good. It sounds pretty legit. It sounds professional and paired with a really funny cartoon…the prospect of this getting some national spotlight is very good. Of course now I'm in charge of that part and that's tough. Unlike my voice, I have zero confidence in my animating skills other than I am highly critical and will redo things 1,000 times before I consider it "good enough".
So last weekend I worked my friggin' ass off on 2 sections for a grand total of 20 seconds. LOL. Amazingly - it looks really good…even better than some parts of the Jib-Jab cartoons. The problem of course is I'm really screwed on one issue: Making it sound like the Beach Boys…or making all the lyrics easy to understand. You can't do both. Now I have the "bouncing bomb" for the choruses, but I had to take the words out during the verse because it was just waaaaaaaaay too busy. Quite the Quagmire (Ooooooooo right).
So I went back to the original song and started just taking out voices, figuring - less voices singing at once, and you'd be able to understand it better… but it just sounded like so much ASS that way. I'm still not really sure how this issue will be resolved. Realize however, that the compression on the video hurts the audio quality and in the final cartoon this will be resolved. The song during the video will be mp3 quality and the video actually SHOWS every line pretty clearly. I just see no other way to do this piece and maintain the quality of the song. Grrrr.
I know I said at the beginning of this that the cartoon would take months to finish, but I keep forgetting who we're talking about here. LOL. I actually woke up today at 4:30 AM and started thinking about it, then proceeded to get up and work on it for 3 more hours before work. It is completely controlling my brain right now. Why does this happen the MOMENT I go back to work? Christ this is the same shit that derailed me in September. I was doin fine at work - Katrina hit, and that was IT. Couldn't concentrate on a DAMN thing. Now there's this. GRRRR. Of course now I actually really need income, so I'll temper my heart a bit, but still - timing man…
…and by the way - I'm well aware that this entry was pretty perfect "Entry 500" material. It would seem almost ridiculous for me to make this Entry #499 when it puts all the pressure on #500 to be bigger. In the future, people will come to this site, and this entry's colorful button will stick out like a sore thumb... yet what will ever be thought of 500? Well, let me assure you - 500 is bigger in every way. Although this cartoon could very well be the break I've been looking for…what lies within #500 is truly extraordinary, and in the life of The Journey is much more influential. It IS The Journey.
Cliffhangers rule.