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9:11 PM, Sunday, March 5th, 2006:
A new reader instant messaged me the other day about the last entry (USE THE DAMN MESSAGE BOARDS ALREADY - lol) and said I had a real "common sense" approach to stuff. I thought about that for awhile. Does that imply that others don't? Everyone thinks they have common sense, so why do their opinions not illicit that response from others?
So for the next several days I just kind've "watched" how my head worked. Every story that came through my eyes I not only read as "Adam" but I stepped out of myself and watched how I processed everything (I know guys, I'm fuckin strange). I kind of found the trick I was using, more than I thought I did, and figured - I need to say something about this. Because if EVERYONE did this, I swear to you the world would be a better place.
It's simply this: I break everything down into relatable portions. If the US is making the case to the UN against Iraq for not complying with inspectors as agreed upon in their sanctions, I picture a group of businesses discussing how to deal with a supplier that isn't holding up their end of the bargain. Or even smaller, a group of friends all talking about the "one guy" who keeps fucking up their writing group. When you do this type of "down-sizing" it's fairly easy to see things that go against nature. For example…
If all the Chicken Restaurants got together in their, uhm chicken support group, and said their macaroni supplier kept ignoring their contract…and Boston Market stands up and says "WE HAVE TO TAKE OVER THE SUPPLIER! You all behind me?!?!"… it would seem odd. Others in the support group may say: "Woah dude, maybe we just cut off our relationship…" See, on that level - it's easy to see problems, or the shades of grey in our quest for right and wrong.
Or take Katrina for example. Instead of all the red tape and bureaucracy of who to blame… put it on a relatable level. The teacher watching the kids on the playground allows them to swing from a rope they put in a tree and they all get seriously injured. LOL. Sorry, that's not funny. Heh. Neighbors see this (they'll be say, the MEDIA in this scenario) and they call 9-11. The authorities take in the information: "Yes, yes - dying kids…broken arms…blood, right - gotcha." Then they take about 4 days to come to the playground. When asked "WHAT THE FUCK, WE CALLED YOU ON MONDAY?!?!" they reply with: "Dude, what was this teacher THINKING!??! Oh my GOD - how can you let kids play with a rope!?!?". Ahem.
Now granted, I was certainly throwing a bit of my bias in those two stories - LOL - but the exercise allows you to really break things down and get to the truth of the matter. It's a good way to get through BULLSHIT. Taking the Boston Market example, it just doesn't all "add-up". There seems to be a problem with "motive" in that scenario. So…take it further,: the people in the chicken support group may question Boston Market on their motives. Boston Market could say, hmm - something along these lines: "Macaroni Supplier is trying to poison our customers." or "Macaroni Supplier actually WANTS us to take them over, because they're run so poorly right now". Now, if true…this would be justifiable reasons to believe Boston Market. These are serious, serious claims…far worse than just breaking a contract. However, the proof submitted doesn't convince the group. Boston Market doesn't care - takes them over anyway. Hey, that's their right - but what if they find no poison? What if most of the people at the Macaroni Supplier scream "WE DON'T WANT YOUR HELP." Then what? Well, ask me in a couple years.
But the point is, had you done this type of exercise in…say 2002? Or 2003? You would not be surprised at what's happening in Iraq. It all makes sense. And it also would make sense that there were ulterior motives to going into Iraq. Because, on a "common sense" level, it doesn't make any sense. It just doesn't. Weapons of Mass Destruction isn't a reason, because several countries have them, and we ain't invading them. Ties to Al Qaeda and terrorism make no sense because there was no terrorism in Iraq before we got there and there certainly was no proof that Saddam was in bed with Al Qaeda. None. (although Marty swears Saddam paid Osama to attack us (sigh)). So there HAS to be some other reason. What that is… is anyone's guess - though there are plenty of good theories out there.
So that's why it isn't really hard to draw the conclusion that Dick Cheney was probably a bit drunk when he shot his friend IN THE FUCKING FACE. LOL. Why? Because you can easily put it on a relatable level. Use common sense. For example, you shoot an elderly friend IN THE FUCKING FACE, where you going next? To Disneyworld? Nope. To dinner for some cocktails? Nope. You're at his side making goddamn sure he pulls through. Now you are the Vice President, so you probably aren't hangin' out in the waiting room of the normal public hospital, but rest assured - you're there somehow. At least for the next couple of hours. You find a way. You're the goddamn president, I bet some strings can be pulled. So when he avoids talking to the police and ends up going to dinner to have some cocktails it should "raise your eyebrow" a bit. What could possibly be the motivation for that? It's common sense. He was trying to cover something up. Of course there is no way to prove this (good criminals know that), but it's a pretty reasonable conclusion as his actions are SOOO far removed from anything you or I would have done.
Try it. Take the labels off of your head for a moment. Really. I know you've said you were a republican or democrat your whole life, but really just put things on that level. For that reason, going into Afghanistan…that made sense. A whooooooole lotta sense. I personally went a bit deeper however and thought the "type" of war we waged did not make sense. This was a war against the Taliban, a group of people, not the whole country or even the whole government. I thought it would be more strategic, more covert…but either way - I'm not a military mind, and the action to TAKE action made "common sense". Iraq however should have slapped everyone across the face with a massive: "HUH?".
Take the Dubai Ports deal. At first, second and third glance, it makes no sense. Why on earth would we allow a deal go through to a country and a business that we have PROOF funneled money to 9/11 terrorists? In our OWN 9/11 Commission Report no less! It makes no sense. And when something makes no sense at all, you have to look for other motives. Now, be open to someone else's explanation. Don't just assume your ulterior motives are right if perhaps someone comes up with a reason that DOES make sense. But in this case, I sure as hell haven't heard one. So there has to be some other motive. For Bush to come out and be FOR this, means there's something else going on. It just does. It's not a liberal spin, it's common, fucking, sense. We're not getting the whole story. It should rub you the wrong way. Not because you're an "anti-arab" racist, but because it makes no sense for George "Mr. Anti-terrorist" Bush to all the sudden have no problem doing business with the country.
To end this I thought I'd bring up something that's bugged me for close to 5 years now. Cell phones don't work on airplanes (that are in the air). They don't. Not at all. Try it. Be a rebel and have your cell phone turned on during a take-off and watch how quickly those little bars fall off to nothing. Within about 5-7 minutes you will see this:
I took this picture last September, no more than 10 minutes after takeoff. And at the cruising altitude? Forget it. In fact this was such common knowledge before 9/11 that it was actually part of a "Mistakes in Movies" show on VH1. They brought up how Harrison Ford in the movie "Air Force One" used a passenger's cell phone that he found in their baggage to make contact with the White House - and the fact that cell phones don't work on airplanes. Only satellite phones. Common knowledge. However, as many of you know - according to the government - and several family members - there were a handful of cell phone calls made from the passengers to their family. It was integral to why they knew the fate of that plane and chose to "take it down". In fact one guy even called the Verizon Operator with his Verizon phone, there's records of this. Now, were these the planes that were low-level going into the towers? Nope. This was the Shanksville plane that was at cruising altitude. Several passengers made these calls and the family members let them know about the NYC planes, which led to them confronting the terrorists and "taking it down". We all know the story. So. What, the, fuck. There's really no wiggle room here. It's already on a relatable level, so no "downsizing" is necessary. Turn on your cell phone while cruising in an airplane, and you'll see the same thing. So common sense tells you that the story we got about that plane…is a complete fabrication.
The problem with accepting that? It would take such a massive conspiracy to "fake" that because the family members corroborate the story…but CELL PHONES DON'T WORK ON PLANES. So seriously: what, the, fuck. I personally hate conspiracy theories. They're always such a bunch of shit. It's a way for the ignorant to take a bunch of loose facts, and make them add up to something crazy and blame it on "the man". They quite often defy common sense even if at face value they seem feasible. They play on the fact that the reader/viewer already assumes a conspiracy and also that the reader/viewer isn't say a demolition expert or crash investigator…but this one is tough. There's no justifiable answer. I mean, the other 9/11 conspiracies have reasonable doubt all over them. No one has ever flown a 757 into a building and seen how it would hold up. Yeah, so fire can't melt steel, but the weight of an airplane sitting INSIDE a building? Uhm, not too much of a stretch to think a floor could buckle. And when one floor buckles and the plane falls onto the next? Again, isn't unreasonable to think it would fall. The conspiracy theories fail to mention the ol' weight of the plane when talking about the towers falling. And the "no plane at the pentagon" theory? If you go to the conspiracy sites, you see nothing but this ONE hole conveniently leaving out the amount of damage that was done to the whole building, as you can see here if you search the net a bit harder:
From that picture, it's clear that the damage spreads pretty wide. Since I'm not an expert on plane crashes, I guess I couldn't prove it, but it certainly isn't a stretch to believe a plane hit it. And also the alternate theories hold no weight because they conveniently avoid common sense. Who wouldn't have seen a fucking missile? How many people would have to lie about seeing THAT? Something like 100 witnesses saw a plane. And most said they SAW the AA on the craft… so where's your motive? It's a stretch. It's a conspiracy theory.
However, the cell phone thing? Uhm, no. Something is wrong and it's not a stretch to make that conclusion. An internet movie, "Loose Change" tackles this issue and comes up with the conclusion that the voices were "faked" to corroborate this HUGE conspiracy. At this point, because I fucking KNOW cell phones don't work in the air, I have no choice but to listen to the outrageous claim made by this movie.
I don't know what really happened, I just know cell phones don't work in the air. (The movie is fun to watch though. It really overloads you with "fact" after "fact". This is our JFK for sure, but it's far more complicated than that ever was)
And of course the Bush Administration's handling of things since 9/11, really makes you question EVERYTHING they ever say. I mean, if you can't come clean about shooting your friend IN THE FUCKING FACE (man I love yelling that) it becomes exponentially harder to believe the really big shit. There'so many obvious lies surrounding this government right now and it in turn throws out the credibility of everything. I mean, why not release the video tapes from the hotel and gas station near the pentagon that shows the pentagon plane? You came and took it…so what's it show? That sure would help wouldn't it…
And the final problem with this, is that the conspiracy theories actually help explain a lot of the "what the fucks" about this administration. 9/11 allowed EVERYTHING to happen with sweeping speed unmatched in the history of our country. It was their meal ticket to do anything they wanted. The patriot acts, the wire-tapping, the invasions…with almost zero questions asked (because Democrats by nature are the biggest pussies on the planet). It worked so beautifully for this administration that even if there were ZERO discrepencies with the 9/11, intellectually you're just FORCED to second-guess how it all played out. Second guess if just maybe they knew what was happening ahead of time….
Well if the protest videos didn't do it, this entry surely will. Congratulate me on my very own FBI file. The black helicopters will soon follow.