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3:33 PM, Thursday, January 26th, 2006:
...yes COME ON DOWN for NINE FRIGGIN' HOURS on metal benches to be part of the biggest waste of a day...EVER. LOL.
But rejoice because you got to see the Price is Right dawg. And that's what livin' in Hollywood is all about.
I will preface all of this by mentioning my cousin Andrea is literally the biggest Price is Right fan I've ever known in my life. Celebrates Bob's birthday (December 12th), I shit you not. Nothin' she would love more in her LIFE than go to this show...and to actually get picked as a contestant? She'd be able to die...yet wouldn't be able to bid because she'd be crying so damn much. She's wanted to come out and visit since the day I got here and has never been able to pull it off. I felt almost guilty goin' without her, but I too dig The Price is Right and I figured with all this time off I might as well take a stab at it. Little did I know, I would NEED all that time off. Good fuck people, check this out:
1) Cassi went to the website and we requested tickets. We then got the ticket confirmation and all was good. For most shows, this is go a little early and line up with your confirmation. Not on the #1 Game Show in the world...
2) Then you HAVE to go down there as early as possible to get your "Time of Arrival" number. Gates open at 6 AM. We got there at 6:30 AM and we got 158 and 159. Fuuuck. People there since Midnight the night before. Realize, that these are people that ALREADY HAD TICKETS. But that ticket you get online (or by writing a letter) simply gives you the priviledge to get a Time of Arrival number.
3) Now, that number, allows you to come back at 8 AM to get your PRIORITY NUMBER. After you get your priority number, which was 149 and 150 for me and Cassi as a few people ahead of us were confused (imagine that) - you then get to come back at 10 AM. Now realize there aren't 2 hours in between here. It takes forever to get each number, so you basically have like 30 minutes because you sure as hell are coming back EARLIER than 10 AM.
4) Then they count the "groups". Now depending on how many groups there are (which are guaranteed) oh and the "hollywood ticket people" (I guess those are VIPs) they can only take SO MANY of the priority people. Today - the line was cut off around 185 or so. So that means that everyone who got their tickets online, got a Time arrival Number, then came back and got a priority number, then came back at 10 AM and were over 185? Bye. You lose. Price is Wrong. Insanity. Those people were allowed to be "Standbye" and at noon the guy came and said - sorry, no stand-byes.
5) This is all for ONE TAPING mind you. Now once you come back at 10 AM they go through each person and check their ID and social security numbers and around 12:30 - 1:00 they give you the infamous NAME TAGS. Literally the only reason I wanted to go through this. I've always wanted one of those name tags man. I'm framing mine.
6) Then around 1:00 PM they start interviewing everyone in groups of 12. This is to be on the show. They ask your name, what you do for a living... And you move on. In that few moments you either get chosen or not. Cassi and I decided making shirts would help our cause. Hers was the ever popular "show love for Bob":
Mine however was a bit more twisted (imagine that):
I mean the man says it after every show, I thought it couldn't hurt. Of course once I realized that there were 340 people, and only 9 contestants I stopped even stressing about it. The chances were astronomical and as it stands they ended up choosing nearly all young bouncy girls and only one late 20's early 30's guy...and it wasn't me. LOL. Cassi wasn't a contestant either but they picked her out to dance onstage before the show. So she has stepped onto the infamous Price is Right stage. She too can die now.
7) After they interview your group, you move onto even more benches. Cold, hard silver benches with red railing. I'll never forget 'em. Finally around 2:15 you start filing in... what I would've sworn was the "fake" Price is Right set. Obviously the "new" set that was 10 times smaller than the one on TV. Man, there are no words to describe how fucking HUGE Price is Right looks on TV and how inSANELY small it is. Guys, I'd venture to say, that most high school theaters are bigger than this set. It is so small and SOOO crowded with TV cameras. It is the most glaring example of the "magic of television" I've ever seen. I swear to you, I thought without a doubt that it was a different stage than I had watched my whole life. I was actually bummed that I had somehow procrastinated coming to the show for sooooo long, that I missed out on the old BIGGER one. That is until the show started and I watched it on TV and my jaw dropped. It was the same set. What got me was the audience section. They make that look so BIG and sso absolutely gigantic! The trick is, they photograph it from the floor of the stage, so it looks so looming...but it's not at ALL. It is TINY. And the stage? Oh my GOD is it tiny. They create ALL the size of that stage with depth, not width. It's brilliant actually. I'm still amazed.
But nothing could compare to just how goooooooood Bob Barker was. During commercial breaks he would "play the crowd" and was just...shockingly "on". I mean he's 82 and his timing was hip. It's like he knows everyone thinks he's old...and can just turn it around so fast. During a commercial break someone yelled out for him to do the "Happy Gilmore" line and he said:  "No, I don't talk like that, it's only for the movies."  After much prodding he finally said: "Listen, the standards and practices lady is over here, if she says it's OK, I'll say it." He then turns and says: "They want me to say 'The Price is Right bitch, and I'm not gonna say it". He was pulling our leg the whole time.
One of the contestants was weraing a "Vote for Pedro" shirt from Napoleon Dynamite that had Pedro crossed out and BOB written over it. We all knew this girl, Cassi and I actually ate breakfast with her - she was very outgoing and funny. At another commercial break, Bob just looks at her and says:  "Who the hell is Pedro?". And later took out the "hell" for when the cameras came back on. His interraction with the audience was just so fast.
During the show we got to witness two rarities: a perfect $1.00 spin, and a "perfect bid"...which apparently garners you $500 now? When I used to watch the show it was $100 and I actually said in the middle of the show: "It's $500 now?!?!?!" and he responded live on the air, "Yesssssss, it's $500 now..." - I really hope that comes through because I said it FUGGIN loud and was genuinely suprised. Unfortunately, no plinko. Man, before every game I was yellin:  "PLINKO BOB. PLIN-KO" Goddamn I love Plinko. Does it get any better than Plinko? HELL no. But alas, no plinko for Adam.
The show airs February 10th, and I'll be sure to tape it and zoom in on where we were sitting. One dude who was picked was pretty close to us so there should be some good shots. As much as I'd love to go again to try and be a contestant...there's just no way I'm getting up at 4:30 AM for a series hoops like no other. At least I got to see it, and it was certainly fun.
Speaking of fun...go get some mentos and a 2 liter and watch the fun blow out of a bottle. Paddy and I saw it on TV, didn't believe it and had to do it ourselves...and holy shit it works. You put a bunch of mentos in carbonation and the universe explodes. Good times.