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11:51 PM, Tuesday, January 10th, 2006:
I seriously hope you enjoy this video because it was one of the bigger brain teasers of my life. LOL. Here, watch the video... then come back to me.
Ok. That last "Happy Birthday" that I say with the thumbs up literally makes me wet myself. This is my third pair of pants. So why was this such a challenge?
Well obviously it's a challenge to do it backwards, but as many of you know from "Stronger Than Before", there's a backwards song on there that I actually learned completely backwards... the big difference though is it's a capella. Throw in trying to play piano backwards at the same time? Your brain starts to malfunction. I actually memorized the whole middle part. Ya see, I sang it the right way - reversed it, then wrote out what I heard phoenetically:
whooareyou-ersd/kay thuuuuur b-bye (sigh),
hyeeeeen-nay-sd/kay the earth thuuuuur b-bye,
whooareyou-ersd/kay thuuuuur b-bye (sigh),
whooareyou-ersd/kay thuuuuur b-bye (sigh),
neomni-vard, skay-wersh,
enoff fday dooog - WAS THEY falwin,
fay-ah-urshnishwile -ayyy-lagee-leorine
fay-ah-arnay vou-iss nissar kaninib.
whooareyou-ersd/kay thuuuuur b-bye (sigh),
hyeeeeen-nay-sd/kay the earth thuuuuur b-bye,
whooareyou-ersd/kay thuuuuur b-bye (sigh),
whooareyou-ersd/kay thuuuuur b-bye (sigh)...
Crazy right? Well I memorized it word for "made-up" word and totally had it down...
...and then I sat at the piano and my cerebral cortex split in half. It was hard enough memorizing the melody backwards along with the words... but then the timing of the chords - oh shit. Just shoot me. It's all I did last night. Literally 2-3 hours of yelling "ENOUGH DAY DOOOOG WAS THEY FALWIN". What's so great about singing backwards is it sounds like I'm singing some Indian music-type song. Good times.
Of course I go to finish it this morning and my computer dies. This is such a stress in my life. I cannot back-up everything I have. Like 500 gigs. I try so hard to get everything to tape but I am a slave to this machine. Happened to be the power box? Who knew those could go bad... and it was an easy $40 to replace. Whew.
But now it's finally done. And wow, Kenny is 16 man. That year kicked so much ass for me. Everyone always said don't take that year for granted and I literally everyday I was 16 I got up and thought to myself: "I'm still 16." And I really had a sense of what it meant. I really took stock at everything I enjoyed doing...that I'd never be able to do as an adult. Strange looking back that I even had that mind-set. Man. Just occured to me how peculiar that is, but I really thought about that. I'd do it all again for a week.
In other news the workout/diet thing is right on schedule. It works so frighteningly well man. I cannot believe how consistent the weight loss is when you get your target heart rate up for 20 minutes...BEFORE you eat your first meal. It's the key to everything. All day you burn calories like a madman. Then if you counter that with just taking in less calories and eating the dreaded BORG... It's easy. I'm now ten days into it and there's no turnin' back. Weight is much more serious the older you get, and I am so insanely determined to break the patterns I've gone through my whole life early. I barely have the motivation now... in ten years, kids... no way.
Big entry comin' up on Saturday, so be on the lookout for it. And have a safe birthday Kenny and I'll be seein' you in a couple weeks.