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11:59 PM, Wednesday, November 26th, 2008:
Oh come on. The last bastion of goodwill in my life and even that is stained? Really?
I'm not naive. I understand that my life on paper now no longer matches me. I will need to grow some thicker skin and accept that especially if I continue to put myself in the public eye. However, there are a few areas you hope you wouldn't have to think about that. Home... and the pet shelter you buy your dog food at. LOL. A place I've loved for nearly 6 years has completely thrown me for a loop.
So I'm getting my 130 pounds of dog food (for roughly 2 months) and amazingly the girl ringing it up actually recognized my name from the credit card receipt. "Oh you're the guy who sends all those videos". LMAO. Had to laugh at that. I didn't realize I had put Pet Orphans on the list and didn't know this girl at all. I went back to my list and I realized it was actually an email to someone that didn't work there anymore. I wrote back and figured out that they all ended up getting forwarded to her - and she hadn't the fuckiest idea on why she kept getting them. Heh. We chatted a bit and I went about my life...
...a few days later she mentions that she told some of the people at Pet Orphans that she had met the "video" guy and she was warned to stay away from me because I'm a player who has been engaged 4 times, married once, and constantly replaces one chick for the next.
Now, in the game of "telephone" my life must certainly be fun. :-) Did you also know that in that game I lived in Japan for a year, was arrested protesting in DC and left my wife because she was Buddhist? (sigh)
Any other year I would laugh. But after this year? After the amount I sacrificed to help someone, the unbelieveable strength I showed when nearly everyone I know would have RUN... it kills. It's not funny, it's not cool and it makes me insane. No one should have to commit their wife, EVER. No one should be treated as cruely (GOD I WANT TO UNLOCK THE HGTV ENTRY IN FEBRUARY) as I was by her on a weekly basis and I should be applauded for hanging in as long as I did before SHE eventually ran away. It's a wonder I can even function at this point... and someone is going to have the audacity to act like I WAS THE PLAYER.
Now, Adam - stop. This person didn't know you and the one that did? She took the time to actually ask you and let you set the record straight (then again, good luck speaking to her again after having to rationalize 3 marriages in 3 minutes). Now, granted, Pet Orphans... of all the places. It really wasn't an exagerration to say that was the last bastion of goodwill that had supported you for years and always seemed to be nice to you - but still this person didn't even know you, so you're gonna have to let it go.


And this week too. GODDAMN. I have to unlock the last entry. I just have to. It's nothing that hasn't been said before - but I was trying not to bring Donna up in any of these, but I can't help it. She effected me so deeply and somehow it seems to be getting even worse.
The puppies got a stuffed cougar though. :-) Seriously - someone threw a huge stuffed cougar over my wall (I gotta say, that must seem like the magic wall to the dogs) and once they realized it was "dead" they had a ball. It's always cute when you see this until you realize that they would (and have) done the exact same thing to a cat. Heh. But here they are, my 2 pet orphans rescues playing at THA PLAYAS house.

Adam, come on man... let it go. You're spending Thanksgiving with Hesh tomorrow - life is good. You can't worry about what people think...

Man, what to DO with all this anger...