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11:38 PM, Tuesday, November 11th, 2008:
I think whenever you look back on choices in your life, you realize how delicate they are. How easily you could've chosen a different path and your life would have been completely different. I'm lucky that I have hardly any "what-ifs", I've always seen everything through to the end... but several of you may be amazed at how close I came to never making 4tvs a reality. No LA, no nothin'...
It starts a bit earlier than today, November 3rd, 1998:
Brian Setzer Orchestra concert with Jess watching the opening band play in front of the curtain to a crowd that could give two shits. It occured to me... what would I do if I were in their shoes? Flat-screens were just starting to come out, and I pictured walking onto the stage, holding one, with me in it. That would grab everyone's attention - and they'd at least listen to what I had to say. I could even sing with it back and forth and then literally - BOOM. I saw me standing there with 4 televisions around me - being able to do 5 part harmonies. I had just realeased my A Capella album and thought of how cool it would be to do it LIVE. I remember specifically saying "Oh my God" to Jessica and barely being able to explain what I was envisioning.
It stayed with me that night, but soon drifted off like so many good ideas we may have. With 1998 technology it seemed almost impossible...
...and I really let it go. I just wrote it off. To this day, I sit in amazement at how fleeting the idea was - and how close I was to letting it go. A week later, on the 10th, I saw Billy Joel in concert and the itch really got bad. I had to perform. I was so sick of doing just radio when I was an entertainer. I just couldn't ignore it any longer. The following day, I was antsy the entire time. I was recording a band that came in to the station and it was driving me even more nuts. I went home from work and drew out my idea:

Hung it from the canopy bed jess and I had at the time and just stared at it. I'm not making this up - LOL. I stared at it and thought of it all night. This was it. This was what was going to finally make me give up the comfort of radio and pursue a bigger career. Once I burned that vision into my head? Over. Done. I couldn't get it out. I took it to work and put it up on the wall and started making calls to production companies around town and of course - they all said it couldn't be done. (Quick technical note, 4tvs is really one image, split and zoomed into 4 corners. That's how it all stays synced) Video wall projectors (starting at $9,000) could only go as few as 9 TVs and no one could think of a cheaper way. Burgundie (who I was divorced from at the time, but still friends) got me in contact with someone she had worked with and this guy, Adam Bonner (the AB of ABOT Productions) found a way to do it for $2500. On the 23rd (the day Ocarina of Time came out) we had a meeting with him and worked out the production end of things and I went out and bought 4 televisions officially sinking more money than I could afford into the dream.

I literally held onto the credit card at "Sun TV" on Morse Rd. in Columbus as the cashier tried to take it. I was a little freaked, but I jumped.
There's a million more stories, and as they come up I may do "10 years ago today" stuff in the coming year but this is THE moment. The night I didn't let that idea slip away. Now I could sit here and preach to you about how you should also jump at those ideas and never have to say "what-if" but that's slightly pretentious of me. As if it was JUST the idea that made me do it. Just isn't true. It was something inside me that was just unsatisfied. That feeling of knowing you are capable of so much more and no one else gets it but you. It never goes away, it always makes you a little antsy and it's so strong. THAT is what you have to have to make those jumps. If you don't have that? You're not sinking (what ended up being $10,000) into an idea for a stage show. Now, if you DO have that inner angst? No matter what age, jump. 'Cause that little dreamer is hard to cage. And it spins off into all sorts of shit if you try to.
And if you don't have the idea yet? Keep throwin shit against the wall. FALL. UP. THE. STAIRS. Good DAMN the amount of time wasted on inaction is unbelieveable. K, well, now I'm getting preachy. 10 years. Ten of the fullest and most exciting years of a life you could possibly have.
Thank you 4tvs.