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7:30 PM, Sunday, November 9th, 2008:
When Jess and I first got to LA we had little choice but to look for discarded furniture as we were literally on fumes. At the time it was completely embarrassing. In fact, I even wrote about it in Entry #7:
"We found some dumpsters that looked full, and just maybe it would have something we could use. We need shelves really bad. We can't unload our boxes because there's no place to put anything. And of course some sort of bed. As I put the truck in park and got out, I kind of watched myself from Jess's point of view. Is she proud of me? How long is it going to take before she thinks: "Jesus, my fiancee is in a dumpster looking through trash for our apartment...what am I doing..." I didn't feel like a man anymore. It just really hit me."
Rereading that makes me tear up. It was a difficult moment for sure. That urge to provide a life for Jess actually still pings at my heart when I talk to her sometimes. Overwhelming need and hope that she's alright. Wow that isn't there for others. Crazy. Anyway - this is SO not an emotional story. But it's the last time I've had to dumpster dive. I certainly have my share of hand-me downs since but actual discarded trash - I really thought those days were done. Wrong.

Doin' my weekly run and a little over a mile in I run across a furniture set that's being discarded. Nothing new but usually always bad. I always think: "Hey, free stuff..." and then it's VERY clear why they're throwing it out. However, as you can see - this is unbelieveable.


No stains, no rips... the right color - huh? And it wasn't on the front of their lawn for pick-up - it was in the STREET. A couple pieces had the feet removed, but they left the feet on top of it so... I. Was. OFF.

Now, I've attempted some ridiculous things by myself. Unfortunately for me, I avoid catastrophe so I continue to think I can pull the next one off. These daring acts of stupidity by myself include:
-Moving my piano, in and out of my house/guesthouse (so completely out of one house and into the other I believe now 4 times) with nothing more than a hand cart. Each time I take pride in this and each time I am unbelieveably lucky. No one moves a piano by themselves. No one. It's very very heavy. It is a piano.
-Putting up my Basketball hoop by myself (the big, real ones with a pole and cement - yeah), balancing on the wall behind it and - fucking barefoot? Barefoot? I was halfway in when I realized - oh shit I don't have shoes on... and there was nothing I could do - I had to adrenalize that thing up and into the hole I had cemented the day before. It was terrifying. But not a scratch on me or the hoop/pole. How is that possible?
-The entire guesthouse. Really. The wall, the CEILING, the FLOOR - the stupidest being taking off the garage door and coming inches away from caving my skull in. Yes, there's video. That same spirit that makes me believe I can get onto the debate stage also allows me to do this craziness.

So at no point did it really hit me as I was sprinting back to my house to grab my car, that this couldn't be accomplished by one person. Especially without a truck/trailer (my 4tvs trailer has now been relegated to permanent status as a storage shed in my backyard) and all that's left is my CAMRY. So I drive it back there, certain that I'm seconds away from someone else finding this jackpot, and proceed to pick up each piece and just put it on TOP of my car. No rope, no cords... just a firm belief that... "sure it won't move too much if I go slow..."

And it worked. One by one (4 pieces and a side table) I pulled this off with the last being absolutely ignorant. If I didn't think someone would have taken it before me I'd have called Paddy. I mean I still don't know how I picked up something this size and put it on top of my car without scratching the car OR the furniture. After I finally got everything into the house (which was actually harder than on top of my car) got everything arranged it just seemed surreal. The real oddity of it all was this morning when I felt like I walked into someone else's house and thought: "Did I just steal someone's shit?" I mean it looks that good. And it matches THAT good. It's not really my style per se, but what the fuck ever. I feel all adult now. I feel like I walked into my dad's house. Crazy.
My muscles hurt like crazy today though. I was all down on myself for not completing my run yesterday until I woke up this morning and could barely walk. LOL. And therein lies the rub with all the he-man stuff. Oh I can still attempt it (that will end in my 40s I'm sure) but I pay for it 3 times as long as I did in my 20s. But I'm honestly in the best shape of my life so I can't complain.
Alright, the big 4tvs "Flux Capacitor" entry tomorrow! And look at me getting through a whole entry without mentioning Obama.
PS - And don't give me shit about bein' mean to the pup:
My love for Shizzle was not healthy. It's a good thing CeBe isn't up there. I can't handle much more pain right now if things were to happen...