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11:04 PM, Wednesday, November 5th, 2008:
I have two words:
Sarah. Palin.
<cue uproarious laughter>
It may sound trivial to start such an historic entry with those two words but it's honestly the first thing that really hit me when it sunk in Obama had won. Sarah Palin is finally a punchline. "Pulling a Palin" will enter the political vernacular the way I thought it would when she was announced and it may be the biggest relief of the night. Remember, what seems like years ago, those 10 days where she was actually working? Where it felt like 2004 all over again where the majority of the country couldn't see through something so transparent? Remember how frightening and bewildering that was? Well her Wasillabilly ass is going back to Alaska and we will probably never see another stunt like that in our lifetimes. Leave it to republican operatives to find a way for a VP pick to matter... only when you "pull a palin" and it ends up costing you the presidency. Sweet, sweet, karma.
The day however, and really the entire final week/month/DECADE of this campaign was excruciating. Specifically for me because I just couldn't determine what the "sheep" were gonna fall for. McCain was throwing EVERYTHING at him the last week, and the polls were tightening. I swear I will never forget how stressful this was, how anxious I was, and how unbelieveably relieved I am that this is over. It's over. It's over. He fucking won. A black man named Barack Hussein Obama overcame every racist, ignorant, 20th Century imbecile and became President of the United States. You better believe I cried. Hell I cried this morning when I looked at some of the footage. I teared up with every picture I saw online. Everything made me cry. I think I understand PMS now.
Biggest shocker for me is that I'm not sure I realized how bad, personally, the last 8 years were until last night.

Just how angry I was, how ashamed I was. How at no time in my adult life did I really feel proud to be an American. Not to steal Michelle's line, but it's the truth. Before Bush I was just apathetic, took it for granted. Then suddenly, last night - everything hit me. I was so overwhelmingly happy and proud of MY country...that the last 8 years started to occur to me. That 3 years ago, I quit my job and marched on Washington after Katrina, protesting the war because I was so ANGRY at my country. What the fuck? It suddenly boggled my mind. It seemed foreign. It dawned on me what a horrible feeling that must have been. And we're talking moments after he was elected. Bush seemed like a distant memory.

To grasp what I'm getting at, you really have to see the video I made back then. No American should ever feel this way about their own country. Ever. Suddenly this is a sad video to me. How dare this administration lie to the citizens like this. Use the citizens, use our precious soldiers who believe so much they hand you their LIFE yet you treat them like shit before, during, and after. Ruin our standing in the world to the point that 99.9% pray for your eviction. Not sure we're gonna be able to have perspective on this for a loooooooong time.
I can only pray that a future generation will look back on this time with awe that this was ever our country. Maybe how my generation viewed the civil rights movement. And that's what today really symbolized for me. A complete shift. I will forever think of the world in terms of before and after Obama. I will think of the beginning of the 21st Century as such a difficult period and in one day we were able to hit a reset button. It was our message to the world "We, were, wrong." Now let's see if we can be "right".
By the way - to all the people who are mortified about his winning (like you're really reading this), you need to try and decipher your feelings a bit. Don't continue to be effected by campaign politics. If your anger brings up the term "socialist"? You're still in the spin machine. If at any time you think "terrorist, muslim, spread the wealth", again - you're still in the spin machine. Do yourself a favor, read The Audacity of Hope. It kinda lays out who he is simply, succintly and they even have copies in the red states. The irresponsibility of the McCain campaign to continue to rile up ignorance with fear is beyond my comprehension. They've created a division to the point where there truly are people that think there is a communist, muslim terrorist as our president. They believe that. Granted, these were never potential supporters but to push it to the extreme and basically set up a situation where if he wins people want to kill him? This shit has to end in politics. The parties are far more divided than we are.
And finally, give Jesse a break. Every single person I've spoken to about Jesse was pissed because of the things he said about Obama and acted as if his tears last night were "crocodile tears". That's not the truth. He is the old guard. When Obama started rising the old guard treated him poorly. Treated him like a kid. Didn't like that his message was different. Didn't like that he scolded black families for not taking responsibility. They told him how he should do it, and he still went his own way. Much like Reverend Wright. It's a generation that saw things forever one way... because they were part of some serious shit. The chips on their shoulders could never truly speak to white America. Obama didn't experience what they experienced. Last night, Jesse wept because of the span of his life. He knows he was wrong and Obama was right. He knew that the moment Obama got the nomination... but he's trying to hold onto his role in this struggle. And the old guard's role was essential to this. There would be no Obama without Jesse, Sharpton, King, Lewis... these people paved the way with their blood. The transition of power to the new generation wasn't without hard feelings, Jesse said a few off-the-cuff things, but don't we all during transition? So give that man a break. He's a national treasure to me and you can barely understand a fucking word that comes out of his mouth. Only in America. LOL.
And to those not into politics - it's DONE. The Journey returns.