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12:15 PM, Tuesday, October 21st, 2008:
Just when you think you're out...
Unable to pull off the meeting on Friday, wasting all-day Monday with meetings falling through - I was left with only this morning before my flight tonight and when I wrote Tammy she still hadn't heard back. I literally wrote "writing on the wall" to Tammy and jumped in the shower to get ready to leave...
...she then replies that the meeting is on for 11:30 AM and I have to bust ass to get there. So here it was, the last chance to make something "stick" during this odyssey that can really change my career path...
...maybe. Heh. Ugh - would have almost, almost, rather they just send me on my way - but no I actually do believe I will be working with them again. The reason? The person I met with has actually been there 18 years. Her along with Tammy, both believe in what I did before, liked what I did before, and are prepared to go to bat for me even saying: "We're not gonna let you go..." Totally positive... but also - totally not from the new administration. LOL. So the plan now is to make a small presentation that she will take directly to the new Executive Producer's office, play it, hand him a list of bullet-points showing all the positives from what I did before. Thankfully, there are tons. By the end of the last season we were rolling.
However, and there's a big caveat here. This is being planned for the new year and is only 5 weeks long. Only 5 contestants. What was one of our biggest pluses, the ability to bring in 27 acts investing only seconds of airtime for them (yet still being their big break) is whittled down to 5 acts all being flown out and eliminated Survivor-style throughout the run. No matter, it is what it is - I have to show how The Egos will enhance this and again - thank goodness I went ape-shit on those last few shows. The production value should sell itself and I left the meeting fairly certain that I will be involved with The Early Show somewhat soon. I was actually quite surprised at how positive she was and although it comes down to the head honcho, thankfully there are enough people on my side and I have the opportunity to show what I did.
So now... we wait! :-) What else is new? Literally nothing will happen until the election, and if the election isn't decided in 2 weeks? If we have another 2000? Just forget about this. However that is looking more and more unlikely isn't it? Palin really did turn into an anchor like I predicted a couple months ago - and incredibly? It took juuuuust long enough that she didn't have time to step down. Freaking, beautiful. Now if Joe Biden can just shut the hell up for a few more days we should be fine. Jesus Joe, you actually said that if we vote Obama in there will be an international crisis to test him. Wow. Stupid on every possible level, so bad that had anyone in the Republican party said it we would lambast them for being a fear monger. I want to hear Barry's phonecall to Joe after that one.
And finally, Colin Powell's 7 minute endorsement at the beginning of Meet The Press was breathtaking. First of all, who the hell does a prepared statement for 7 minutes without notes or a teleprompter? Wow. But to watch a Republican sit there and chastise his own party for the fear mongering and show concern for a Muslim-American kid who deserves to believe he can be president... beautiful. It shocked me that he was so damning to McCain to boot. I expected a lighthearted endorsement with resounding respect for both - but though he did say some nice things about McCain, he basically destroyed every aspect of McCain's campaign. To give you some perspective, in 2000, when asked who McCain considered a living hero he said Powell immediately and unequivocally. Ouch.
Alright, well Mr. Adler should be here any moment and I need to act like I was just "packing up" and not waiting to the last possible minute before I had to leave for my flight... just to say hello.
PS - one quick laugh... this is the billboard outside of the Springdale train stop:
I mean, really. Really. The point of this type of symbolism is the allusion to something sexual. It's supposed to be nearly subliminal. That, my friends, is a penis. And it seems to be pissing right on Illinois in a pool of urine shaped like the United States. Wow. What they're trying to imply there is beyond me.