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11:33 PM, Tuesday, October 14th, 2008:
This time of year boy...
Who doesn't want to live back east when the leaves are turning, the air is crisp and potential bounces in your head at every, single, turn? It's the time to be a romantic and embrace it for all its worth. I'm tired of feeling bad for believing so strong because other people hate failure. Failure isn't the result of belief, it's the result of life. Thinking we somehow control every possible outcome is as foolish as thinking we don't control anything. Believe in yourself, put your best foot forward - and enjoy the ride. It also helps if your journey takes you to parts of Connecticut that are so beautiful you can barely remember what your home looks like. I'm so enveloped in Fall right now I actually forget what LA looks like this time of year. Of course, make sure you don't get too lost in the leaves or you'll end up late for your meeting...
...also, make sure you look really closely at a restaurant's website to see if there are 2 locations for that meeting. (sigh). Always early Adam showed up at Landmarc in Tribeca at 12:10 for a 12:30 apointment. I thought the building was pretty dinky for the "time warner center", which of course it wasn't... and at 12:45 I finally call Tammy and feel like a complete buffoon. A cab and a sprint later - I'm there and was able to get a hold on the situation, and there's a lot in the air.
Steve started this company in March and with his background in Network Television - it's striking how ready he is to embrace new media. Nothing funnier than watching a network guy talk about how dead the networks are and how ready he is to start a new model providing the content and the sponsorship, pre-packaged for every media. My head hears exactly what he's saying, but my heart hears blah, blah, blah content, blah. 'Cause that's where I come in. He knows what I can do, how well I can do it, and how fast, easy and cheap I can do it. He has believed in me for quite awhile now and has a cool calm about him that says: "Adam, it's comin' hang in there."

That was the crux of this meeting - just a reconnect, let him see that I'm just as hungry as ever, I'm in good shape and I'm ready the moment the funding comes through. He met with some more partners today and it actually went better than he expected (something I've never heard from him) and we're now slightly at the mercy of the economy. No matter what, the rest of this year has everyone on pins and needles. From afar however this all seems like a lead-up softball lob to knock out of the park in 2009. Time will tell.

Then went back to Tammy's office and we tried to brainstorm what to tell the powers that be to get Living Room Live going more like the way we did it last year. After three seasons we really got the routine down and they're of course tring to re-invent the wheel. It's a very fine line of letting them do that - but not losing your spot. Which, god-freaking-damnit, I probably already did. Midnight Clear was on a couple weeks ago and I should've been there to announce them. It would've established me as hosting the talent portions and it's huuuuuuuge opportunity missed. That could've been the beginning of the next segment and when Tammy mentioned they had been on my heart just sank. That was the opening. That was where you bombard everyone a couple weeks beforehand and push, push, push - even if it's for 60 seconds on the air. That was the bridge to the new administration and I simply had no idea. It makes things a bit more difficult now, but not impossible. GRRRRR.

And finally I was able to take in the Letterman show and I sooooooooooooo freaking apologize for confusing anyone before thinking I was actually meeting with Letterman. Journey newcomers were emailing me like "Holy SHIT" and then I re-read the entry and, duh Adam, that's exactly what it sounded like. I've never met Letterman, even when the head of late night offered me the show I never did, so Letterman after the meeting with Friedman made perfect sense to me. LOL.

The show was great, it's actually airing this Friday - and Tina Fey is adorable talking about her Sarah Palin impersonation. Don't miss it. I'm front row center balcony, you can see me about 45 minutes in I believe.
So now the focus moves to Obama tomorrow and Friday I meet with Vinnie (head of late night - pleasuer, not business really) and with the new administration at The Early Show that afternoon. It's a pretty make-or-break moment that will unfortunately take weeks to unfold. It'll probably be right around election-time when we know if I'm back in the fray at CBS.
Crazy couple of weeks... will you ever know how crazy?