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4:20 PM, Saturday, October 11th, 2008:
What a freaking title. I almost don't want to explain it because the imagery is so damned funny, but it refers to the old Apollo Theater tradition of rubbing the Tree of Hope stump before performing. That's basically what I was able to do on my first night in New York thanks to the generosity of Chad & Angela.
In 2006 when CBS flew me out to announce the winner of Living Room Live I decided I would stay for what ended up being a month until something happened. The only reason that was even remotely possible was because they let me stay with them in Manhattan. So in essence everything in that building from the stairs to the elevator to their apartment to the rooftop feel like freaking magic to me.
It was there that I got the call from Tammy who indicated that my pitch worked by calling herself my "agent" and forever changing the course of my life. And although I am hopping all over this time out, it seemed only fitting to spend my first night in the same magical place and relive that phone message, that yes, I have saved for two years. I'm a nerd.


Unfortunately however, things are changing. Chad & Angela bought a country house upstate and are in the process of selling this apartment. This will most likely be the last chance I have to stay here or re-enact any of the magical moments within. It goes back even beyond 2006...
This was the rooftop I stood on (to the left) with my heart 3 sizes too big in 2005 announcing with certainty that my break would come from NY and I had to move here. A year later, I was right and got that break in NY - only to find that Adam & The Egos would be shot at Television City... in LA.
It's also where I got the call that I would be on the set of The Sopranos at the Bada Bing. How unbelieveable was that NY trip 2 years ago? My GOD.
And of course, Donna. Which was eventually where I spent most of my time in '06. This was the first time I had been in the apartment since then and it was a tad bittersweet. She is completely enveloped with that trip and although sad, it's quintessential Adam Kontras. You can't argue with that. :-)

And it's something that everyone reading this should really try and understand. That same quality that allows artists to continue to believe against enormous odds... is what makes us believe in people against enormous odds. It's not that we're all "hollywood" and have no integrity - it's that we are in a mode of jumping our entire lives and it's the only way we know how. You fight with everything you have until you can't move. The suspension of disbelief you have to have to think you can make it in the entertainment industry is the definition of LOVE. Something that requires an unbelieveable amount of faith and something several people cannot do. I can and will again.
Ha. So genuinely shocked on the left. Love it. And if this isn't a more glowing example of how important lighting is to a shoot, I don't know what is. The picture on the right comes from a high-definition source and it's twice the camera the one on the left is. However, the one on the left was shot in the magic hour in that golden glow of sunset. On the right it's early morning with no direct sunlight. Night and day. Ha, literally. :-)
Alright, meeting tomorrow with Friedman about his production company and the Letterman show. Bring it on.