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4:20 PM, Saturday, October 11th, 2008:
Today I'm in both places (literally on the plane at the moment) and I needed a breather. So I figured this would be a nice bridge to New York, and allow me to just relax. So how do you say everything without saying anything? Huge, gigantic generalities.
I stopped working out daily about 2 months ago. Instead, every week I run 5K. Weird thiing is? I need it. Like I've found that I enjoy how I feel afterwards and a week allows my freaking old-ass knees to recoup. Understand this - I hate working out with the passion of, uhm a really passionate guy. Really hate it. So this is a bit of a eurkea moment for me. As well, food is that issue that really is a compulsive behavior that I've never found middle ground at. I have to workout like crazy to combat it - and it's a bad cycle...
...but suddenly, not so much. Once a week I run, and I try to eat reasonably the rest of the time. I still gain about a pound a week (seriously, you guys can't fathom how bad my body wants to be 30-40 pounds heavier) but it's slow enough that I can keep it in control. And, I actually look forward to it. It's been a great way to clear my mind - and every single time I'm amazed at how "easy" it gets when you've done it a couple weeks in a row. And believe me, I'm a "run only if you're being chased" kind of guy... but somehow at this age, it's working. Crazy.
As well there's a lot to be said for maturity. After the life experiences I've been through it's almost impossible for me to say:  "I just can't do it" when it comes to working out or eating right. I've proven that I can do just about anything and I've grown to have such a disdain for the word "can't" I won't even say it myself. "Won't" I'll say every now and then... but rarely a can't.
Soooooo stalling. Remember why you were in Wrigleyville the last two days and learn from it. Although you will inevitably be involved in similar situations due to your field, there are ways to avoid it. Your strength to get that project finished on your birthday of all days speaks volumes and you kept your head throughout... but Adam, really... you shouldn't be paying those kind of "school fees" at your age. Follow your instincts, they saw this coming from a mile away.
Alright. Had to be said, had to be read, and had to be learned. I reread these entries all the time and you can't imagine how much they help years down the road. I think anyone who writes should do the same because so much of the advice you need is within you. You just have so much other shit inside you, you can't get to it. And nothing resonates like personal experience. Moo, veen, on.
New York awaits at the most beautiful time of the year and I have no doubt I'm going to fall in love with it. This morning I had to steal wi-fi in Wrigleyville (and ended up sitting on the stoop that I stayed at when I stayed with my friend Jeff in 1997 - how unbelieveable is that, had no idea) and looking around I have to admit I missed it. A lot. I meant what I said in that radio interview... my heart is east where the seasons change. It just is. Of course I don't like winters but hating those are why you love fall and spring. It's the same thing I said in 2005 when I was certain I would move, but the reality is I have a home in LA and I do love that home and the proximity to everything in my life. I won't move - but I have to come back more. I just have to. But come on "moment man" don't wax poetic on what you have to do when you're back in LA - you're here now. Enjoy.
I talked about the goals for the trip and Chicago a few entries ago and it pretty much played out as well as I could have hoped - from the radio to the performance to the celebrity (which I can announce after the debate) to Erin's finished video... I'm proud of all of it and considering the conditions it even takes on a new light. New York however has much, much higher goals. These meetings have to land something huge. Be it with Friedman and his company, be it with the new people at CBS with Tammy's help, I need to make this happen and quite a bit really is out of my hands. This will be the ultimate test of established, proven talent vs. who you know. I hate to tell you the odds of the former winning...
...but I can't wait to see what happens next.
PS - A pic of the highschool gang I got to see after several years...
How middle-eastern do I look in this pic, no? I would so stop my ass at an airport...