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2:21 PM, Monday, October 6th, 2008:
Live, Talk Radio...
It's like walking into my past and fitting into my old pants. It probably would've filled me with even more nostalgia if it wasn't for the journey to get there. Good, GOD.
After nearly 48 hours with 2 hours of sleep, my head hits the pillow at what, 5:30 am? Phone rings at what, 6? We hadn't heard from Rick so we assumed it wasn't gonna happen - and wouldn't you know... we're on at 8 AM. My poor body is like a magnet to the horizontal position and somehow, we're able to get up, grab a cab, and make it to the station at roughly 8:09. WGN. Chicago Tribune building... Legendary stuff for an ex-talk radio host like me. And the pipes on this guy, are you kidding? What an absolute pleasure to sit at the wooden desk, with the trusty jib-arm, and... talk.
I wax poetic because to me, it is. There's a hypnotic lure of dead air plus a microphone and hearing your voice broadcast over the waves that only those who have run late night or early morning shows can attest to. You're not a disc jockey, you're a storyteller. And it never goes away. I don't doubt that a few decades down the road I will be there again, I just have some unfinished business before I do.
Which apparently is doing Adam & The Egos for CBS after Thanksgiving. LOL. Tammy and I are kind of on a mission. Although the powers that be are toying with the idea of another Living Room Live "type" of segment, it's getting morphed so much it's nearly unrecognizeable. Meanwhile - Crooked X puts out a press release that pimps the CBS Early Show and directly mentions Living Room Live. Tammy and I are rippin our hair out because - HELLO, let's do another one. I'll meet with them next week in NY, but for the time being, we're just playing along. So I go on WGN on a show syndicated in 36 states and pimp the upcoming Adam & The Egos segment.
Presumptuous? Certainly. But it's the only way to make things happen. You just do it. Just like in 2006 when I stayed in in Manhattan for a month and just made Adam & The Egos happen. You just have to have tan air of inevitability about you and good things happen. Now this time of course - it's not all bullshit... this actually SHOULD happen - on every possible level it works. The Early Show is now getting mentions from every angle for how good this Living Room Live bit turned out. It's ridiculously cheap to pull off, it is such a tiny on-air investment, and so you just push it that way. This will happen. It has to happen.
Sound convincing? Hope so. Because presently, fuck all is actually happening. :-)

All of this wouldn't have been possible to even touch on if not for Erin being incredibly gracious and eagerly pimping me to everyone she meets. And to take a few minutes out of her interview to spotlight me is just so, so awesome. It feels very genuine and clearly it's a mutual respect. Although exhausting doesn't even begin to describe it, it's one postive thing after another for both of our careers and it just feels right.

The shots for the video are turning out great - Chicago is a beautiful town with impeccable architecture. Each day we seem to get a little bit more - and since it'll probably be black and white it's nice to be able to show you some of the video stills in color.
Up next is the big day tomorrow with my performance as well as meeting the funky celebrity. Insert smiley here.