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9:46 PM, Saturday, October 4th, 2008:
I'm shadowing a vampire jazz singer. This is how you can tell:
When you're a vampire, these are apparently a necessity. I'm learning a lot from this vampire. First being, I am not a vampire. I used to think I was a night guy. This was before I knew that nighttime went until 6 AM... every night. And that clubs stay open that late in Vampire cities. Whereas I never see closing at 2:30, here - at 4 AM - it's time to go to the next club. In which my reply is: "By club do you mean quiet library with soft bedding?"
Alas, they do not, and away we go...
Before the initiation of last night, I got to sit with Erin and catch up and we proceeded to nearly kill each other over breakfast. Erin, a die-hard Hillary supporter, had a few thoughts about Obama (who she will support) that got kind of heated. Let's just say that there is nothing "cute" about how she says or does anything - and if you say there is something cute about anythign she says? You will lose a testical. Thankfully, our mutual high school experience allowed both of mine to stay in tact.

One part of the argument that is actually pretty fascinating revolved around Kanye West's "George Bush doesn't care about black people" line that Erin thought was revolting. He could've said it with more class, he could've been more well-spoken, it incited black people to riot, etc, etc. It's an area of politics that I love. Protest is supposed to be raw. It's supposed to be extreme. Good protest moves the collective conscience over just a bit towards your side... but only because you're pulling from SO far over. What Kanye did was easy to dismiss at first, but as time went on you had no choice but to think about it because the situation was so damning.

In the end, I believe it's an issue of class more than race - but either way, it needed to be said. I respect that he was willing to alienate his mainstream audience to shake people up a bit. Lennon did the same shit man. Just different clothes, different music... even if you don't happen to think rap is music Erin. :-)

And sweet jesus, no wonder she doesn't. She's the type of singer that makes you wince for ever thinking you could sing. There's an effortlessness to good jazz that is intoxicating and all vampire jokes aside - when she starts to sing she is always prepared, always professional and always dead-on. The first song she sang (not at this place, but it's just such a nice pic) made me literally go: "whew". This is what she is supposed to do for the rest of her life. This is the city she should do it in, and only a wandering mind could conjure up a reason to not.

The other thing that happens when you hear her perform is you immediately understand what all those horrible lounge singers are trying to emulate. I immediately thought of the redhead in 'Lost in Translation' that is nauseating. All the affectation and none of the soul. I've seen so many bad lounge singers I guess it never occured to me that they weren't all mimicing each other - they just can't get into the jazz clubs. Heh.

But we sure could. Whenever I was done with a 4tvs show? It was at MOST Tee Jayes and then certainly bed. Again, not for a vampire. And I really am, like - 1 drink johnson. One jack on the rocks... I'm good. 2 if I'm there for like 3 hours or something... but goddamn, the night never ended. It's 10:30, Saturday night right now as I'm writing and I'm missing the first part of her show - just to fucking prepare myself for what comes after. LOL. I haven't gotten more than 3 hours a sleep and I'm in this constant haze. Amazingly I ran 3 miles this morning just so I could remember what life used to be like back in LA.

So I think what I'm trying to say here is, I'm out of place. I feel like Sarah Palin right now. Trying desperately to find the right words that will make the other vampires think I belong for JUST long enough until it's over. LMAO. Oh and speaking of which, I got shit for not mentioning the VP debates and, well, there was nothing to mention. She did fine. I mean, she's still an embarrassment to women all over the country, but she was nothing like the train wreck of the Couric interviews. The shoutout was definitely unbefuckinglieveable to me. This isn't a fucking PTA meeting, you're running for vice-president of the United States and we are in total MELTDOWN right now as a country. This is serious shit. And the "Oh i've only been at it 5 weeks" line made me stand up. Like I was waiting for Biden to put his hands up and say to the audience: "EXACTLY." LOL. So yeah, I didn't mention it because really - not much to mention. The mood has shifted and the economy was the final nail. So I'm just enjoying the ride...
...which is fun in Obamaland.