9:59 PM, Monday, September 30th, 2008:
"Can't you just put another one together quickly?"
I really did create a monster 2 years ago when I "quickly" put together Let's Bomb Iran. Quickly being over a month and an hour tally so far into the hundreds I'm embarrassed to say it only took 5 weeks. If you read the Journey Series on the making of it, you'll see that by the end I was happy if I never did another piece of animation the rest of my life.
However, for Up & Adam I did another 30 seconds, which again took nearly 100 hours by itself. It's just not something one man does. So although I have dozens of ideas for another political cartoon - I just don't have the time/patience or drive to do 'em alone...
...which will also explain why there will be no more press for me, even with the cartoon jumping back in the spotlight thanks to Obama's comments on the debate - and now SNL's parody of that comment.
If you missed it (which I did, thank GOD for nbc.com) they simply may a crack about him singing it and his defense is that it sounds like the original. However, Darrell Hammond started to defend singing it by explaining "...The "Combo" The Beach Boys..." and for a split second I though he was saying the "Cartoon" and I believe my left nut went into my stomach. It's alright, it came back down - but again, no direct reference. All of which leaves in doubt if it's all because of my cartoon. I'll throw in my defense here:
In 1979 a band did the pro-war parody Bomb Iran, that I was unaware of when I made mine. Lynn Samuels on Air America mentioned it when she played my version in 2006. What occured in April 2006 was extraordinary. It wen worldwide within a week (stopped count at over 20 countries) - over a million views within the month as well as national airtime on Keith Olbermann's show, and hundreds of radio stations across the country. To top it off most media found my cartoon on military sites. It was really thrust into the spotlight and soon my version was stolen and made into other videos - but all after 2006. Pretty cool. Atom films ended up buying the non-exclusive rights and I get a few pennies whenever they play it there. Some guy smarter than me, caught me letting the name letsbombiran.com expire - has now taken all of my artwork and thrown up google ads and made a fortune. Adam = stupid on that one.
Anyway a year later McCain just happens to sing it in the press conference. It isn't a coincidence to me but I also don't have 100% confidence in McCain's ability to see anything "viral". LOL. However I got calls from the media and producers and whatnot were certain his campaign staff had shown it to him because of his ties to the military. And a few days ago with Obama's mention - well, no doubt THAT campaign has seen every political cartoon ever THOUGHT of. It's just far too coincidental that after 30 years, that my cartoon didn't play a part. But alas, we'll probably never know for sure...
....however it didn't stop me from an all out blitz on every contact I had from the first go-round and it was very soon that I realized - there's no story, without a new cartoon. And that is absolutely my fault as the creator. But, as I mentioned before, anything but a cartoon. Anything. Just such an arduous process.
Anyway - shitty entry to have to post: "Hey look at me not taking advantage of an opportunity!" but it's the truth. I don't really feel bad, because I'm just not doing it - but I do have a bit of a "what-if" had I been prepared with a sequel. There's more on the horizon... I just feel it.
So Friday I'm in Chicago and we start one unbelieveable 20 day odyssey conjured up by Facebook and a Journey God that I'm determined to turn into something big. More on just what that will be on the next entry from Chicago.