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7:07 PM, Monday, September 15th, 2008:
Carl the Number God is a strange one. He, like his brother Garis the November God, doesn't have the luxury of striking without warning. No he's kind of pressured into performing mini-miracles simply because of a looming double-round number. It's not fair, but to both his and Garis' credit - they always deliver. It's uncanny.
However, logical Adam has to admit that although he's always had fun with The Journey Gods (a colorful way to explain this rollercoaster), they put undue pressure on completely random things and he'd actually rather not point out the double-round numbers or the fact that things are occuring in a certain calendar month.
The Number God
But what fun would that be? Come on Adam - learn to jump a little. You're way too cautious. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
So yes, incredibly, with impeccable timing, a story has come up out of the blue and it has great potential (as everything does if you want it bad enough) and I will simply report what is happening and pretend it's not going to occur on Entry #800. To me it's just another in a long line of leads that have been created from this endless push to network out of my 9-5. A push that caused an epic meltdown for yours truly on Thursday.
So Facebook warns you with a little pop-up that you're "approaching a limit" if you add too many people in a short amount of time. They can't tell you the metrics used to determine this - only that you're close. So clearly, when you get this warning - you stop. And I'm clearly trying to get my story out to as many people as possible so from time to time I'd add names until the pop-up, then stop for a few days, then continue.
This was the wrong move.
Apparently that pop-up is ALSO a metric? And simply getting that pop-up a certain amount of times will flag you and on Thursday, 9/11 of all days, I got a message that blew my freaking mind. Basically: "Your account has been disabled, there is no course of action. Goodbye". Google "Facebook Account Disabled" and read the horror stories. The reason it's so tragic? They don't just block your access - it's full out, Eternal Facebook of the Spotless Mind. Your ass is ERASED. It's as if you never existed. All your comments within the site, even with other people? Gone. Pictures? Gone. Status updates? Gone. All the contacts? Gone.
It's that same sick feeling I've gotten when losing a harddrive. You start to lose your shit a little. I did a little research and saw that there's very little course of action here other than writing a desperate email to various people at Facebook. So I did that to about 15 peeps and thankfully, 8 hours later, they said they reviewed everything and I was given a reprieve. However still with absolutely no explanation as to the metrics that caused it or could keep it from happening again. Wonderful.
What actually WAS wonderful however (and finally, the freaking point Kontras) was the message I was now able to read through Facebook from a fellow political junkie I've become friends with, who also happens to be a casting director. She set-up a meeting for us with a manager this week. Yes, in this town of talk, she actually said she would try and help (something I honestly let slip my mind as I've heard it literally hundreds of times before) and actually has. The outcome is completely inconsequential to me (not to Carl, I'm sure) I'm just floored by the mere fact that she saw the situation, saw she could help, and set something up. God that seems so simple doesn't it? Well it's rare out here and I couldn't be more appreciative. Funny considering our bond was probably sealed out of a shared frustration at the Palin rouse being perpetrated on this country. Ha. It's been a daily back and forth between us linking example after bewildering example of how ridiculous this all is. In fact even since the set-up of the meeting those particulars just seem to get in the way of more ranting about the latest Palin news. Good times. Frightening Times. Make it Suntory Times.
So we'll see. It is unbelievably irresponsible of me to make this moment bigger than it is after the years I've been through, but you can't deny the timing. If somehow this meeting really does become a crossroad? Carl has delivered once again. LOL. At least I can still giggle about the absurdity of it all...
...which I've done a lot of this week as my cousin Jimmy and his friend Matt were in town for the big (yeah, right) OSU/USC game. They stayed with me for the week and it's actually been kinda fun roomin' with guys as it's something I've never really done. While living with a woman, I've also had guy roomates, but never just all testosterone in the house ('cept maybe a few weeks with Moose back in '98). It's refreshing to be able to watch football all day or play Rockband as loud as possible while taking up the entire room. The football thing was really funny because although I was never MADE to turn off a game, there's this instinctual jump for the "Food TV" channel after a game ends because it's burned in my brain: "OK Adam, your program is over, now let's watch what she wants." And yesterday... it just kept on going. Like, there was another game. And then... another game. I didn't know what to do with myself. I actually had to get up and go talk to a woman.
HAHAHA. Goddamn that's funny to me. And completely true.
So ipso-facto we're left with a video that has little to do with the entry other than it was fun to put together. I'll have you know that I did indeed do the singing AND the guitar on expert which triggers some "multi-tasking G-spot" for me. HA. You can see my eyes going crazy trying to follow everything - and I pulled of 96% on the guitar and 88% on the singing AND if you notice was even singing a counter melody during the guitar solo. I AM BEOWULF. LOL. Jimmy also did expert on the drums and alas Matt, could barely pull off bass on Medium. But at least he made up for it by ROCKING out so hard and really getting into it. </sarcasm> Seriously, at least people in a coma sometimes twitch. Good GOD brother - WAKE UP. :)
Alright - update Thursday on the big 800.