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9:34 AM, Saturday, September 6th, 2008:
A month ago I wrote about the "slime" of networking and my feelings haven't changed much with time. Then again, the majority of you reading this wouldn't be if it wasn't for all that slime, so it's clearly working. Working so well actually, that it's changed the course of this journey enough to warrant an entry...
Maureen, Burgundie and I believe Paul Krummen in the back...
...and provide a few moments. Thanks to Facebook and Matt Millitello, who I remember most from Ms. Morley's French class where he had a Sega Game Gear and a new pair of Air Jordans, he uploaded a picture of my first wife Burgundie at 15 that in all honesty made me gasp. I always thought she was breathtaking (clearly, I married her) but goddamn... one pic and I'm there. As I wrote in my big 30th birthday entry (which is a great, quick catch-up for newcomers), she was the catalyst for a life of "following my heart" when I flew her to NY to propose on that magical bench and she will always have a piece of my soul.
So in the tradition of reconnecting with high school peeps I thought I'd upload some footage that I'm certain absolutely no one knows about. Theater traditions were always sacred and as I write at the beginning of this video, my father simply didn't know that this was never meant to be taped. The Time Warp was a Rocky Horror Picture show tradition (that I've been told still continues) that we did after every show. As my father was tearing down he caught this and 16 years later - I couldn't be happier he did. This was our way to perform something for us, for the love of doing it... after a night of performing for an audience. I still laugh every time during the "Group Sex" bridge as Mrs. Shineman-Restifo made us sing "Oooh-ahhh" instead. As you'll hear, about half of us didn't listen to her. Let's do the Time Warp again...
Quick aside to anyone trying to really see who everyone is in the video, (I'm right at the end) download the high-def version (which there is of every video I make, downloadable from the picture at the top of every entry)
Anyway the real reason I started this massive networking push was to simply make shit happen. I figured if I singlehandedly introduced myself to nearly 1,000 people I could drastically change the trajectory of The Journey. Here's what I've got so far:
Next month I'm flying to Chicago for a little over a week to shoot a video for Erin McDougald. A girl I went to high school with is now a jazz singer and an astounding one at that. We're most likely gonna be shooting a video for the song Lullabye of the Leaves which literally gives me chills. Her music is so incredibly well produced and top shelf that it made her lack of a professional video more than glaring. I showed her "Hey Aunt Jemima" and the rest is history. It's rare I find a fellow artist who literally knocks me out with their talent... but that is, like me, still constantly fighting to get more exposure - so I'm thrilled I can help.
As well it'll be during my birthday and it's always been a nice tradition to spend that day in a different city. Chicago's an awesome town too. Can't wait.
This is gonna be awesome. Delores Dogan is a character played by Emily Churchill that's gonna be premiering next week at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Ends up she's a friend of my best friend from high school, Jeff Duhigg (the dude doing the twist in the Time Warp video - sorry, Jeff). Actually she's a friend of his girlfriend. Barely made the 6 degrees there. Gotta love facebook. Anyway - we grabbed coffee and how incredibly inspiring is it to hang out with someone who also jumped and came out to LA to make it. It's sad because Donna was so dead set on being better than me, and actually made fun of what I did so much that I was never able to really help her avoid some of the pitfalls of this city. Emily on the other hand has been so incredibly down to earth and respectful - it's been a joy to talk with her and now I really get to help her...
We're gonna be doing a video parody that I really believe can blow "Aunt Jemima" out of the water. It's Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" in which I'll be playing it completely straight as she'll be re-enacting the Helena Christensen part as the Delores character. HAHAHA. If I can get the look right, and really take time to nail every shot? This is gonna be hilarious. I can't wait. If anyone's in LA, her show is the 10th, 6:30 pm at UCB, 5919 Franklin Ave in Hollywood.
Then there's the wonderfully sardonic Greg Fitzimmons from VH1's "I love the 70s, 80s and 90s" as well as just a really funny comedian. I gave him my demo and said "I need an agent and advice..." He wrote back:
"show business is over. only do this shit if you have to and you enjoy it for the sake of it."
"i do that already..."
"Then agents will only tear you apart and misguide you"
LOL. Classic shit man. You know he's right, but they're a necessary evil. Props to him for responding and being honest. I dig the hell out of that.
Theresa Pickard Donnelly, a girl from my graduating class, is now a Navy Public Affairs Officer in Oahu Hawaii. She's really been digging The Journey and offered to try and get me in on the Distinguished Visitor Embark program which allows people to ride in carrier jets while they do some crazy shit for publicity and whatnot. Oh hellz yes I'm doing that. I got so excited I almost booked a $500 flight to Hawaii for next week, but decided it was a bit more prudent to do one that takes off from San Diego. We'll see if she can pull it off. Cameras allowed too. How, freaking, fun.
More than any of the specifics however... I've found some really grateful and sincere people that have enjoyed what I'm doing here. I almost forgot what that was like. To actually get responses on the YouTube links and emails from people... it's really all a storyteller ever wants. I love to be able to connect with people and I put sooooooooo much of myself into this, it's great to be appreciated. Man, that woman really ate my soul for a couple years didn't she.
<shakes head>