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6:10 PM, Friday, August 29th, 2008:
I swear to you, this isn't a political blog. I've been doing this years before there was even the word blog. This is simply about one man's journey to achieve a dream - and all the events that change my character...
...but I can't let this go. It's just way too fun.
I'll be honest - at first my heart sank. He did exactly what I was afraid of by choosing a woman to grab Hillary's angry voters. However after some simple "googling" and "youtubing" it wasn't long before my sinking heart turned into overwhelming glee. Soon, the thought that it would "woo" women turned into the realization that it would probably offend women. There are several, incredibly talented, incredibly intelligent, incredibly capable women in politics that would easily qualify for this position. So what on earth made him select a 44 year old woman with 20 months experience as governor, whom he doesn't even KNOW, to be a heartbeat (his 72 year old heartbeat) away from the presidency?
Paul Begala actually said it best when he said it actually borders on irresponsible. Like it or not, John McCain is the oldest person to ever run for a first term and he's had 4 bouts with cancer. He, more than any single candidate in the history of this country, needed to think looooooooong and hard about who he put in that position and after months of vetting (remember he's been the nominee for over 6 months) this is what he came up with? No way. This was rushed, this was a knee-jerk reaction and this is absolutely a bad move. This is absolutely Danielle Quayle... and then there's the way she looks.

(sigh) There's just no gentle way to say this. It's kinda the same reason you don't see a whole lot of really hot comediennes? It's simple human psychology. Sure there are exceptions to the rule, but men and women alike, simply respond differently to a beauty queen. Fair or not, the initial gut reaction - if we're all honest here - is that she's not too bright, and has no experience. It's almost why Hillary Clinton was the perfect woman politician. Because she did exude the powerful qualities, yet somehow was still a woman and attractive. But at no point did she come off ditzy. Hillary Clinton was not a beauty queen. Wanna know how much she wasn't a beauty queen? ASK HER if she was a beauty queen. I'd love to see that reaction. And really, nothing against beauty queens, she's an attractive woman and that absolutely doesn't mean she's stupid - but I'm talking about today's media. The 21st century. Whaddya think they're gonna bring up? Whaddya think is gonna get the air time? You have to consider that when you're vetting your VP pick. And holy shit, if they find a naked picture of her a la Vanessa Williams? Fuck. It's over.

Now throw in that she just had a baby... in APRIL. She has a newborn. Her 5th child, and to boot - the baby has down syndrome. How can she possibly be ready? I know everyone's first PC instinct is to say: "Well would you ask that of a MAN with a newborn?" Uhm, no actually. I think women kinda trump us in this area - especially the first couple years of the baby's life. That's really, really important to the well being of a child. The vice presidency? Huuuuuuuuh? It's just, as Begala said, not a responsible choice. This was his first big choice as "president" and he took a gamble, so clearly political, that I'm almost certain - he had shit all to do with it. He doesn't even know her. I think he met her twice. This was an advisor on crack. Rumor has it - she wasn't even picked until the NIGHT of Obama's speech! And again, VPs usually don't matter a whole lot... but when you're gonna be 73? When you have a history of cancer? What is he thinking? This actually frightens me as a CITIZEN. He could win. This shit is close. This is horrible. I wouldn't be surprised if we see this blow-up like Harriet Meyers in 2005. Where everyone just kinda swarms in and makes the person step down. This is disastrous for him...
...and how wonderful is that. Couldn't happen to a nicer party. And here's to no one dying in New Orleans - but us being flooded with images of the hurricane and people stranded while the GOP convention starts next week. Remember Katrina. KATRINA KARMA. PLEASE. You all know the place that holds in my heart. Well you may not - check out September 2005 for an unbelieveable month that just rocked my being. I quit my job, marched on Washington... I went apeshit during Katrina. I was more shocked at that than 9/11. Never been so angry in my life at how inept our government was.
Anyway, listening to the peeps appointed to defend her just makes me feel for them. The whole "she's someone everyone can relate to..." that whole concept is so uniquely American. What is it about people in this country that that's actually true? Like someone you'd have a beer with is the best qualifier to be the leader of the free world. Huh? The fact that she's a soccer mom (errr, hockey mom) - allows her to be a heartbeat away from the button? As I said before - this actually scares me. If I had a nickel for every time I've thought "Well clearly, everyone will see through this..." I'd have... well, like 30 cents - but still that's 6 times. Ha, back to the point - I want a leader that's WELL beyond me. You know? Who is brilliant beyond measure, who is more assured, who has a temperament that's second to none... he represents us to the WORLD - why is it a positive to have someone just like Norm at the corner of the bar? FUCK. And now it's the mom from Home Improvement? Any women reading, doesn't this INSULT YOU? Aren't you thinking right now, "How DARE you McCain. How dare you think we're so fucking stupid that all you have to do is put a pretty face on your team and we'll run on over." Hillary has worked her entire life to lend credibility to a woman being president and McCain in one second tarnishes the hell out of it. You think Hillary won't be campaigning for Obama now? Wow. Just wow.
Ok, I promise this will not be a political blog - there's a million of those and I'm not saying anything different than about a million people today so I'm gonna go back to my clown role of entertaining... it's just every once and awhile ya gotta stand up and say "HUH?" really loud.
PS - and btw, calling myself a clown isn't a negative to me. I like my role. I'm good at it. It makes me smile. We all have a part and the sooner you find it and enjoy it - the happier you are. Entry Sunday.