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11:22 PM, Thursday, August 28th, 2008:
I'm not embarrassed to say that ever since Obama got the nomination I have been less than impressed. I expected the rush to the middle, been down this road several times. I expected him to go through some growing pains as he transitioned from the primaries to the general campaign... but I was really put off with the lack of passion. I was furious he let McCain define him and there were some serious political blunders that just surprised me after such a great primary. I watched the first 3 days of the convention and even saw Hill & Bill's great speeches as actually hurting Obama because it gave people pause about their choice. That was where I was when I took a jog this morning.
I started off, then looked down and noticed the LA Times with a headline "It's unanimous and historic" about the first african-american being nominated. I went 10 more feet and yelled "DAMNIT", and turned around to get the camera. I knew this was one of those moments, and I was in no mood to make a video - but I just had to.
Now what hit me was just the "old school" feel of it all. It was just one of those days during history that you never catch. It's a time-stamp that says everything about the environment in an instant. In 20 years when you say 2008, it will have resonance like 1968 does now, guaranteed. And I stumbled upon it simply because I was bored shitless of my exercise bike.
The effect was kinda transformative. In that simple 20 minute jog, even holding a camera, I just started to remember January. The initial feeling I had then. The more newspapers I hit, the more it occured to me. I started to get excited again. I mean, this is one of those moments that even as a sports fan you have to love. Hill & Bill literally raised the bar and said: "Alright, if you can top that - the torch is yours". So I was rooting for something big. And as you can see there were a few other things swirling in my brain, but I decided to leave out my original idea of a "hearing my thoughts" voice over as imagining it was a lot more fun. You'll have a bit more insight to what I was thinking in the next entry...
All day I was kinda buzzin'. Seriously - the first time I've been excited in nearly 3 months about anything political. I had to know, would he meet the challenge. I was talking with Justin (biggest political junkie friend) and we kinda agreed that he was screwed. No matter what - he would piss off some faction of the party. If he went the rhetorical route, he would piss off those like me who wanted him to attack... and then all those yelling for specifics - he had an impossible task. And on the 45th anniversary of "I have a dream"? It was just too much. I was certain he would excel in one area, but be a bit weak in others...

...and I upheld my moniker of "Worst. Pundit. Ever." because - wow I was wrong. I mean, fucking, wow. Are you kiddin me? No one can say he didn't nail that. No one. The worst they can do is overexagerrate his strength, like they've done with his popularity, and make fun. And even that falls flat for the first time because it wasn't the speech that was that great. I actually read a great deal of it before and it wasn't that extraordinary to me...

...but he delivered that shit like a man on a mission. Passion. Finally PASSION. Anger. Common fucking sense. A sense of direction. And direction! How direct was he!? So forceful, so assured. So absolutely dead-on. He brought everything together from every speech he ever gave and didn't back down at all. I'm tellin' you the line about the drowning city and the government sitting on their hands - YES. YES. Attack already. Good freaking LORD could you have anymore ammunition?
And that's really why so many people have been letdown this summer. Where has this been? Since his Race speech in March there's been nothing like this. I mean, give me one of these a week the rest of the campaign please. Hell - I'll just play this every week. And watching it in high-def on a 10 foot screen... my LORD. Just breathtaking. It looked incredible. Thank GOD for the ability to be able to DVR high def without loss. Just awesome.

It was just an extraordinary night for me and I'm sure many of you. After a couple months of really being letdown I was knocked out as I absolutely feel I watched our next first family take the stage. It is still a long road, but if he keeps up these attacks and doesn't back down... I have to believe common sense will prevail.

And seriously, Barry, can you please keep it in your pants. I mean please. Your future is setup so perfect man. If you keep your focus you will change the world. To watch you come this far and lose it for something stupid is unimaginable. As I said long ago if a black man named Iraq Hussein Osama can become president in a post 9/11 America, less than 10 years after to boot, it will restore my faith in this country like nothing ever has.
I still can't even believe it's possible.
PS - On McCain's VP pick... Hutchinson would be brilliant politically, Romney would be smart economically and Pawlenty would really make me happy. :)